Red and Fuming 4


Ever have one of those days so filled with stress and adrenaline pumping you can not let it go? Today was one of those days for me and I honestly know I am currently a handful for my Master.I have been beyond short fused since I got home from work and I knew it was coming.


Not that is was a bad day at work just one of those that any nurse dreads. Multiple issues and families in your face. Adrenaline rush that lasted for hours with multiple serious issues. I have a new hate for 911 operators however am smart enough to know that not all are as brain damaged as the one I talked with today.  For one get the rig coming and let me get back to my patient! I don’t give a flying fuck about your questions you need to ask such as patient’s age.


You see the joy of being a nurse is also the curse. I have been home several hours and I keep rethinking my day. Did I miss anything? Are the patient’s I sent out ok? I know these and many other questions will be running through my mind even as I try to sleep. I see a sleepless night ahead with no clue how to shut my mind off. All the while I missed time with my family as I am too high strung still from the hours of adrenaline.

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    • Alice King Post author

      erm you are more than welcome to bath the dog. I however will avoid that as he might get in far more trouble with me at the moment. I know we will manage, just glad I am off the next 2 days

    • Alice King Post author

      LMAO! Erm you no need no flu shot! Maybe a good spanking….hmmmmm or giving one 😉 Yes I miss you big time.
      Love you hun

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