The cold rain soaked her to the bone, backpack and all. Having run late she missed the trolley and started the long hike across town. A dismal walk as cars whizzed by, a few splashing her as the puddles had crept out into the street. A few middle finger salutes at the inconsiderate jerks as she trudged on. The now wet mass of dark hair falling into her eyes half blinded her as she almost stepped off the curb in front of a van. The screech of tires stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Need a lift?” The male voice shouted over the rain as the window rolled down just a little.

Helen thought for a moment, all the how dangerous strangers can be along with the words of caution her mother pounded into her head. Hell to get out of the rain she would have hopped a ride with Jack the Ripper as long as the coach was dry.  She reached for the door and hesitated.

“You want a ride or not miss?” A hint of impatience in his voice

The door stuck for a second but popped open on a second tug. The smell of cleaning chemicals stung Helen’s nose. She looked toward the back and there was a wall of boxes labeled with just that, cleaning chemicals. A quick hop and she was in the side seat heading toward her destination.

“Where you heading to in this nasty weather miss?”

His accent was odd for these parts; he almost sounded American doing a bad job at faking a British accent. A good once over as Helen still wasn’t sure this was a good idea. Still it was better than walking in the rain.

“I am heading to the university, if you don’t mind taking me part of the way.”

Part of the way hell, that wouldn’t be decent of me. Plus my delivery is a few blocks past it.” He said with a smile “Oh by the way I’m James”

Helen felt a lot more at ease now that there was a name to go with the broad shoulder man driving the van. His short haircut and crisp clean uniform helped as well. He looked over and smiled a few times and made polite chit chat but mostly kept his eyes on the road. The wind shied wipers working over times as the rain suddenly turned from a soaking shower to a deluge.

“Looks like I pick you up just in time” James said.

“It looks that way, thank you again.” Helen was indeed happed to not be outside right now “So where are you from?”

He turned and shot a quick smile then faced the road “Oh a little here and a littler there. My dad was from the states and mum is from here, well England anyway. I grew up…” his voice was hypnotizing as the warmth of the cab thawed her out. Without knowing it she fell asleep to the sound of the engine hum and the sound of his voice.

Helen woke with a jump. It was dark, in fact too dark to be outside. A small faint glow of light ran thinly overhead. There was a sudden realization now that she was now lying down and not sitting. A coppery taste in her mouth almost nauseating as her head swam. A thump as her whole body bounced against the floor. She started to yell for help, she could hear muffled voices. Helen listened intently hoping to hear anything discernible but to no avail. A jolt and they stopped moving then the engine shut down.

The back of the van opened, the van shifted as things were unloaded. Helen knew she was in a box now. It had to be a good size box verses the ones she had seen earlier. She dared a noise thinking there might be help outside.

“Ah she is awake; I think you will like this one” the muffled voice was James “She might be a little rough around the edges but she should do nicely”

A blade thrust through the tape, Helen could see the gleam off the edge even in the dull light as it was inches from her face. It slid downward cutting the packing tape that held it shut. A moment later and the top opened and a rush of cool air replaced the warm confines she had been in, also a rush of knowing she was naked. James stood overhead and reached down for her hand

“Now come on and be a good girl up you go. Let the nice man have a look at you.”

Helen shook her head now but the motion made her feel sick to her stomach and she sat up.

“Oh well those are nice baps on that one Jess”

“Yeah she is a little rough but I think she will polish up nice for the Duchess.”

“Are you crazy bloke? The Duchess will rip her apart.

James who the man had called Jess just shrugged his shoulders. “Hey she wanted a girl, I got her a girl”

“I hope you know what you’re doing, because that little muffin won’t be the only thing tossed to the dogs in your wrong, ya know what I mean?”

“Don’t worry Butcher I got this” Jess said as he patted he man on the side of the face. “Now come on I got to get a move on”

James forced Helen back in the box. It was a bit of a struggle and he threatened to knock her out again before she lay back down. Then he taped it back over. He didn’t want the Duchess to think he had been having some show and tell with her prize. It had been a year since her last request for a girl from him and even now he felt a cold chill at the thought of seeing her again. She looked like something from a fantasy or horror film. He shuddered while getting in the van.

James drove back by the university to do one last thing. Stopping on top of the nearby bridge he looked around.  When he knew it was clear he set Helen’s school back next to the railing. This had worked in the past, the stress of school sometimes made the students crazy and they would jump off the bridge. It was the perfect cover as he got back in the rain dripping off his hair and onto his face.

“Time to go see the Duchess” he said to himself and felt suddenly tense.

An hour later he was at the gates, the black iron twisted and woven like ivy laced through bars. The man at the gate opened it as it creaked in protest. It was a long grinding of old hinges that squealed in protest of their disturbed slumber till it was open wide enough for the van to pass. The ground were immaculate filled with statues in various poses, some peaceful, others grotesque and macabre. James knew he was being watched as he pulled around the back.

Parking in the loading spot he opened the back doors of the van to wait her arrival. When he turned around there she was, not a sound just the long fingers and the black vale that always covered her face. A green and purple dress from a time long forgotten or not yet discovered covered her pale skin completely.  She towered over James; of course he wasn’t that tall but she had to be 6ft or more. Soundlessly she gestured for him to open the box. This time James was a bit more careful, just slipping the blade barely through the tape.

Helen almost jumped out of the box; she knew this would be her best chance to escape. James was flattened against the van by her leap for freedom. The run was short lived as Helen jumped out of the van and into a waiting hand that now clutched her throat.  Choking Helen quickly lost the fight she had planned out, part from not being able to breathe but also from looking deep into the ice blue eyes of her new captor.

“I’m sorry ma’am it” James hit the side of the van again as the Duchess seemed to barley move in his direction.

“Silence you incompetent fool. Now what do we have here?”

Helen felt the air rush back into her lungs as the death grip loosened. Dropping her head as the tall thin figure walked slowly around her. A hand like ice slid over the trembling girl as the inspection left no part of the new flesh unchecked.

“I will take her, she is smart this one. She will do nicely for my needs.”

A man carried a briefcase to James, his limp almost painful to watch as he hobbled over.

“Here is you money, now be gone till I have need of your services again” The Duchess snarled.


Her hand slid softly along Helen’s face. “Now what call I call you my new pet? Ah yes, Harper. That shall be your new name.”


Helen shook. The van rolled through the grounds, like the last chance of freedom leaving. The final hope pulled through the gate the distant groans of the metal again. A clang and a security chain locking her in from the rest of the world. A strange thought ran through her mind. “Guess I won’t get that term paper done on time.”

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Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the "traditional" manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.