Belt Spanking Kink of the Week 9

AK's bright red bare bvtoom after a good belt spanking

Nothing can get me hotter than the mere thought of a belt spanking my ass. Well perhaps the click of a blade opening however that is an entirely different post.


Belt Spanking Kink of the Week

One of my most memorable play sessions involved me suddenly being told to remove the belt that one of the Tops was wearing. I was thrilled yet annoyed with the thought. You see we had already been playing for some time and well, the 2 sadists were enjoying fucking with my head and keeping me out of sub space. Having to contribute to my own belt spanking by having to remove the implement from his waist wasn’t going to help.  In hind sight I was in such a hurry to get the belt off that I missed a golden opportunity that I will never pass by if the chance comes up again.


That being said, the thrill for me with belt spankings is the feel of each of them differs so greatly. Depending on the material used, is it woven or solid, does it have metal or not, these all change the feel. Also how it is used, such as is it folded over or not. Each of those variables adds to the mind fuck of not knowing what to truly expect. Add to that a sadist who likes to change the rhythm, intensity, and my position and you now have the perfect combination to keep me out of sub space.


For this weeks prompt we wanted a picture so Lord Raven decided it was a good reason to bring out the belt and show how my erm ass reacts.  Mind you he was little frustrated it did not get as red as he wanted and that the color faded rather quickly. For some reason color always quickly fades with me and has been a slight disappointment at times. I view it as a challenge for them wether getting a belt spanking or having my bottom beat with any other implement of their choosing.


Alice's red bare bottom after a quick belt spanking




Kink of the Week


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Alice has been often called an enigma. With life ever changing and evolving so have her creative outlets. She lives in the Atlanta area and is considered a “damn Yankee” having been born and raised in the north east. She is an RN by trade, a Mother of 2 and the wife of Lord Raven. This tattooed Princess is the site’s very own Alpha Sub often wields brazen dares toward her Tops yet leans toward switch on occasion.

9 thoughts on “Belt Spanking Kink of the Week

    • Alice King Post author

      Oh really now?!?! Hmmmmm me think the potential of being tag teamed with said belt could be loads of fun 😉

    • Alice King Post author

      hehehe yep I just had to talk him into it 😉 Looking at the pic however I am starting to think about a monthly spanking pic. I am back to the gym and it might be cool to see the erm progression

  • Lord Raven

    it is quite the challenge, if I hit hard enough for it to remain red it will be some serious lashes, otherwise it will quickly fade to pink (as shown) then soon nothing at all. *clicks open knife* now to leave some marks that will last…lol

    • Alice King Post author

      I seem to remember someone having a goal of leaving me well colored. Don’t think that goal has been met as of yet do you? Mmmmmmm damn I love that sound…..I still have a heart on one cheek

  • Molly

    Now this is an intriguing sentence…. “In hind sight I was in such a hurry to get the belt off that I missed a golden opportunity that I will never pass by if the chance comes up again.” that has my mind drifting somewhat. I find the whole notion of the belt and its meaning very hot


    • Alice King Post author

      My devious little mind has a plan if/when I am told to remove his belt again. In fact I have told him many times however not the exact ideas =)

      I love belts, the combo of the feel and the mind fuck is just, well like you said HOT

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