Riding the Rocket 2

After several tumultuous months personally and professionally it all came to a head mid last week.  

By Wednesday night everything that could be accounted for was and I had agreed to take the next wild ride of my life professionally.   

The world I live has always been fluid. A great example was the Sunday before I was in Brooklyn having lunch with Victoria before going to an event when I got word a meeting I had reconfirmed not 18 hours earlier had been moved.  This led to a mad scramble to change flights, cancel hotel rooms and car service while rebookibg others. The most frustrating and worst of all breaking a dinner date with a firey 50s style pin up bombshell I was truly looking forward to. 

That though is my normal kind of crazy. By Friday the ink was dry on my new deal which meant I would go from traveling the country to the world. I left home monday morning with 4 domestic cities(and 3 major social outings) on the agenda for the week. Before I parked the car there were flights for the following weeks being booked to travel abroad.  

I knew it would happen but never suspected it would be so fast.  Then reality hit me…I can never leave home without my passport again.  

Literally my trips will be changing countries and regions on short notice…not just cities and states.  That an extra shirt may not be enough anymore.  That 2-3 will be the norm, same day laundry will be a necessity,  and that more dates will be made and missed.

It is not all bad though there will be times when I can steal away and explore,  that I can visit friends who live abroad. And I can see some great parts of the world in the lap of luxury even if I am being rushed from place to place and hounded by a handler of some sort.  This is the life I chose, it is the scene I spent years building up to, and months of detailed negotiating to obtain.

In short I strapped myself to this rocket, know damn well how lucky I am to get to go on this ride and if all works out well will steal a few special moments with friends and loves somewhere along the way.

Welcome to Malflic version 6.66 as always the devil is in the details. This deviant is going global.  

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