Clare’s Incubus 5

Clare laid there, her pillow wet with tears that had fallen night after night. The ache would not subside, the fear nagged at why, just why was she not good enough. Her heart floundered in the sea of despair and doubt, the howling wind of self imposed guilt threatened to smash her to pieces on the rocks of depression. The goblet lifted to her lips a long draught of the wine to lull her to sleep still did not aid in the cold night. Eyes closed tight a wish passed through her mind, it spilled over her lips, opening her eyes to the inky darkness of the room it only added to the despondency.

A silly wish for a silly girl the voice inside her head screamed adding to the internal torment. Her head now pressed against the soggy pillow as she laid there, tears forming again. A blur as the room became unfocused, the world a haze of formless images. A cold chill of reality gripping tight, she was alone in bed tonight.

A slow tendril crept from under the door, smoke weaving like a serpent dancing for the pipes of a charmer.   Growing and filling, it could feel the depth from which it had been summoned, the grief and suffering that gave life to the dark creature. A figure forming, something from a deep place of her imagination so as to be unfeared by its presence. The room now becoming a carpet of wispy fog as he approached, soft breath caressed the nape of her neck as it permeated into the flesh. Warmth flowed across the skin, the tears stopped for a moment as a long lost memory wiped a tear from her damp eyes.

An ebon wing covered like a blanket, this was no angelic being she grew up learning about though. Strong arms pulled her close wrapping like a cocoon, the other wing now encased her in a dark warm embrace. Despair flowed from her, misery of the cold lonely night fell away like bonds broken . A longing grew, a desire to know this shadowy figure that now was so close.

The breath of the dark creature ran over her again, like many fingers touching, caressing, and exciting her every inch of flesh. Longing grew, transforming to a wanton craving, her body ached for the darkness to take her, fill her in ways that could only be possible in this moment. Be it far from the nature of her incubus to not grant her that wish.

The tongue ran along her body, as she now lay back, the wings now open like a canopy over her. Nails tracing lines along her flesh as the wet flicker crossed her breast. Each breast attended to, as the wetness began to flow between her legs.  The nursing lips of a hungry creature satiating her as each thought came to life in Clare’s mind. Her soft mews of pleasure grew, a more primal sound escaped her lips as the fingers traced inside her thigh. The kisses now went lower, her hiss of pleasure through clenched teeth as the creature now tormented her. Slowly kissing and licking closer till she locked her fingers into the dark curly hair.

Clair no longer wished to wait, she wanted to feel, to know, to explode with pleasure. The forked tongue glided over her clit. It was like nothing she had ever known as it wrapped around and pulsed like a heartbeat. A finger found the entrance to her true desire, it explored the wetness between her legs, invading her. A slow exploration as the tongue worked the outer lips of her blossom, lapping off the escaping nectar like a bee from a flower.  Thrusts were slow and deliberate, building her up then stopping short of letting her explode. It was pure torment as the creature took its time with her.

The finger now left its warm cradle as the tongue forked the edges now. Clare gasped as it entered her, flickering around like a snake now twisting and curling inside her. Her hand cramped from locking in the dark curls but she would not allow the wave to fail, she needed it to crash over her, to wash her into the sea of bliss. A stroke inside her wetness sent a shock as her body stiffened. The demonic tongue had triggered the fountain of her explosion. Wracked with a pleasure till it became unbearable, wave after wave took her deeper, threatening to drown her in an ocean of endless pleasure. Then a rush of air and a calm sea, the tongue slithered slowly out, a reprieve for the moment as muscles still shook and were weakened at the moment.

The darkness again embraced her, this time turning her. Her face now against the pillow, her back exposed for the caresses of the fiery tongue. Each savoring lick sent a wave of unearthly pleasure through her body. Shudders as from her calves to neck felt the gliding forked tongue slide sensually. A nip on the neck as Clare gasped, a thick invader now penetrating her, filling slowly with each stroke. Her nails now digging into the sheets as guttural moans echoed off the walls. A deep thrust as her eyes opened wide, a filling to the depths of what she could take. It was a painful pleasure stretching as if threatening to rip her in two as she was impaled by her dark seducer.

Sharp gasps erupting with every stroke till she became accustomed to the girth, then he held her. Unmoving as she felt a pulse inside her core, it matched pace with her own heartbeat. Drawing from her soul a new wave was building, breath failed as her body shook. A silent scream of release as every muscle in her body locked and shook, every nerve alive and absorbing the most minute sensation. le petite de mort it is called but to Clare it was being reborn, a moment when the world around her was gone and she was somewhere else, safe from the cares and concerns.


Breath finally flooding her lungs as tears now streamed down her face. The pulse and thrust continued as her body felt weak but invigorated. The demon took her body and filled it, exploding deep inside her. It caused her to join him in that boundary between the two worlds her head tossed back in a primal scream. It felt as if he had run her through, that at any moment she would see him protruding out of her opened mouth. Fiery release filling her till it spilled out, she collapsed completely spent, falling into the depths.

As the wild sea of bliss calmed she felt the ebon wings wrap around her, encasing her as she fell into a blissful sleep. Nothing but a calm peace and he kissed her neck. Clare was happy now.

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