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It seems these days that everyone has some kind if not several social media accounts. It’s not a bad thing to have, but it can become quite addictive. A trap of blips from other lives that go by at the speed of a scrolling mouse. Stories of tragedy tears at the heart of the reader, heroes give that momentary flash of excitement and hope, even cute animals parade and make the onlooker smile.

Generationally speaking I come from a time long forgotten, a time before computers. It is not that we could not afford one it was simply that they did not exist. Now my morning consists of waking up, getting coffee and logging in and checking what is on my timeline from the several different media groups I am connected too. It is my Matrix, yes I am plugged in and need that morning fix, to see how people I will never meet responded to an idea I shared. It is maddening! It is a love/hate relationship as I look out the window and see the woods calling to me yet there is a story I might miss about some people in a faraway land and their plight. The trails call to me, beckoning me to come and find peace, I will right after I get that next level on a game that matter no more in the grand scheme of things than the shadow that moves on the wall. It is an addiction, an escape, a way to not think about certain realities all the while missing so much more in life.

I know how to live, have fun, even deal with tragedy and gut wrenching despair. How did I get sucked in so deep? I don’t know but what I do know was it stung when my son that I get to see only every other weekend was watching me play a game and asked when it was his turn to have time with me. I will profess that I would give my life to protect my kids yet in that moment I struggled to let go of the life of a character that is no more important than if I wore my sneakers or sandals when walking the dog. Come to think of it walking the dog is even more important than me playing a video game.

It has gone so far as there are special sites for gamers to date other gamers. There is the usual A/S/L but also what games or types of games you prefer, all the way down to on one I saw with class of character breakdowns. Now a WOW player can find the perfect mate so they can live happily ever after till level 8000 do they part. I was heavily addicted to one such game, I won’t name it but I was one of the lucky ones that because of some life changes I was weaned from it before the announcement was made it was being shut down. I heard stories of people in rear honest sobbing tears the game was shutting down. It became part of mine and their reality, between team speak and spending 2-10 (yes is said 10) hours at a time in the game it becomes an immersion, a form of reality that seemed even more real that the world around us. There is actually is something of a support page set up for the players of the game where we shared out favorite parts and memories and pictures, not of us or our family but our character. Hey I was a bad ass good looking raki and no one can dispute that.


Now really where are we as a society? I like to watch people and observe what is going on around me, it’s a hobby of sorts. I went to a restaurant not too long ago, a couple sat there through their whole meal and were on their phone the whole time. A special evening out and they had nothing to say to each other? I watched in total dismay and morbid fascination as I don’t think they looked at each other more and 30 seconds at a time. 3 tables from them and older couple many would scoff at because neither of them would know how to operate a “smart” phone, but they know how to talk, and be social with each other. His withered hands across years of holding her hands stretching across the table just for one more time be in physical contact with the one he loved. It was almost heart breaking to see those tender moments they were sharing and knowing that it would soon be an extinct expression of love, replaces with an emotion icon, I <3 U.

Even more disconcerting was a high school football game I recently was at. Bleachers filled with people, all glued to their mobile devices, missing the action on the field, cheering only when the announcer broke in yelling touchdown. What has happened to people? Life filled with excitement and joy, passion and pleasure is traded for a mind numbing buzz of social media existence?  I remember making out behind the bleachers or actually watching the game and cheering for the team, win or lose because it was fun and we were rowdy kids. Not a selfie of me at the game with my friend who are all texting, tweeting or in some other social experiment gone horribly wrong. Yes that is the new teen experience from what I have seen. They will miss bone fires at the river because sand and devices don’t mix, mudding in the bottom lands, because it is filthy fun that tech isn’t built for, or that first kiss from the shy girl you needed to talk to in order to win her over, that was missed because your “friend” several countries away wanted to show you her new panty set even though you will never meet in real life.

I guess to wrap this up much of what I am saying if from a series of events and miscommunication that have recently been plaguing my life. I spend way too much time in social media and games than I should and not enough living life. There are some major things on my plate, life changing things that take real effort and determination to do. I just feel overwhelmed and honestly fearful. I am not a tech savvy person and some of this was way over what I have learned so far. I just need to get my head out of the cloud (sorry bad pun but I still don’t get the whole cloud tech thing) and into reality and hard work to achieve my dreams. Less gaming and leveling and more going and living.


About Lord Raven

Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the “traditional” manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

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  • ancilla ksst

    Well, my Master and my kids are all gamers. I’m not, but I do spend a lot of time socializing on the internet. There is one good thing, that they all bond over that common interest, even our two boys who were often fighting about everything, until they found this thing that they can do together. It is amazing to watch them kibbitz and get along so well, where in any other area they’d end up with the younger one frustrated and mad because he can’t keep up with his brother.

    • Lord Raven Post author

      I do not say that having some on line time for fun, and other social things is all bad. Rather don’t miss life and living because of being too busy with things that honestly do not matter like what the pop culture family is doing with who.
      It would be very easy for kids to get into a reality of games and avoid dealing with problems rather than learning how to talk about them. I even have heard of people taking their vacation around a gaming event so they can try to get the top prize, rather than plan something enjoyable with loved ones.

  • Stella

    I find it interesting when people get upset that you didn’t see a status update or picture or whatever that they posted, or better yet why you never responded to an event they were hosting. Pick up a phone and call me I say. Actually BE social rather than sitting around on a computer or smart phone and never having any actual petson to person social contact. Often blows their minds that I even suggest such a thing. I have one friend who complains that she never sees me any more. I’ve told her that I’d love to see her but if she is going to visit the phone has to go away. Outrage. What if she misses something? She’d rather come visit and sit on the couch engrossed in her phone than have real interaction with the person sitting across from her. So sad, and even sadder that my son may grow up not knowing any other way.

    • Lord Raven Post author

      I know, I get the same thing. I have to limit my friend list because some days I feel like I need to respond to everyone just to let them know someone saw what they said. Other days its fuck the world I am going to be my wild self and act like a nut.
      We have been having a bit of a battle here with the 13 year old pining because he has no cell phone, kik or other social media account to talk to his “friends” on. I want him to be smart about the dangers first before he gets tech smart. So far he will be 50 before that happens…
      As for your friend you mentioned, that person needs a serious unplugging. internet and social media is relatively new but it is mind blowing how fast it has taken over the world and so many lives. I am waiting for the day out phones auto post we are in the bathroom or something like that.

  • Annie B

    Great, great post! A friendly reminder to focus on what is lasting – the things we love. It’s an easy trap to fall into, especially when the world around us filled with anxiety and struggle. I love the interaction with like minded fun people but I can not and will not give my best hours to a medium that changes faster than I can keep up with.

    I have found these mediums to be hiding places for me – places to hide from the reality I must deal with. I need to limit them to entertainment and fun exchange with friends.

    Thanks for the reminder to keep it fun and stay focused on what matters.

    Annie B

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