A spot betwixt

There is but a spot betwixt life and death

Between least heartbeat and final breath

A rushing of forever sleep claiming it’s prize

Flutter of angelic wings or demonic eyes

End of a waste or a waste to be mourned

In still of night or shredded in battle torn

Weep not for the dead for their dance done

Weep instead for the living who live on

Tout words a reward for the specters’ kiss

As the worms gather to feast on the flesh

Durst you walk across the soil fresh tilled

A young maiden her warmth now chilled

Pluck a flower and place it on yonder grave

A warrior who lost in battle his life he gave

Kiss the stone where the moss now grows

A grandparent who knew the aged woes

However creatures that rip the breath away

Vile things proudly parade treachery on display

Watch as the last spark leaves see it?

You missed it, grab another you shit

Don’t fumble place the knife just like so

A quick jerk then watch as the life flows

No it’s not a scream, just a gurgle sound

Watch in the eyes it will yet come round

Ah there you saw it then didn’t you friend

We ok now we’ve so many prisoners to end

Executioner now next on Grimm’s long list

In pools of blood falls and breathes his last

Vaporous being trapped in animated dirt

Or is this life something much more curt

Bodies writing in throws of passion explode

In the spent energy a new thing now grows

A shock of existence in this realm to pass

Is it wonder and amazement or just like gas

No matter the answer there is a truth indeed

A pending death awaits for each new born seed

The Crone waits with her sheers in life’s web

A final moment as the spark flashes and is dead

Yarn of life now lay crumpled on the floor tangled

As the worms now work and arrange new angles

Tell me Grimm, whisper to me, my eternal lover

Hast thou yearned taking souls on your endeavor

Or is it tasked you like that thing called a burden

Ever shackled till the last spark is doused within

A kiss from those lips and this world is lost

Into the vastness a hapless soul then tossed

When thou kisses me make love to me too

Let us see what happens, will life be anew?


About Lord Raven

Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the “traditional” manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.