A Females Perspective on Extreme Feminists

OK so there is this video floating around the internet that has seriously gotten my attention.  Before I start voicing my opinion here is the video that has me thinking for over a week now.


First off let me make one point clear in regards to this topic. I am in no way shape or form a feminist and I honestly find the feminist movement in its current form to be extreme and a detriment to what others have done in the past for women’s rights.  Many will be wondering how I could  think such a thing as others will automatically believe I have been brainwashed in some way by the men in my life. Sorry to tell you but just because I have a cunt does not mean I am feminist nor that I agree with any of the current goals of the feminist movement. I found the following vid while doing some research and in all honestly states very well many of my views.

I am all for equal pay however I am over the use of false stats that make it appear that women are victims of some poor system. I am not for this stance of women are the same as men. We are not and honestly if one wants to be a man then go for it. Stop trying to pigeon hole all women into every aspect of the world. No I do not believe women can or should be in any and all positions men are. We are not built the same and honestly this competition as if we are just like men makes feminists look as if they are ashamed to be women. To me if the requirements for a position need to be changed or altered in any way so women can be included then they were never meant to be in that position. Are we honestly that happy that the requirements to be a cop are lower than they were @30 years ago? I know I am not.

Below is a vid I came across when searching youtube for feminist videos. I can say I was honestly shocked by the young ladies behavior at the end of this. Sadly though her attitude is not uncommon among many feminists I have encountered. There is a tunnel vision to their whole behavior with no real clue as to the impact they are having on those around them. One does not have to bully themselves into every society or meeting. To be honest I see no point in it other than to belittle others and create fear in men if they dare to stand up against women.


Seriously is this the ultimate end goal of feminists? To push society to the point that men are below them and fear for legal actions if they actually behave like men? This has nothing what so ever to do with equal rights. I do not need big brother involved in my world any more than he is. In fact I want him out of my world totally!

I am raising 2 young boys and I should not have to teach them to fear little girls in this way. Fear is the ultimate form of control and I refuse to stand by while this is occurring. I hear battle cries about teaching boys not to rape. Sorry but no one teaches anyone to rape! I also see women refusing to take accountable for their own actions. One can not say oh I was stupid and went out by myself dressed like a slut but even though I was drunk and might have said yes I was raped. Regretting ones actions and the consequences should not mean that others should be held accountable for your actions.

There are unsafe place for men and women and yes rape occurs however the failure to see that rape is truly not a sexual act and is in fact a power exchange is also part of the problem. I know I am going to catch heat for that one but sorry I don’t play nice when tweaked about how blind our society has become.


Hope all that read this will actually take the time to comment and discuss. This truly is a major turning point in our society as men are pushed to the corner and being made to feel inferior for even being a gentlemen. Sorry ladies you can’t have it both ways. One can not teach boys to be gentlemen and to have manners only to be later told they are rude and as women you do not need a door opened for you.


Author: Alice King

Alice has been often called an enigma. With life ever changing and evolving so have her creative outlets. She lives in the Atlanta area and is considered a "damn Yankee" having been born and raised in the north east. She is an RN by trade, a Mother of 2 and the wife of Lord Raven. This tattooed Princess is the site's very own Alpha Sub often wields brazen dares toward her Tops yet leans toward switch on occasion.

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    1. Thank you my love. I have been stewing about this ever since you showed me the first video. Hell you know I could give a fucking rats ass about swearing. It is the misinformation these girls were taught to quote that got my panties in a twist.

  1. Dear Alice:

    Whoever said “Alice doesn’t live here anymore” was a fucking moron. You are here!!!! And you are the first woman younger than myself who has stated with such clarity and emotion what I have been feeling since the late “60s when the bra-burnin’ bunch infiltrated our happy, hormonal, teenage worlds and began to fill our heads with the seeds of the bullshit we see today!

    Don’t get me wrong, there were some disparities that needed to be addressed in education, work place, etc and they were. But it was never enough for them to just address real issues of discrimination, which by the way I have always believed is a HUMAN RIGHT – not a gender issue. All human beings deserve to be respected and treated with dignity.

    They kept it going and going to the point that before we were out of high school it had become “us vs. them.” If I enjoyed the fact that my boyfriend opened doors for me – I was a weak-willed, empty headed fuck toy. The solution according to the new “sisterhood” was to tell these boys we didn’t NEED their help! That we could do anything he could do. Well, that didn’t work for me cuz I can’t do anything he can do. I don’t want to do anything he can do. And I love being a woman (and a fuck-toy from time to time).

    I am so tired of seeing our men denigrated and reduced to fools by the extremism that this has fueled. I think it’s time for the men to stage a jock burn in this country and say “go ahead and do it, we’ll be right over here.” Like you, we raised our son to be a gentleman who didn’t hit girls, opened doors for ladies and always addressed them with respect (all ages). I’m just tired of watching him as a hurting young man look at me and say “it doesn’t pay to be a good guy does it Mom?”

    I confess I had ONE moment of weakness when he was a little boy in kindergarten. There was a “staunch feminist” mother in our group who’s little girl was in the same class as my son. Every day my son and the other little boys would come home with bruises and we would all ask and be told that this little girl hit them with things or shoved them on the ground. We all went to the mother who said that she wanted her daughter to fit in with the boys – equal! If our boys couldn’t take it that was too bad. Well! I told my son that for this one time in history I was altering my stance on hitting a girl. I told him that if she hit him again, he was put is hands on her shoulders and sit her ass on the ground hard and tell her the next time she hits him he’s hitting her back and his Mom knows it. That bullshit stopped that day.

    1. hell yeah! I grew up with a girl that would beat the crap out of the guys and finally my dad told me that treat every woman like a lady but if they take put on boxing gloves you are within you rights as a man to defend yourself. You did good with that.
      thank you for commenting Alice is all excited when she read what you said, but I will let her comment back on that part

    2. OMG Annie you made my day! Thank you so much for the amazing comment. There have been a lot of times I have felt alone in my view of this. It amazes me that those with differing views can not or will not debate it. It always just goes to name calling and how could I not stand up for women’s right.

      Your moment of weakness is more than understood. I honestly would do the same as I do not want my boys to be victims but to be comfortable in their own skin. They are both extremely polite and I refuse to let some feminist kill that

  2. Hi, Alice, all.

    I wanted to respond, but quickly realized my response was too long to include in the comments. I’ve posted a response here.

    I appreciate your invitation for discussion, Alice. While my views differ, I promise there’s no name calling. 🙂


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and for such a well thought out response. It is always nice to be able truly discuss and at times perhaps see that ideas and terms might be the same however not identical in the USA vs. Europe or any area of the world

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