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I borrowed this title from DomSigns and his recent hashtag #thesexilikeisnotacrime which is in response to the recent rulings in England. It seems like there is a sudden push to get back to the Elizabethan collars and make society once again a world of sexually frustrated prudes. From the blog that I read, I saw a governmental attempt to have control over our sexual preferences. I am not here to judge anyone on what they like or don’t like, I just think these new laws went over the line and into the bedroom (or whatever room of choice).

Alice and I like to watch porn, and many know I have some extreme taste in porn genera but fewer know she shares my enjoyment of this “darker side”. I know there is a lot of debate about the rape culture but that is a part of my kink and as long as it truly is consensual and just a portrayal I think it’s all fair game. I do not sit and think for hours about going out and raping some helpless lady (or man) in a dark alley as they try and portray people who like that kind of kink. In fact I think it is a wonderful release to keep that from happening, a visual representation that takes that edge away. Plus rape isn’t really about sex anyway but that is a blog for a different time as that can be rather lengthy and I kind of expect this one will be as well.

A quick look at what was just passed as illegal in the UK to have for sale on video. Spanking, Caning, aggressive whipping, penetrating by any object (associated with violence), Physical or verbal abuse (regardless of if consensual) Urolagnia (known as “water sports”), Female ejaculation, Strangulation, Facesitting, Fisting, The final three listed fall under acts the BBFC views as potentially “life-endangering”. *(taken from the list on )


Some is not my kink but much is. So now if I lived in the UK my kink would be illegal to produce and sell as a movie. Spanking is like one of the all-time favorites for me. I make paddles for fun and have even designed some for beginners in the spanking field. Suddenly it is illegal to make even an instructional video because there will be a reddening of the skin and there will most defiantly be some bruising. Next there is caning, I have a couple of rattan canes that I really use for massage rather than impact play but none the less if Alice needed a good caning I would be more than ready with a few implements I have laying around the house. Aggressive whipping, I guess that would cover my crop, flogger and belt, all of which on certain occasions I enjoy using. Penetrating by any object associated with violence, wow this could be a whole slew of things. When I saw power tools on that list I was shocked it would be there and kind of wondering what the writer’s past experience was, he/she must have been screwed literally with a power driver or something. Physical or verbal abuse regardless of if consensual, so now my talking dirty is a crime on film? Fuck that noise, we both get off when I used certain phrases that would be consider abusive, its part of who we are and our kink. Urolagnia or water sports, I will admit I have dabbled in this a few times, not really on my top to do list but some people really enjoy it, why should they be disallowed to continue to watch this? Female ejaculation, sorry ladies you are not allowed to make wet spots (or lakes) on the bed anymore, not if you want to be in the films. (this one seems more to deal with if it got in or on anyone) Strangulation, oh for fuck sake, I seriously doubt anyone would be having sex with their partner and decide midway through to strangle them to death. Breath play is a huge turn on for us both and one of the kinds of videos we both enjoy watching. Facesitting, not my kink but I always support those are for SSC and RACK play. And finally fisting, this is one of those I have done, it is fun and exciting and I don’t understand why they think it is life endangering. I guess it is possible, though unlikely to puncture the lining of whatever orifice that is being fisted but again I really don’t think that would be a deliberate thing.


My mental picture is a bunch of powdered wigs sitting in a room watching porn deciding what is acceptable. Past their prime men jealous they can no longer attract a lady who would offer them what they desire so it is now illegal. The older ladies fearing they would look inappropriate in saying it was ok even though they have been secretly rubbing themselves under the desk while watching. While my mental picture might be off there is a very real issue here, they have made a stand and begun censoring things based on their views of a “normal and healthy” relationship. In the end where will it stop? As I live on the other side of the pond I am well aware that with the UK as an ally their laws have a way of impacting our laws. I can see that if this insanity is not stopped soon porn will be a black screen that is soundless. After all some versions lights on is offensive, others certain positions are very indecent. Did she scream, it must have been because he was being violent with her (even though she just soaked the sheets with an orgasm) He said something, I think it was abusive.  Sounds a bit silly right? Well when it is all said and done it is not, get enough loud people screaming something long enough and things will be changed to make them shut up and go away ie the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Censorship once it gets started is a hard thing to stop, everyone is offended by something. Not everyone has the same moral code, or compass. My version is simple all sexual acts should be left alone by the censorship gods (barring items of true criminal actions) else it will never stop. I bet if they decided portrayal of criminal actions of any kind were to be illegal in the movies every film maker and actor in the world would be flying to the UK for a rally. In the end it might just head that way, after all showing someone being shot in the face just because they were a bad guy would still be a portrayal of violence. The epic fight scenes would be considered too violent if someone was shown being killed, maybe even a portrayal of that.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! If you don’t want to see it do what I do, don’t watch it. I like what I like, I don’t like what I don’t like. I would not impose my views on anyone because I am not them and only they know what is truly their desire and enjoyment. I am not saying being apathetic if it is a social injustice but if it is people having a great time then leave them alone and focus on the real issues, like government censorship.

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