Shade pt4 2

The moon slowly rose over the horizon. Over the youths shoulder the shadows rolled and broiled waiting for the moment they were unleashed. A single command given, that for the moment no blood was to be shed. First blood would belong to their newest member. The moon light spilled over her pale flesh as she emerged from the cave. Her red hair spilling out into the night as the breeze whips around her. Her nipples erect while the chill nipped at them, her flesh real enough but her eyes were now dark pools leading whoever crossed her to the dammed pit of eternity.


Now like a fog the shades crossed toward the camp. Men now frozen in place as the shades held them like a vice. The blood suddenly like ice as the fear of feeble hearts felt the real chill of mortality creep along their flesh. Even the would be brave king’s will became like chaff in the wind before the power of the shades. As he lay ridged in his bed the guards that were posted outside were drawn in, handsome ruddy men that were now pawns in the scene. What unfolded next was a true show of the darkness that ruled this place.

The pale arm that separated the curtain was a welcomed sight as the kind saw the signet ring. Then his joy turned to confusion as she entered naked. Fully in control she walked over to the first guard. Her tongue sliding across his throat and then into his mouth, kissing him and rubbing against the cold hard steel he wore. Slowly dragging the dagger from its hilt she places it on his chest. He stood frozen as she cut away the straps and the pieces fell ringing to the ground. The blade now drug through the clothing till he stood there as exposed as she was.

She started running her nails over his body. Red trails soon followed as he could only wince and let whatever happened happen. Her fingers slowly traced around his nipples soon followed by her tongue flicking them till they were tight and his cock began to respond. As it rose to her demand the princess knelt before him, the tip of the cock pulsing before her lips and her tongue snaked out and licked the tip. Slowly sliding along the shaft she swallowed the length and then moved back and forth. The king forced to watch as his daughter showed great delight in the dirty sweaty cock she was engulfing.

Turning just as the guard stiffened from the impending release she locked eyes with the king. She let the load slide down her throat not letting a drop of the man’s explosion spill out. Letting the cock slide out of her mouth with a wicked smile she stopped as the head was trapped by her teeth. The man let out a howl of pain as she bit down, severing the head from the rest of the member. Her throat opening up as she gulped the crimson release, it was her first feeding now that she was part shade. Sucking like a hungry babe nursing till he had nothing left to give, she turned her attentions to the other guard.

In a flash she was on top of him, a cloud of dust rose from under him as he crashed to the ground. She ripped open his trousers. She was famished as she roughly yanked at his cock. He moaned as it grew. As soon as it was hard she straddled him plunging down as he impaled her. Her shriek of wild pleasure as she rode him was the signal to the rest of the shades. As they ripped the rest of the camp to pieces she fucked her prey. The screams of the dying competed with her orgasmic release. The princess leaned over the man she had ravaged and kissed him savagely. Sliding her tongue in his mouth his eyes went wide, the kind saw his throat expand as her tongue snaked down it. His body convulsed under her as she closed in on her prize. A moment later her she shredded his heart with the razor tip of her tongue. She sucked the life force strait from his chest, all the while looking at the king with a wild gleam in her eye.

As she rose off the corpse she carried the dagger clutched in her hand as she approached the king. As she drew near him a few shades gathered in the tent. His face was wild with fear and disgust as he saw her swagger toward him, blood still dribbling down her lips. She knelt next to him, the blade cutting the royal tunic and bearing his chest.

“Now I need to make sure we get our point across, this is our woods and will be feared and respected.” She said as she plunged the blade in his chest. His eyes wide as she pulled the blade back and quickly her hand ripped his beating heart out. With a smile on her lips the last thing he saw was her lick the fluttering organ slowly then taking a bite…

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