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Although not much in recent years I once wore stockings and a garter 5 or 6 days a week. In fact it is something I was doing before my teens. BY my late teens and early 20’s I’d go to a room with no windows and 20 or so other guys and put them on 2-3 times a day surrounded by strong naked bodies. Then we’d head out and wear them for hours on end until they were sweat soaked, stained, and often torn. So as you maybe stop to look and see who posted this; again perhaps Alice wrote the piece and not big old Mal. Let’s face it sweat soaked, stained, and torn stockings could be the end of a very good night…if it wasn’t for the set up.

Forgive me for the cheap theatrics.   Setting potential shock value aside of me outing myself as a cross dresser (not that there is anything wrong with that it’s just not my kink). At this very moment there are thousands of men are wearing stockings and garters at ice ring throughout the world…it’s what hockey players call their colorful socks and how until the 1990’s all of us held them up (now much of it is done by mesh shorts with straps of Velcro). So imaging a world filled with sweaty violent often homophobic men (Hockey is generally speaking a very homophobic sport to this day  ) yelling in frustrations “I broke my damn garter again” and “I can’t find my fucking stockings” like a high maintenance type before the date of her dreams, or about some “cocksucker” who tripped them and made them get a hole in their stockings. So the mention of garters and stockings with out something overtly feminine already in the conversation takes me to a place that has nothing to do with sex.

Now as you try to shake the disturbing image of every man you know played the sport as some type of latent deviant cross dresser who likes to hit things with a stick (double entendre fully intended) since long before they were sold in hockey stores someone must have taken a garter from their wife, mother, or sister to start the whole thing off.

So ladies if you are wearing a garter and stockings to dinner, or even getting ready to go out and you find you’re missing the rubber nub to hold them don’t abandon hope…go find a hockey player. After all we’re like MacGyver when it comes to holding stockings up …and well I can’t think of one of us who would mind getting a good peek under yours dress too.

For those of you still reading this the post came out of the Kink of the Week topic. When published I’ll link my actual contribution here and you can find all the other more serious posts over at Kink and Poly.

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4 thoughts on “A Different Take on Stockings and Garters

  • ancilla ksst

    disturbing image of every man you know played the sport as some type of latent deviant cross dresser who likes to hit things with a stick (double entendre fully intended)

    This is hot, not disturbing :).

  • Cammies on the Floor

    I admit – I looked up to see if it was Alice who wrote this. But I should have known better. And my husband has to wear what I consider “garters”, though they’re called shirt stays and clip (exactly like a garter does) into the shirt to keep it perfectly tucked in while in uniform.

  • Lord Raven

    many a cold morning in the tree stands and my (now ex) wife’s stalkings keeping me warm. It took me a bit of convincing to do till I saw one the most masculine of men I knew donning a pair before we headed out to the woods.
    Nothing beats a great pair of legs…sorry couldn’t resist.

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