My Prize 36

It all started out as a conversation, we talked it over and I have been watching you for a few days now. Your curves begging to be mine, even though you don’t know it yet. The several times you have walked near me I can smell you, the smell of your hair, the perfume, I take it all in as you pass by. I imagine my hands locking into that hair and pulling it while I force you across the couch I see you touching yourself on at night. I know you leave that crack in the blinds for me to spy on your through.


Today I notice you dropped something then bent and picked it up. The curve of your ass pressing tight through the pants you are wearing. I can all but see the outline of your cunt, that hole begging for my cock to rape it, to fill it like only a man like me can. You turn and we lock eyes for a moment and I see your face flush like you read my thoughts, you scurry away off to your day as I walk to where you were standing. You smell lingers as I take it in. I will have you.

My day goes on as I prepare for the excitement tonight. The back window you left unlocked, I know it has to be for me. Like always it slides open easily as I enter the back room you seem to never use. Entering your bedroom I see the place I have watched you sleep, listened to you moan and whimper as you dreamed. This evening I am going to make those dreams come true.

That afternoon I hear you key in the lock, I have made everything ready and perfect for tonight as you walk in and pass inches away from me. The door closes as you walk in the main room and gasp. Flower peddles from the flowers that were in your vase now are scattered about the room. While you look around I open the closet and give you a welcome home hug as I lock my arm around your neck and growl welcome home lover. It only takes a few moments before the pressure makes you black out, I know you felt the raging hard cock I have pressing against your back before you went limp in my arms.

After few minutes you wake, the room now candle lit and you are bent over the couch. Your arms bound behind you, your legs tied apart by something you can’t see. As you look up you see me in the flickering light unzipping my pants and pulling out my cock. I love that look on your face as I walk up. I surprised you. The confused look is replaced by one of shock as soon as I grab the back of your head pulling your hair so you are looking me in the eye. You pleas to not hurt you make me laugh, I explain I am not here to hurt you, I am here to make all your dreams come true, starting with this one.

My cock pushes against your mouth, there is a moment you resist but a quick tug on your hair and the resistant mouth now opens and takes the length of my hard cock to the back. I like the warm feeling for your mouth as I fuck as deep down your throat as I can. I have dreamed about this for days as I let out my own moans and grunts before spewing my cum into your mouth. Oh gods yes that feels great and I know you had to swallow as deep as my cock was when I shot my load. As my cock still rests in your mouth I run my fingers through your hair, good girl. Now it is your turn.

I pull my cock out and walk around you. I can see you tremble as I walk behind you. You try to turn and look, to see what I am doing there is no chance of escape as I kneel behind you. Flipping up the skirt and pulling down the panties that blocked my way I lick my lips, hungry for your body. My tongue sliding between your legs, getting my first taste of that pussy you have been teasing and taunting me with. Tonguing and licking the outer lips I am excited to hear a moan escape your mouth. Next a gasp from you as I push a finger in. It is not long before I am finger fucking you with 3 fingers and my cock is hard and ready again as I stand up.

“Every whore like you wants this”, I growl and then thrust my cock in as deep and hard as I can. Your yelp is exciting. I know you love the feel of me taking your cunt and fucking you like a whore. My hand now on your throat as I fuck you deep and hard. I squeeze and release, each time you cough and gasp for air. You pussy juices now flowing as each thrust bring you to your tip toes. My free hand locked in your hair as you take the brutal fucking I am slamming you with. You cum, against your will, I know your body betrayed you, cumming when you didn’t want to. Your cunt feels so good, so tight and wet I can’t help but cum too in you. My second load shooting in you as I choke you again, your body shaking as you start to pass out again.

You wake this time feeling strange sensations, your cunt feels full like a cock in it but now your feel like there is something ripping your ass open. It takes a few minutes before you guess I have started finger fucking your ass while I put a large cucumber in your now dripping wet cunt. I love the whimper and yips you make as I work your body and stretch your ass open. Oh I know this wasn’t part of your plan but I just love fucking a whore in her ass, letting her feel that total degrading feel of my cock violating her in every hole. Slowing licking the length of your spine as I take my prize. Now that I am hard again it is time to take that ass and let you enjoy being raped in every hole tonight.

That nice tight ass can not resist the pressure as I push in. Deeper and deeper with each push till I stop, my balls resting on your ass cheeks as tears stream down your face. Pulling your hair and tipping your head back I lick them off. The start fucking your ass. It is the highest high for me as you go from ridged and struggling to relaxed and even seeming to like it. I can feel the cucumber pressing inside your cunt with each thrust in your ass. I add a little of my favorite lube so I don’t get chafed. As I ride your ass I also run my nails along your back, digging and pulling at the flesh, reaching under and pinching your nipples. It takes a while for my 3rd orgasm to build, which is why I save the ass for last. I want to make you remember the degradation I did to your body. Taking the candle that is sitting nearby I begin to pour the wax onto your exposed skin. I feel your ass clench as you yell in pain. That is when I shoot my load deep in you.

As I pull out I pour more wax and laugh. It runs along your flesh hardening like torturous finger. As you shudder I place a few pillows under you so you can’t fall back anymore. Your gasp as I pull out the cucumber is nice to hear, then I get out the flogger and smile as your ass get the spanking you deserve. Now that I am done I untie you and sit you on the couch, your sore body still reeling from the experience.  We cuddle as you pass out, safe in my arms and happy you pleased your new master and his dark fantasies.

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Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the “traditional” manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

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