The Master

An inconsequential meeting at the club she thought he was intriguing

The way he looked at her like her soul was bare her thought bleeding

He walked over asking if she mined his company in this sea of humanity

He let her lead the conversation she told him things she couldn’t believe

His aura seeming like that of a long trusted friend she could confide

Becoming inpatient with his lack of advance she put a hand on his thigh

His stirring and shifting was encouraging to her, at least he was male

Her advance made the crowd a most displeasing, her desire a deep well

Leaning to her he asked if she would like to get some air, he was hot

Running her nails all the way up the inside of his thigh she said why not

Outside the chill of the air ignited her wildness, she passionately kissed

She shocked herself, never before had she ever acted like this

Walking to his Ducati throwing a leg over it as if about to ride off

She felt her thoughts betray her wishing it was her he now sought

Brazenly walking up she asked to join him tonight, he smiled devilishly

His smile pushed her will to the limit never before would she believe

Leaving with a would be love, off into the night no plans for the morn

Wrapping her arms around him they drove off, she felt so warm

Finally a spontaneous thing from her, not planed or calculated

Her friends all said she needed to get out and let herself go free

They went a few miles to a side road, he stopped and looked at her

Explaining that he lived there and wanted her to make sure

After all some things can’t be undone he whispered in her ear

Never before had she wanted something so much she was clear

The path was twisted and in the light of the moon is was romantic

The appearance of a mansion sent her mind into a wild panic

She had heard that there were some well off men in town partying

Pulling up to the front he stepped off as the rest seemed like a dream

His movement was like a liquid flowing through empty space it seemed

He held out his have and invited her to tonight become his queen

She flushed at the offer he laid at her feet, as the butler came

“Tonight the great hall” he said to the gaunt butler “light the flame”

A handmaiden emerged out of the shadow her skin white as milk

Her instructions were to take the lady to dress before the meal

Not a word as she led the way up a path to a huge bedroom

Not a single light but the light of the seeming ever bright moon

Then a flip of the switch and time came back to the now

As if she had stepped back centuries in time somehow

The closet was opened to her as she gasped at the bounty

The master will be waiting miss I am here to see your dressed

You may chose but I suggest something modern and playful

He had decided for you to be the queen this is all for you

What kind of man was he her mind now raced, but then elegance

A black dress as if made for her, velvet and so sweet it fit

The handmade smiled as they made their way down the steps

Then at the bottom off to the side graciously she slips

Turning he smiles, “Ah I see you favored my favorite dress

Elegant and simple” his words entrances as his hand caressed

Touching her face she felt herself go limp in his strong arms

She couldn’t help but surrender to his powerful charms

She saw the table set but no food on it as they approached

Then he took and around her throat placed a beautiful broach

The picture that could have been her but from long ago

Suddenly she felt her sanity return and she went cold

In a strange place she barely remember getting there

Suddenly she felt him pull her head back by the hair

Soft licks across her skin then a flash of pain, she screamed

She was floating across the expanse of time it seemed

Next real thought she was on the table he had a knife

Sliding it along the inside of her thigh, he called her his wife

The butler placed a goblet to collect the life giving wine

Handing it to the handmade she took a drink sweet and divine

The butler took his sip before it was passed to the master

He drank it down as if it couldn’t be drunk faster

Then leaning down whispered those words that curse or release

Do you want to live forever or just be the meat at our feast…


About Lord Raven

Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the "traditional" manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.