A Man, Some Rope, and a Magic Wand – The Anatomy of a Forced Orgasm Scene 3

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I’ve written about why I like forced orgasm scenes few times before. In a way it is a different kind of sadism, it’s a different kind of fun, and varies from the expected impact play and the “traditional” power exchange intensity from so many D/S scenes. After all Tops/Doms don’t always walk around fitting the picture of perfect internet dominance coupled with a dark sense of impending cruelness any more than subs/bottoms are always submissive and dressed like lingerie models waiting to be used in whatever way. That’s not even a little bit real. Actually most kinksters I know laugh… a lot.

Recently I got to deliver what was more or less a 45 minute long forced orgasm session, sure there were little rests, some spanking with and without the wand buzzing, some readjustments, a bunch of rope, a few more ties, a few other things (Crops, paddles, canes, and breath play) and a lot of laughter. Oh right “THERE”S NO LAUGHING IN KINK!” I’m ruining my image as an evil sadist. No my bottom would never ever laugh while playing with me…yeah right! I’ve got some swamp land in Alaska and a bridge to the fountain of youth to sell you if you believe that.

So after a good girl spanking and warm up just when she was probably expecting a little harder impact play out came the rope….”oh fuck he’s got rope“ probably echoed through her thoughts or maybe it was something more like “oh I’ve not been tied up in forever…and he’s got rope” or more realistically “Rope..yeah right! He’s not tied anything other gym shorts and shoes in nearly a year”. Which in the interest of full disclosure option 3 is about right excluding a few cuffs here and there. So a quick chest harness, a bit of rough man handling, some paddle swats well just because I like to spank her and a bit of crop to the nipples and hair pulling it was time to go where I planned to all along. A long drawn out, almost merciless date with her Hitachi. Yep the goal was to make her orgasm so much she couldn’t stand it and then force her to cum a few more times. Sounds like a nice day to me. How about you?

Now this is where open communication pays off as I tied the buzzing implement of orgasmic torture into place. “You’re missing the spot”. Now I could have been “yes and I know it and you’re going to suffer differently than you thought and have to struggle for it”. After all Doms are infallible! Ok even I’m laughing at that one. No instead I took her guidance, readjusted things so they were just about perfect, flipped the switch to High just for a second. Heard her gasp, turned it off. Finished the tie then set it to low buzz to let the games begin.
I’d be lying if I said I knew how many times she climaxed, no fucking clue for a several minute stretch they seemed to build right on top of each other, so we played with the rope, pulling it tighter driving the buzzing toy into her harder, then without warning took away the stimulation right before she crested again. After all if you let someone orgasm nonstop with no distractions or edging what fun is that? This continued for some time to the point of literally being able to watch her begin to float into “that” space.

Then a change of position (she had been standing) to lying on the bed, a little more rope to keep the legs spread wide, a relentless series of orgasms…a bit of pleading for it to stop then a big of begging to be allowed to cum again. More pressure, less pressure, other stimulation all while that trusty old magic wand buzzed away against her entire pussy time and again as I just stood there watching her cum.
Checking in became essential. “Well hello there and how are we doing?” was met with a delirious smile. She was not in a head space that lent itself to rational thought or recognition of ones limits. After it seemed like she was all but spend a quivering puddle of subbie girl were the words she’s later use to explain it. We began to tend the scene with the toy turned off, a few minutes of rest then two of us took turns holding her upright and stead as we finished taking off the last of the rope. Later it would be proclaimed that she needed breakfast and a nap.

It’s easy to forget that being dominant isn’t about being mean, it’s not even necessarily about causing pain or leaving marks and it is sure as hell not about making anyone feel anything but positive about themselves and their experience. It’s about being in control and knowing where the edges are, where someone wants to go and how to get them there. It is at times about doing the unexpected like leaving a completely blissed out bottom exhausted from being made to orgasm until the point of collapse but who is otherwise no worse for wear.

I have a lot of forced orgasm fantasies, a bucket list of a few folks I’d really like to play with in this way, a desire to compare the Hitachi to a Doxy in a scene. Additionally I did a repeat performance of this this theme without the toy and a different partner which is a story I need get around to telling sometime soon it was a lot more work but very fucking hot.

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3 thoughts on “A Man, Some Rope, and a Magic Wand – The Anatomy of a Forced Orgasm Scene

  • cammies on the floor

    I love this! You’re absolutely right that laughter, being silly, AND forgoing the pain are all things in a top’s toolbox that should be used! Sounds like a lovely session!

  • wreckme

    Man. This was fucking perfect. Its not about re-enacting a porn scene. Its not about being absolute, perfect symbols of dominance and submission. Its about having fun. Its about connecting. Its about being a couple more than anything, about pushing limits and gaining experiences together second, dominance and submission after that and experiencing happiness, pleasure, and pain together across the whole spectrum of events.

    Carry on friend. You do it for you two. To hell with everyone else.

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