Deep Dark Violet Rope Obession 17

4 coils of violet/purple hemp bondage rope

4 coils of violet/purple hemp bondage rope


If Color was a kink I have an incurable case.  It is something that goes across every area of my life; Kink is no exception.  Often I find something online and order it because I think the color will be great for one given scenario or it  reminds me of a particular person.  In the case of this rope color I happened to see it first hand at an event as the person I was paired up with happened to buy a hank of it.   So the obsession began and a few months later I finally decided that it would be the perfect color for a friend I planned on playing with (hopefully on a regular basis). After all you can never have too much rope right?  I’m really not very good with rope or at least the ties I’m learning of late (most of my prior work is decorative & can do that in my sleep). Practice makes perfect!


There in very little in life as wonderful as new rope, the smell, the textures, and the peace tying brings me.   In this case the color that shifts from the violet/purple you see here to a dark deep grape to nearly black all depending on the light its in. As if so often that case it’s great to have good friends and in this case Lily the Rope Ho’s Talents and love of her products is something I benefited from.




Purple or black bondage rope it dependds on the light

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