Looking at the Bright Side

Life is never perfect, things are usually sideways or upside down for me. In fact I woke up looked across the bed the other night and what I saw was the perfect metaphor for a relationship I was on one edge, she was on another and there was far more space and way too many things in between us. Really who needs 8-10 pillows? Oh right most of them are actually mine…anyhow this is not the bright side the title implies.

The bright side is
1) I got a little bit better at rope last weekend.
2) A person I barely knew in passing went well out of their way to make sure I got more out of item number 1 than I would have otherwise. It was very kind of her and I am extremely grateful.
3) I got to spend time with friends both old and new, was included, felt at home which is a rarity for me any where and will be going back sooner rather than later.
4) Finally made it to a play party. Where I mostly talked about geeky things and sports but that was just fine by me.
5) More new rope and a new color will be here in a few weeks.
6) Don’t ask Don’t tell continues to the be standard operating procedure. It may not always be what I really want but it is better than nothing. So it will be off to find a new play partner or two in the coming months.
7) Despite not being able to be where I had originally planned next week it may work out ok on another front. I may not have to do the ugly thing after all.
8) I got to wear hand cuffs as part of a gag during a corporate event and couldn’t help but laugh that they had to go out and buy a pair. Somehow I resisted telling them they should have just ask me but was able to make jokes about handcuffs, my wife and girlfriends in front of a room of people and they just thought it was part of the bit. So now there are several videos of me shot by professionals that included handcuffs. Except there was no sex and I was the one in them. Still I make a rather dashing Blues Brothers type when push comes to shove. I’m a little more Jake than I’d like to admit.
9) I learned I can’t do comedy. Sure it would have helped had someone told me I needed to be funny a head of time but that’s water under the bridge. Of course I can be fucking hysterical or mean and evil and it makes others laugh. I just can’t seem to pull off PG type lines and get a chuckle. Guess if it’s not genuine then I’m not flexible enough to fake it. Guess Disney won’t be calling anytime soon. Then again that’s ok too.
10) Speaking of laughing I couldn’t help but think of Molly and Dom Signs when shopping today. Seemingly every store I walked into had outrageous socks on display. There is an outside chance I might become a Londoner for a few years. Trying not to get my hopes up and it’s a long shot but I’m in the hunt. Living abroad as an expat would be a new experience for me.

Life continues to evolve and change. Tomorrow I will be inundated with family obligations and can play the brooding anti-social geek type at a Zombie Jesus party. Well actually I’d have a blast if it was really a zombie Jesus party but sadly it’s not…but maybe I can pretend it is. Let’s see old people, mumbling, deer in the head lights stares…perfect! Perhaps I should focus on more practical things but what the fun in that.

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