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Editors Note:   Spanked Sweeties Website review is something new for me.   I’m not sure spanking website and video reviews will be an ongoing thing or if it is will continue to be done here.  In the past we’ve done a few book and toy reviews but that’s certainly not my main thing.  Seeing as this ties into my first and favorite kink spanking. Time will tell how it goes but the majority of what I’ll write will continue to be about my life, relationships, and kinks.   The links do contain an affiliate code as part of this experiment (so if they work I can watch more spanking porn and pay the producers to do so).   In no way has that shaped my opinion and i only make a few bucks if someone signs up.  Happy perving.

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Spanked Sweeties Website Review

Date the Spanked Sweeties Website was Reviewed 1-19-2015
How I Got Access to Spanked Sweeties: 30 Days Paid Membership
Approximate Number of Videos– 1,000+ (that’s counting multiple format and long and short clips of the same scenes)
Number of Videos I Watched – 50+ Full and Partial scenes (it was pure hell watching that many spanking vids but someone has to do it right?)

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The Spanked Sweeties Offcial Blurb – “Our first site (Editor’s Note: Part of the Clare Fonda Network of Sites) – the main focus is girls who were spanked growing up telling their spanking stories and we then act it out. The interviews are very detailed and it makes the scenes intense. This is a great place for us to discover new talent. I play the mom figure but we also have guest dommes and some M/f as many girls were spanked by their dads growing up. Spanked Sweeties also has some spanking fantasy and real-life punishment scenes such as two friends or a couple. A great place to get to know new spanking talent and update generously with 6 clips per week – Monday and Thursday.”

Spanked Sweeties Website electra rose dropping her shorts for an OTK spankingMy take on the Spanked Sweeties site
If you want to hear sexy young women talk about being spanked growing up then Spanked Sweeties the site might be a good fit. There’s a wide mix of experiences from people who were spanked “weekly” or more often in their youth and people who never even got a swat on the butt with a mix of everything in between talking about those experiences and reenacting some of them. Some were nervous, some were matter of fact, and make no mistake almost everyone they talk to works in some part of the adult industry from professional dominatrix, models, burlesque dancers, strippers ,and cam girls. So in other words you’re not getting amateur girl next door types feigning innocence (Oh I’ve never done this before) which is refreshing and doesn’t mean they aren’t attractive, at times apprehensive, and even unprepared as to what happens to a spanking model.  Some safe word in their test shoots or the outtakes. Which really is all fine stuff and actually made me like the site a little more than I might have.

The site relies heavily on the video interviews and the questions were consistent across the models providing a consistent view and then reenacts some of the punishments or fantasies described in their chat. Sure it’s upped a bit to be more in line with a spanking video expectation. It was interesting to watch how the girls answered the question about how much they got spanked, it seemed like a case of many of them rounding down. Also the definition of what constituted a spanking was somewhat fascinating to me as a lifelong spanko. In a way perhaps it shows the varied use and length of the punishments they were recalling but actually caused me to reconsider what did constitute a spanking.

Spanked Sweeties shay golden renacting a spanking she got with a paddleThe variety of models is great in race, shape, tolerance, genuine interest and background. The fact they’re mostly if not all pro’s in the fetish industry at some level is to be expected but many play the naughty little girl role well. What does come out in some of the interviews is that in a way they are judging themselves for their profession and perhaps a little unfairly. Not many of them did this but the ones that did caused at least me to stop and think a little bit about the industry and society as a whole but that’s a topic for another time. Most to the scenes (excluding the interviews) don’t play to the edge of the many true spanking enthusiast but they really do end up with a red butt even if it’s not marked and bruised. Personally I like harder play in life and in videos but get that not everyone does. It’s a point worth noting if you’re of that ilk.

The interviews and even the out takes are the true gems. So if you like to hear about backgrounds and childhood experiences it’s a good choice of site, if that’s not your thing or you’re not into recollections and reenactments of what was once upon a time a nonconsensual event then this one’s simply not your kink.

Orientation- Mostly female Tops (Spankers) and F/F scenes. There is the occasional male spanker but it is fairly rare on the site.
Implements – A Lot of OTK hand spanking, some belts and the occasional shoe/ slipper and a paddle here and there. The interviews had a fair amount of talk of other implements (Switches, Twigs, Wooden Spoons) only a few video scenes we saw delivered on that. No heavy paddling or school style play that I saw.


SettingsSpanked Sweeties pent house pet jena rose reenacting a spanking she got from her mom with her sisters All domestic settings (Living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom) which helped with the reenactments which comprise most of the non-interview themes. Though the occasional shoot is done in a hotel room.
Intensity – Light to moderate in most cases
Specialty – Interviews with the models about their own real life spanking experiences both childhood and as adults.
Unique Features – Newer updates offer multiple download formats including mobile friendly.
Model Variety – Roughly 150 different models (Tops and Bottoms combined) with a mix of body types.

Likes and Dislikes-
Like – We’ve mentioned the interviews before. It’s what makes the site worth joining.
Like – All domestic settings. It’s so easy with spanking and fetish play to drag it into the dungeon but they stay true to the topic of domestic spanking experiences and fantasies and the sets fit that well.
Like – Site speed on the MP4 format was great and the videos loaded and played quickly and smoothly. The download WMV files didn’t have any issues either.
Like – We mentioned the models but there was a nice mix of women playing the top roles and conducting the interviews which kept things fresh and in many ways helped set up the play scenes that were going to be filmed later in the day. Most came across as genuine.
Like – Consistent History of site additions and updates.
Dislike – Some of the oldest “Sweeties” pieces (not in age but in when they were shot) didn’t have the interview piece and the labeling of their scenes wasn’t as good or concise as the newer ones.
Dislike – the newer scenes had the formats mixed throughout the models page so MP4 here, WMV there. Not a deal breaker but better organization would have made finding the next clip in the same format a little easier.

What Not to Miss –
Veronica Ricci talking about being spanked at Catholic School.
Gigi Allens Interview – She talks about being spanked by Grandma, Mom and Dad but also goes into her time with a Master in a D/s relationship
Elektra Rose – She is so deliciously nervous in the interview and in the scenes.
Jena Rose – The interview was good but the belt whoop’in scene with her “sisters” in the reenactment video might not have been the most authentic reenactment but it was pretty damn hot.
Emily Parker – Interview with her childhood friend Veronica Ricci talked about the punishment she received from her deeply religious parents including being spanked in public places, outside of church and of course at home.

Models of Note – Gigi Allen, Sarah Gregory. Cheyenne Jewel, Veronica Ricci, Madison Young

Sign Up Process/ Cancellation Process – The sign up and cancellation process was easy and handled in our case through CC bill.

Scene Reviews – To Be added at a Later Date

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