School Girls a Lasting Obsession 40

sexy naughty schoolgirl

sexy naughty school girls

Lolita had nothing on the amazing;y talented and beautiful Molly who very generously created this incredibly hot schoolgirl picture.

She’s standing there, mind racing and knows with out a doubt she will be across his lap with her little plaid school skirt flipped up and her panties pulled down in a matter of moments. She is determined to take the spanking resolutely no matter how much it hurts…that is until the first smack lands on her already well marked and bruised bottom from the swats she got in front of the class at school.

Well with Kink of the Week back on track hopefully my writing can be a little more regular as I intend to play along with it and some of the other wonderful prompts around. This week’s topic is school girls and it is something i have touched on numerous times before.

You don’t have to look very hard to realize I am very much into the adult school girl look. Vanilla sex…the plaid skirt works for me. Spanking scene school themed or domestic and i’ll take a partner in a daringly short skirt, frilly socks and tight white (preferably wrinkled) blouse and never complain. Want to go to dinner, the theater, a swinger party, or the grocery store dressed like a school girl all the better if you asked me. Put on your sassy stride and  i’m all in. And the woman or the girl she is playing can be sweet or demure, misguided, slutty, naughty and everything in between. All fine by me then add pig tails a later in life fascination. Pony tails, Saddle shoes or low heeled scuffed fmps make it all the better (who am I kidding dangerously high heels are more than welcome too)

In a way it would be easy to simply say this is a form of age play. On some level it may be exactly that but not in the way you may think. Yet outside of any pre agreed upon roles now days the look by itself simply works for me and isn’t really age related; it’s more about simplicity. The ability to escape to a simpler time when all that mattered was relatively easy (admittedly I had a wonderful childhood myself) when the world was full of wonder, dreams were something thought to be achievable, and anything was possible. As hot and carnal as the adult school girl she is also comfortable in a way that is familiar and safe. As has been written before I am the product of over priced religiously affiliated schools which I use as a reason to justify a decent vocabulary, a fascination with short skirts and all things carnal.

And for a lot of people I imagine they are in a way recreating either who they were or acting out something they would like to or never got to be. In my case it is the first option.

Like many people I discovered my sexuality at that early age with classmates wore that look as a requirement. I prided myself on turning saints in to sinners and good girls in to closet whores. A fast study on all things carnal (and hedonistic to be honest) was a predictable as anything. Weather it was Laura and her muscle car, R and her heart of gold in a fast girls body, or Dianna flashing those amazing tits at me regularly while driving 90 up the high way. School girls were my training ground…and in fairness I was also theirs.

During that same time if not years before that I discovered the first of my now many well documented kinks. In my mid teens it was Tracy who took them lurid and confused fantasies into my head into the real world.

Yet when I play with a school girl now whether it is a quick make out session somewhere semi public, an impact scene in a “class room” or flipping her skirt up and baring her bottom for a good long otk session is delicious.   Where panties and bras were strangely alluring foreign objects .  All of that past is past. Now though I’m escaping with a willing and wanton woman and that is what that makes it works.   So as you wonder through the costumer stores this fall just remember…you can get the real look much cheaper and even hotter at the uniform store.   after all if you’re going to play budding sex siren why not do it righ

After thoughts

Lost innocence is a major theme in life, it extends far beyond my kinks.  Molly’s picture took me to a different place than I thought this post would go, the reaction it caused as i first snuck a peek at it while sitting at a formal dinner was then same as a passed note would have 30 some years ago.   It tapped into the very essence of what the school girl look represents for me…daring brazen sexuality.  It took me back to a time when a flash of just a few more inches of skin was incredibly arousing, a stolen glimpse or given flash was an act of intent. that mere proximity to the person we were attracted to caused a rush of emotions and thoughts. So I stepped away to look at it a little more.  Like the guy who just “scored” I  to run back and brag to my friends, a temptation that was resisted.  For a few minutes life was simple again, everything was hot and i had all kinds of ideas…of course now knowing exactly what to do with them.


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