Darkness 2

The simple life is all I yearn
Yet complications forever burn….
Holes deep beneath the skin
The veneer being stretched too thin
After years of darkness and pain
The cold it still remains….
With only you able to see within
Often no words being spoken
With a look I am understood
Though questions linger
If I only had the answers…
The darkness calls to me
No longer alone I know….
I know I won’t be lost again
Together opening doors long ago shut
Facing fears I could not face alone….
While cutting lifelong binds
That only weighed me down
For now I am truly free……


True Image

About Alice King

Alice has been often called an enigma. With life ever changing and evolving so have her creative outlets. She lives in the Atlanta area and is considered a “damn Yankee” having been born and raised in the north east. She is an RN by trade, a Mother of 2 and the wife of Lord Raven. This tattooed Princess is the site’s very own Alpha Sub often wields brazen dares toward her Tops yet leans toward switch on occasion.

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