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No one ever expected that the wild revelry a few nights earlier would lead to this. The wild eyed quite southern boy was making it a party to never forget. Graduation was done and Susan was sitting in the passenger side of his truck. Life was his for the taking as they decided to see how far they could go by the side of the river in the moon light. The flash of lights in the distance made them jump in the front of the truck and take off into the night. Red and blue lights flashed as they disappeared into a cloud of dust. The next day the small town was shocked by the news.

It was a lovely day despite the circumstances. The small country church with the big oak tree Billy had played in as a child was ready. Cars of friends and family filled the parking lot, even a tractor from Mr. Jones’ farm that Billy had learned to drive on was there. Ribbons lined the 3 step entry rails as the men stood helping people in the small sanctuary. It was standing room only after a while, everyone in town knew the poor boy, and the whole town was shut down to come together and  pay their respects.

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The stained glass glowing as the sun beamed in, the organ playing a soft long forgotten hymn. People that had known Billy from just a lad were there, dressed up in their best to show deference. Bobby even took off his ball cap and combed his hair. There were tears and crying. Betty Joe most of all, she had known Billy since the first grade. They were always scrapping like brother and sister and he was the first boy that kissed her. She always wondered why the shy quiet boy never asked her out, she might not ever know.

His mother and father seated on the front row. Tears flowing down her face as she would miss her baby boy. No more making him breakfast, packing his lunch. She wept till finally her husband usurer her out the side door in hopes she would be able to pull through. He had a tear in his eye as well. His mind filled with the memories of fishing on the banks with his little boy, of skipping rocks and now to this life changing event. What if he had been more open with his son, if he had just told him that it was ok to not grow up so fast? Those chances were gone now. The next song began and it was time to take a seat as the couple now went back in the husband coddling the tears streaked wife.

With a final glance over the room the looks of shock and disbelief still were evident. Billy was at the front and the preacher standing to next to him. The flowers looked beautiful in this surreal moment. At just 18 he was just so young, still so much life to live and wild oats to sew. Those oats were now scattered to the wind from the back of his truck that night.

A short pause then it happened, the final song for the day. Everyone stood.  Down the aisle the procession started. There were looks and whispers, as each person held their heads as proudly as they could. An angelic figure glided past them toward the front and stood next to the boy. With a few words spoken it was done. Youth is fleeting as life goes on; Billy said his last goodbye to his lonely life and took Susan to be his wife.


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