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So being the new and improved Malflic I ignored the clamoring around me for other things and actually went out to an event mainly to see some old friends who it’s been far too long since I’ve seen.  The purpose was as much social as anything but I planned to pick up a few new wicked ideas along the way from the second half of the day.  This year the real goal is to take my rope from decorative to more restraint, well that and really focus on truly learning.

As is often the case with me I went partner less (there is a plan/offer in place to fix this so don’t shed any tears for me), which for this particular event was fine since one wasn’t required plus I got to have different experience than usual.  As we sat there the young lady next to me was also in the same situation.  The talk on basic single column ties began and after quick introductions I offered a wrist for her to practice on a few times and then she returned the favor.

It was quickly evident she was a nice person, a little quiet with a cute smile, but most importantly I could tell she really wanted to learn to tie.  Being a person who doesn’t always have a person to practice on it was an easy decision. I offered my arms for the next few hours so she could do what we all do when we learn bondage,  do it, do it again, figure out when to draw what tight, what’s too loose etc.  Rinse and repeat.

As a Top I’ve always liked rope but often joked I’m not a purist and have used a mix of natural fiber and synthetic MFP.  In my case it was often a color and diameter choice based on who I was tying up and what I doing, adornment had been the main goal. Rope for pain or restraint has only been part of a larger scene (forced orgasms anyone?).  And sure I’ve tied cuff after cuff and column after column on myself as practice over the years. My home office chair has a safe word but I know all too well it doesn’t always translate exactly on another person’s body (Oh my god I’m touching someone new, sorry about the rope in eye, etc) but the basic muscle memory and movements are there.

After a bit more up close instruction it was on to two column ties, wrist to wrist eventually leading to wrist to thigh this led to one of the things I learned.

Next up was the second half of the outing and after a few demos and discussions the evil top in me saw the real value of a nice ass hook for the first time. Oh and thumb tacks I need to add thumb tacks to my bag.   The session came to the point where people were supposed to practice.  I turned to my new friend and asked if she knew how to tie a chest harness, no sense in just sitting there idle.  Once again I provided the body and a friend who rigs professionally provided the step by step instruction.  I’ve never had another person tie a chest harness on me.  So there I was at an event I’d never been to before, with a few friends, a few acquaintances and a room full of people letting someone I just met learn to tie on me.



So what did l learn?

1)      There really is a huge difference to the feel and quality of rope.  Sure I can tell to a degree as it passes through my hands and in how it lays but its different when it’s against your skin. Sure I knew there was a difference but didn’t realize the full extent.    I may like the look of MFP in decorative stuff and pictures but it’s annoying when it’s tied on you.  No more MFP unless at a public event with people I don’t know or the bottom asks for it.

2)      It’s not news that I’m not a physically flexible person but when going from double column ties on the wrists to not side by side body parts that I can’t do wrist to calf let alone ankle without doing an hour of yoga first. (In retrospect I could have sat in a chair but didn’t think of it at the time)

3)      If you know it’s not right as a bottom either in a practice or a scene speak up.   As I tried let her tie wrist to calve the wraps were too close to the knee joint because of someone’s (mine) tight hamstrings.  It’s only practice right? I knew better but was going to let it ride until a friend spoke up.

4)      There’s always some little thing you may not know.   I’ve recoiled my rope the same way since I started and it makes me border line OCD every time.  There is an easier and neater way to do it.

5)      I still can’t teach a knot I’m not tying and can’t show you a knot when my hands are tied together.


This last one is the most important.  Today I got to see a Top learn and grow.   When I came home and talked to the Chesty Blonde these question came up

TCB “You only tied a cuff or two?”

Me “Yep”


I went on to explain what you already know


TCB  “So you were a demo body”

Me “ A fat ugly one but basically yes”

TCB “But you’re a top”

Me “She really wanted to learn”


There’s a lot more behind the answer. Sure I could have split the time with my new friend and tied more. No doubt it would have been fine. After all I can always use the practice.  I could have not offered myself up and looked for some who wanted tied and done nothing but practice. In truth it would not have brought me nearly as much joy not because I liked being tied but because I loved seeing her learn.  See her confidence build, the wraps get flatter, the ropes draw more evenly and the knots flow from her hands a little naturally each and every time.   She’d beam, and smile.  It was a very rewarding experience and being part of it was very cool.


If you’d have told me when I woke up I’d volunteer as demo body I’d have laughed but in the end I couldn’t have had more fun.


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8 thoughts on “What I Learned as a Demo Body

  • SouthernSir

    Like you I have several planks of wood that have had various ties tried out on them and I swear I can almost begin to see the rope marks in them. Just like the pillows I have flogged into utter submission from practicing.
    I too have even used myself to practice some ties on myself, it gives me something to go by as to to tight or to loose and how it should feel.

  • Marie Rebelle

    Is it wrong of me to say I found this endearing to read? The fact that you enjoyed seeing her learn and enjoying herself, that’s endearing to me!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • KaziG

    I practice on myself a LOT, it’s never occurred to me to use an office chair. That would certainly help for the knots I can’t manage with one hand.
    Oh and I keep meaning to add flat thumbtacks to my bag too (I have push pins but you can’t sit on those)…

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Lord Raven

    rutrow thumbtacks? though someone is looking a little concerned here….lol

    Great post, and it sounds like you had a great time too

  • Twisted Angel

    I have never been involved in true rope play but I find the beauty in what I have seen. I think it was so sweet of you to let her practice and learn on you and I highly doubt you are fat or ugly.

  • Molly

    I have to say I completely agree with Rebel. However having had the pleasure of your company in real life I will also add that I am not in the least bit surprised that you are a complete gent!


  • Mia

    I love the opportunity to watch someone grow their experience and ability and I am glad to see that you have found it to be good also!

    ~Mia~ xx

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