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Tick, tick, tick, tick… Mary sat there in the room the only companion she had was the clock on the wall. Cinderblock walls with their mortar lines painted a natural white, a single cot to lay on and what resembled a toilet in the corner, more like a hole in the floor. A single light in the center of the room was always burning, it too was caged in a wire prison. No windows and the door was a solid steel with just a flap where food would be passed when she pushed the button. Even then it was just put in a box and slid in, a cardboard box that would contain pouches and 4 bottles of water. Time had lost all meaning here, human contact a distant memory as the series of endless seconds ticked off. The hands of the clock broken as they both pointed down to the floor, it was forever 6:30 in her cell.


Mary had all but forgotten why she was here, was all that world even real anymore? What if there had been some major event that wiped out all humanity, she would be the last survivor, starving in her solitary confinement. Fear crept over her, she began to pace around the room. She saw where a previous occupant had gone crazy and clawed at the block wall. A few remaining flecks of crimson at the blocks joint, maybe a nail torn from the finger in a desperate attempt to escape. Mary pushed the button on the wall, not because she was hungry but because she needed to know that someone was still alive on the outside world.

Tick, tick, tick TICK… time moved but it was meaningless now. Mary sat on her cot waiting till she heard the metallic working of the flap. It dropped down and the box slid in and then it closed. Mary jumped up and ran to the door pounding on it.

“Hello?” her voice desperate to hear another.

No sound returned, just the ticking of the clock. She opened the box and this time with the food there was a stack of papers. She looked in disbelief. Official papers from the court. It all came rushing back as she sat on the cot.

The date was on the top of the document but it had to be wrong, it was dated a week after her incarnation, or was it a month? Either way she knew it had been longer than what was shown there, it had to be.

Reading through her mind recalled the events. A party that was planned, the noise and people. She was new in town and someone told her about the place, a place called the “Hook Up” as it was aptly named. Men and women mingled and talked or danced or just sat and watched. It was a room full of predators and prey, the hunters and the hunted, each there with their own taste for excitement and pleasure. That green eyes red haired devil would forever haunt her mind, he approached so calm and moved like fluid as he took her by the arm. His brazen approach took Mary off guard as he swept her off her feet and kissed her with fire and passion, to her shock she melted into his embrace and kissed him back.

Being swept to a side booth Mary had never felt so exposed and on fire in her life.  He never offered his name as he ripped her shirt open, her buttons released on a shower of bouncing black little circles. His hand locking in her hair as he flipped her on her back, the cool of the marble top of the table creeping into her flesh. Her skirt flipped up and her panties were ripped to shreds, the material cutting into her flesh for a moment before surrendering to the brutal force. Mary felt she must have fell into a dream as he leaned down and kissed her, his hot breath on her lips as his tongue slid into her mouth and caressed his. A moment later his was inside her, his cock sent a wave of fear running through her body. Eyes went wide and wild as Mary tried to break their kiss. His gaze piercing deep into her till her will melted and she surrendered. Her fight was now turned to fire as her body betrayed her. Legs wrapped around his waist as her pussy clenched with each thrust.

Mary shook her head, trying to clear her mind. He had taken her over like nothing ever had before. Even now in the cell she could feel him, as if he had possessed her. Her hands now shook as she looked over the papers. Words like murder and homicide appeared several times. Vivid descriptions from various people that had witnessed Mary taking lives. Mary remember those like a far off dream. She licked her lips at the memory then felt a welling of repulsion and shame. She was a good girl who had done bad things, very bad things.

Her mind wandered back to that night. His pleasure in taking her, her pussy finally gripping as she moaned in wild passion and her scream. A hot searing pain as his fangs sank deeply into her neck. The feeling of her body convulsing in both orgasm and death at the same time, a beautiful death as others watched. Then he kissed her, a cold feeling across her lips as Mary tasted her own blood and some bitter liquid following it. He broke their kiss and leaned back in a roar as his orgasm took him. Arms wide as he let lose all he had into her. As he started to calm a sudden appearance of a stake protruding from his chest. A withered black heart in the tip as it flittered before he fell face first onto her.

Mary never heard the screams at first as she jumped off the table and ripped out the throat of the person at the other end of the stake. She went wild and killed several in the club that night. From months she stalked the streets feeding off people she seduced. Her calling card was to leave their bodies naked in the street. The verdict was on the last page, guilty of 84 counts of murder. She was to be burned in the public square tomorrow.

Mary didn’t know why but she smiled as her fangs grew. Piercing into one of the pouches she drained down the artificial blood. Tick, tick, tick, tick…the clock was counting down the moments till someone would have to open the door and then release the fury of hell on humanity

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