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The two women watch in horror as their companion screamed. Each limb ripped off her now floating torso, the screams lasted for a few moments but it seemed like an eternity to them. Then the flesh on the floating parts began to melt as if acid was eating at the victim. A gurgling sound now came from her as lips and eyes seem to be wax at an open flame slowly vanishing. No blood falling till her stomach burst open. The sound of her entrails landing on the floor in a wet splatter made one girl faint as the other vomited.

Laughter surrounded the two remaining women as the one revived the other from the ground. Wisps struck against the two remaining eager to devour them as well till a booming sound shook the cavernous place. A moment later the smaller shades retreated and it was just the youth and the beast from the thrown. No words were spoken as the women were shoved further into the cave. Ushered along roughly till the golden hair one turned and began to run.

“Such folly little snack. You would never make the entrance; you saw what the little ones did to your companion.” Said the youth “Better this than what would befall you there.”

They let her chose her fate. The image of her friend being torn apart and then consumed like that sent a shiver along her spine, the screams still ringing in her ears. This was enough to make her push on, not knowing that there are things in this world worse than death.  The path narrowed and wound around, a moment seemed to last forever as the women followed the youth and beast.

Finally they arrived to what could be called a room. Battered shields lay strewn around the room, some from a time long forgotten, and others from armies that had recently been said to have vanished or ran away.  They made for a rough table and what could be called a bed. The beast sat there, his eyes glowing as he seemed to study the women. It was quiet as a tomb now, the small shuffles of their feet the only way the ladies knew that they had not gone deaf. It was all part of how the shades broke the victims who made it that far.

A clearing of the throat and both of the shades looked at the red head in the room. Her pale skin almost glowed in the faint flicker of the walls, the only light to see by. It gave an eerie green cast to everything and matched the beast’s eyes, as if it was a part of him. Immediately she dropped her head back down but it was all they needed. She had shown a hint of courage in such a dangerous place. She would be the prize and the golden hair would be their entertainment.

The youth walked over and rent the garments off both women. Tearing material, gasps and cries now filled the room. Now standing naked the women clung to one another in hopes that they could be saved in that last moment. In such desperate moments humans did things the shades thought were amusing and for a bit they let them stand there. Their bodies pressing together but frail and weak compared to the beings that they now faced.

The youth moved toward a corner and drug out a long bench, it had a place for the hands and feet to hang over just enough so the person could be tied to it. He smiled as he walked toward them; their whimpers grew at the approach. A moment later he had his hand locked in the golden hair, renting her from her companion and tossing her like a rag doll toward the device. Her scream of fear mingled with pain froze the red head in place. Tears streamed down both human faces as the woman was then placed on the bench and tied down. A sneer on the youths face as his form changed.

A face like the beast now appeared, teeth pointed like knives and the clothing absorbed into the flesh that now was ash grey like dried mud. Between his legs a cock of sorts appeared as he mounted the device. Saliva dripped onto her face, each leavening a hiss as it burned into her flesh, then her real screaming began. A thrust ripping into her as the creature took his prize. Vicious thrusts each met with a yelp of anguish as soft flesh began to shred. The wetness that now provided some lubrication was her blood from the assault. Several minutes passed then he relinquished his position and the beast rose off his thrown.

The golden hair woman was now nothing more than a writhing mangled pile of flesh. The beast enjoyed watching the humans suffer but he also had a taste for a woman’s gift as well. As he climbed onto the woman she shook, looking away. Her skin mottled with the pot mark burns of the others spittle. She locked eyes with the other woman who stood frozen in horror knowing she was next or would suffer even a worse fate.

The thrust came with such force that the youth smiled, if indeed that is what it could be called. The yelp was not as forceful as the screams of earlier, much of her strength was now spent from the first onslaught. Thrust after thrust then the beast growled low and deep. The woman screamed as his cock expanded inside her. Flesh ripped and then the bone cracked in her pelvic area, a moment later her pelvic region exploded as her internal organs flew across the room with an acidic goo mingled in them. No more screams as her flopping body took a few moments to still from the sudden removal of the life it once held inside.

The beast reached inside her chest and ripped out her heart as it fluttered its final beat. Tipping it like a flask to be drank from the blood fell into the open maw and now sizzled on the evil tongue. As the beast got up the lower half of the woman was still attached to his cock, reaching down he severed the spine and let the legs stay in place. The red head was trapped now as the floor had come alive and sucked her feet down while the beast approached.


The beast reached out is free hand and clasped her face. A nod and the youth came with a flask a moment later then poured some of the contents in the now still heart. Her head now tilted up and mouth forced open the liquid was poured in. a moment later she was on the floor gagging and choking as they both took a seat and waited.

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