A Little Happiness Dancing in the Madness – a bemused poetical account

a lonf endless hotel hallway turned sideways

a lonf endless hotel hallway turned sideways

Sideways isn’t always so bad

She is not making it easy. Flooding his thoughts in the quiet moments that are usually just his. Memories and fantasies of her are whispering to him like a ghost even in the raging frenzy swirling about.

This is not his style, he is not one for flights of fancy,  simple seemingly innocent day dreams.  He is cold, detached, and calculated…brutal, heartless, cruel…except with her. Odds are she doesn’t know that it’s special, that it’s different and rare in his world. She of course wouldn’t after it’s all in the perspective.  For some unexplained reason he lets her in in ways very few others ever have been. He wants things beyond his typical lurid desires, simple things, pleasant things and like the fool that he is has thoughts of her when considering somethings far beyond what one would expect.

His touches are meant to be connecting but not demanding. He finds the desire for simplest things like his arms wrapped around her, their bodies just barely touching, her curling up on his lap thoroughly intoxicating. And the idea of her nestling in for  a simple kiss something he can savor and drown in for days…if not longer. A beautiful distraction in the throes of the madness and uncertainty.

So as storm rages around him, as complicated and course altering things threaten to take him to the depths.  He just smiles and wonders when he can steal away with her for a few more hours. Determined to make the most of whatever this is for as long as he can.

And while by just existing and being who she it is not making any of these other things easy there is that joy in the simple things, the attraction and desire, the escape she provides just by the pleasure of her company. And no matter what there are no regrets… well other than he’s not with her right now.

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