Ted and Stephanie 3

They just knew him as Tex, even though his accent was more from a different southern state. He was tall with dark hair that fell over his eyes, the glint of mischief that was seen when he swept the wild main to one side. Never seen without his old dusty hat, like a trade mark, he strolled into the diner. His friend had set him up on a blind date with her. Now he would see if the friend was a good friend or if he needed to be culled from the list.

Stephanie sat there waiting. She was so excited she got there 30 minutes earlier. One look at the tan rugged cowboy and she was hooked. She had heard about him and his leather hands that were rough yet gentle. She felt that flutter inside when Kathy related a night of wild passion in the back of his pickup. Her favorite part was when he tossed her in the bed of the truck and ravaged her. He was a little rougher than Kathy cared for but just what Stephanie was craving.

As he sat down Stephanie couldn’t help giving him a once over and smiled. She hoped that wasn’t some kind of fake budge in his pants, as she shifted and shook his hand. Dinner was small talk and he sat listening to her every word. His eyes piercing into her soul as she giggled and covered her mouth. Finally dinner was over and they were just talking. Stephanie asked about his roping and riding days. He smiled with an evil grin, you mean in the rodeo or in the bedroom. She gasped at his forward statement and blushed.

Tex knew he had her in the palm of his hand, her reaction was perfect. She was shocked at how forward he was but he knew from her posture she was dripping with anticipation to know the feeling of being roped. She squirmed in her seat as he never broke his gaze, grey eyes locking with her green.

“Want to get out of here? We can talk more somewhere else.” Tex said.

Stephanie shifted and thought for a moment. Her mind screamed caution but her body was screaming for him to ravish her. The struggle was over when he stood up and took her hand. A soft kiss and she melted like wax in the heat of his flame. She never answered as he lifted her hand and her body followed. The 2 glassed of wine made her lightheaded but relaxed as she walked toward the door.

“So where would you like to go?

“The grain elevator” Stephanie said before thinking.

It was the local hang out for teens making out and for the more adventurous there were room that you could sneak into. Being a Thursday night there was almost a guarantee they would have few if no cars there.  She was shocked she said it so quickly and his expression didn’t change nor did his direction, strait to his truck. As he opened her door she climbed in and Tex gave her a light pat on her ass. His hand firm but he didn’t shove, something about it made her want him all the more.

The place was deserted and Stephanie had a moment of hesitation as they parked at the edge of the field. How well did she know this guy? Was he really some crazy person that they would be on a man hunt for one day because all of the women he had offed? The next thought started to form and vanished as he leaned over and kissed her. Her mind went blank as his lips met hers.

Tex was sure of himself and he knew this one was a little nervous but willing, she just needed a little nudge. One kiss was all it took. He felt her melt as soon as their lips touched. He hands still never touching her body till one gripped the back of her head. Gripping her pony tail firm but not pulling she became putty for him to shape and mold. As he broke off the kiss Stephanie sat there eyes still closed with a look of bliss on her face, she was his for the taking.

“Want to go in the bed and look at the stars?” Tex asked.


“Yes but the stars are probably the last thing I will be looking at.” She whispered.

He smiled as he got out and walked around opening her door. Stephanie all but jumped into his arms. He carried her around to the back. Hefting her lithe body onto one knee and reaching out with the other the tailgate fell. She just put her head into his chest, his scent intoxicating. He just let her stay there for a moment before sitting her on the back of the truck. A long slow kiss as he again took hold of her pony tail, his hat brushing the side of her face, like a soft finger. She broke the kiss this time.

“Do you want me?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, I do. Would you like me to take you?” Tex said with his deep drawl.

“Yes, take me, ravage me.” Stephanie again blurted out things she had never dreamed of saying before there was something about him that made her lose control. Tex didn’t need to be told twice. The skirt she was wearing flipped up as he pushed her back. Stephanie saw stars for sure when her head bounced off the bed of the truck. She was dazed for a moment as her panties were ripped off by the hard hands. The next moment there she gasped as his tongue found her soaked slit. Slowly at first, testing and teasing till she grabbed the back of his head. His hat was next to her as her fingers locked in her hair. She loved it when a guy would eat her out.

Her moans grew louder as he continued. Nipping every once in a while, testing her reaction. When he slid a finger in she bucked like a bronco. She just hoped he would hold on for more than 8 seconds as she rode his face, thrusting up against him. He worked her good, different speeds and styles. She loved it but had never gotten off on oral alone. She needed more, she needed to be taken!

As if he had read her mind Tex climbed onto of her. She went to move but he gave a growl and pinned her hands back that told her he owned her for that moment. Her pussy quivered as she looked into his hungry eyes. Primal lust burned as his cock touched her clit, a moment later he was in her. A few strokes to get things moving and he plunging into her deep and hard. Her moans became deeper and heavier as she felt an orgasm growing. It normally took a while but the cool night air and Tex had her all wound up.

Tex felt her body tighten as he gripped her neck. She was shaking under him as in the moon light he watched. Her cunt clamping as spasms shook her, his hand now firm on her throat. Her eyes rolling back as her body refused to let go of the wave it was riding. When he released she gasped and let out a scream of pleasure that echoed off the nearby buildings.

He let her calm for a few minutes as her silver hair lay around, framing her face so angelically. Stephanie could feel him buried deep inside her. As her breathing calmed and her locked muscles relaxed he smiled. For tonight he would just ride this filly but tomorrow night he was going to break her all the way and make her his.

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