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Shakespeare with tats

My Clothes give me power, they are my armor. They project the image of who I am to the world around me at any given moment. More importantly they announce my intentions and cement my status as a deviant even if no one else in the vanilla setting is in on the joke.

There was a kink of the week that began as a Clothed Female Naked Male. It’s a kink I wasn’t familiar with (yes believe it or not I don’t know every popular kink out there) and it didn’t necessarily fit. Sure I’ve been naked and she’s been dressed at

Shakespeare with tats

I look nothing like this…well except for the black t shirt

one point or another but it had nothing to do with kink and everything to do with who showers first when getting ready to go out and prep time. In fact I’m naked and she’s wearing something fairly often but again not a D/S dynamic just sleeping attire.

Given the expansion of the topic to Clothed Top Naked Bottom. I pondered the role of clothes in my play. It’s not uncommon for me to be fully clothed and the person I’m playing with to be exposed if not fully naked. Hell I like women and most of the time naked ones are even more fun! On the surface it’s more about access than dominance, but is it really? After all I suppose under the “right” circumstances there is an inherent vulnerability to nudity. That it can be about far more than seduction and sex that it can be about power.

Though despite my mostly kinky ways I’ve always associated nakedness with freedom not control, when on beaches and cruises where such things are allowed but if forced to be naked as part of ritual or as an act of submission in and of its self I suppose it could be a kink that might trip my trigger.

The above words are the original beginning to the post that I chose not to publish figuring sooner or later there’d actually be something more interesting to say. As expected that happened but in this case thanks very much to completely amazing Molly and a conversation we fell into about Clothed Male Naked Female event in London.

As we discussed the idea and an event where the men were all in suits and the women naked or mostly naked with strict guide lines of  dress code and dynamic; Dominant Male Top and Submissive Female Bottom. It was something had a strong appeal. In fact so much so that I’m considering trying a small scale event of that type on my own. After all I really can’t relate to a submissive male wanting to be naked, nothing wrong with being one it’s just not my dynamic. A naked woman though is one of the greatest things in the world and I do love my suits and dress shoes.

But what about my clothes gives me that sense of power? In many ways they really do declare who and what I am…I’m occasionally a brand whore, but more so go for quality and construction over flash striving to have some of the best quality garments in any room. In a way suits themselves are a kick to me. I get off on the idea of being a sadist in something considered to be a “uniform” for the white collar elitist set. A symbol so often associated with being part of the machine, a willing participant in the main stream world, Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen and Teachers and in many cases the clergy all wear suits as part of their “respectable” participation in the world. Oh look at that nice man in the suit with his crisp shirt, short hair, clean shaven face and shiny shoes …he must be honest, and gentle and kind…blah, blah, blah.

Most people who know me are used to seeing me in a suit, making my way through the world, serving greed and lust for power and control in a completely socially acceptable capitalist way. It is not just a sign of power for me but camouflage for how I live when not being so polite, I’ve been told I don’t look like the “type”. So I may leave that overpriced dinner and moments later be spanking a woman very soundly in the alley out back or hotel suite, I might be in a meeting now while planning on doing something very, very, dirty to my date later that evening. You’re staring at numbers while I’m imagining her writhing as she can’t decide whether cumming is worth the inevitable pain I will direct at her for doing so given her predicament. All done in the lovely blue, black, and grey hues you see the politicians wearing on the world news. After all I look more like your banker than a person who will torture you for our mutual pleasure.

That said the look and the feel of a suit have always been something that worked for me on a variety of levels but even more so I love perverting what it stands for. The right wing up tonight set wear it churches and gatherings, the classic “Sunday go to meeting” clothes as the saying goes but I wear mine to dungeons and private play dates.

Clothes are part of my kink but go way beyond the bed room. Part of life (for me) is about being in control, exerting influence, dominating situations but not just in the play or D/S Sense but in everyday life. I have trust issues, I hide behind others who often (help) do my bidding, I am calculated, and calm, well researched and conservative; and every single part of it is about being in control. And even when stomping around in my less formal attire of black boots, jeans and some semi offensive t shirt it is still about my clothes and what they mean to me.

Adorned head to toe in a well-tailored suit as I objectify you, stripping you of everything but your beautifully bared flesh, your high heels, and maybe your soul. I’ll admire you lustfully; whether at my feet (unlikely but possible), against the wall (one of my favorites) , bound and further exposed in some way (always delicious) or naked and floating curled up against me after a scene (shhh Tops aren’t supposed to admit we like this for some reason) Yep that sounds just like the kind of event I’d like to participate in. And there I am in a dark suit, with my wide smile and mischievous eyes…and believe it or not my clothes give me my power, they make me invincible in the same way your nakedness makes you vulnerable.




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  • Cammies on the Floor

    “I’m imagining her writhing as she can’t decide whether cumming is worth the inevitable pain I will direct at her for doing so given her predicament” so fucking hot I tighten in reaction while reading this.
    Clothes are definitely a barrier and shield.

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