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A Summer Night Malflic sits by the fire pit in jeans and flip flops with a glass of wine

A Summer Night Malflic sits by the fire pit in jeans and flip flops with a glass of wineI had fallen away from doing this a year or so ago but am going to try to bring it back as a once a month thing. So with that in mind…

Hot button Issue of the day –

Kendra of the Beautiful Kind had written a piece on a recent 3 way with a married woman that drew a fair amount of attention and some strong reactions. The completely wonderful Molly wrote “to Cheat or Not to Cheat” on her feelings on the topic and shared some of her own experiences. My suggestion is read both pieces and the comments.  It made for interesting dinner conversation the other night and a few conversations with other friends since then.

Just Plain HotHorrible Listener (I’m assuming by M) Cammies on the Floor – We all know I typically have a thing for bad girls… this one goes beyond the typical role play bit and is a very hot look into part of her play dynamic. I for one am glad she’s a horrible listener.

Meme of the MonthA Darker Flame by   Stranded in Toronto who is a very  talented writer that can spin a great story. I know Raven and I are both fans. His new short erotica Meme is going on six months old and features a different theme/prompt every month. As a writer I love the challenge of it though more oten than not fail create anything worthy of publication.  Others though have fared far better.

My Pick for a PicKinky Kabin Kaptures by Michael Samamadhi caught me as a both a voyeur since it seemed like such an intimate look at their moment and a person who has been spending a lot of timing thinking about the role of connection between me and those in my life.

Catering to your Inner SpankoMy Rear End by Stella Kiink takes you from the afterglow of her cute pink bottom to the bruising a good night of play produced.

Newest Find – Over on deviant art I happened across enestog2 and there was something that really grabbed me with “Tripel meet Erotic Photography IV”.

Food for thought – Sex Trafficking – Outside of our role as writers and for many of us the life styles we live the main stream media brings up sex trafficking at every turn. It is probably both a problem and a great way to sat “sex” on the evening news and get ratings. In “I’m Katha Pollitt’s “Highly Educated” Leftist—And A Sex Trafficking Victim” the author gives her perspective on what is wrong with so much of the dialog. Polite dinner table discussion? Probably not but valid points on how the message behind trafficking is often driven by an elite group rather those truly involved and effected.


General Updates
All of us here have been quiet of late. Alice is working too much! Raven is on his way to dominating the paddle making world. Well ok he’s making more and more toys for friends and customers all the time and spending less time writing but it’s all good fun either way. Well that and he’s pretty fucking awesome about sending me new models to try out. And as for me I am in one of those in between places with professional demands increasing, some big decisions in the near future that has eroded my creativity and other outside real life influences (Kids, College, Aging parents, etc). But it’s not all bad. In fact I have had some great fun in the past month and despite what will be a tough upcoming month schedule wise hope to steal more time with friends old and new. I have a (vanilla) weekend in the city coming up with Victoria and the Limey both of who are family to me.

For those of you indulging in a long week end enjoy and be safe! Tomorrow at this time I’ll be swearing a little white ball and wondering why my friends all can’t be deviants…then again I think golf is more perverted than any kinky thing I ever participate in.

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Minor Demon, life long hedonist, sadist and general nerd. Women are my weakness and greatest addiction of choice followed by torrid love affair with coffee and caffeine. When not committing sins of the flesh I'm an unrepentant capitalist, avid reader, Star Wars, and B rate comedy movie geek.

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  • Cammies on the Floor

    It was by me (M). At the bottom of all our posts is the author (unless we both contribute or pictures). Thank you for your words, you wrote a piece I recommended on orgasm control that got me so hot and bothered.
    And yay, I love these, as I find new people and interesting reads best this way.

  • Stella

    Thanks for including me, well, my rear end. 😉

    I look forward to reading more of these posts and being introduced to more lovely bloggers.


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