Blue 7

“Harder, harder, HARDER!” Blue screamed.

Jack was going with all he had, sweat pouring off every inch of his body. Giving it everything he had. He could feel his muscles cramping up.

“Come on you pussy give me what I want from you or do I need to get one of the girls to show you how to do it?” Her voice demanded.

Purple hmp bondage ropsJack felt a new wave of inspiration. Going for broke he pushed with all he had.

A scream echoed off the wall, nothing new in this room. He was shocked that it was his voice reverberating but it felt good to let loose a primal roar. She smiled as he let the bar back down. His arms felt like jelly but his new personal trainer knew the right ways to push him. Not to mention she was easy on the eyes.

“Time to stretch and relax, you broke past that plateau finally.” Blue encouraged Jack

Her hand felt like steel as she grabbed his arm and then put another hand between his shoulder blades. Her pulling made ever fiber in his chest come alive. It was a good hurt that Jack had come to want several times a week.

“You know I never thought you were such a sadists when we first met” Jack said with a chuckle

A flicker in Blue’s eyes “You have no idea” she said just above a whisper

“How about you show me” Jack jeered with his boyish smile.

A head cock from Blue to assess if he was serious. The man was strong enough physically but could he mentally handle her tearing him apart like that? A shrug of the shoulder as she thought better of it.

“I know you wouldn’t be able to handle it. Let’s keep this professional.”

She walked to the room to write a receipt, her hand shaking a little, that tremble of excitement. Licking the sweat off her hand, she imagined licking it off his body as he shook. A shudder of excitement ran through her and a clenching of her pussy muscles demanding a workout of their own.

“Easy girl” Blue whispered to herself. “Can’t let a little thing like 6 months of celibacy get in the way of a paying client.”

Jeff went to the steam room, Blue watched him intently, a confidant, brash man, powerful in his little world. She knew he would be in there for half an hour relaxing and cooling down from the intense workout.  Drawing the blinds to her office she slid open the drawer, the black bag waiting for her like always. She needed to cool down too before talking to Jack again.

The buzz of her toy as she slid it inside the yoga pants. Just needing to take the edge off, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes that matched the nickname she had taken on.

“Hey Blue!” her head snapped up surprised at the voice. “Oh sorry to disturb you” Stephanie chirped

Blue fumbled, her hand still in her pants, to her fortune and planning no one could see what she was doing from that side of the desk.

“WHAT?” she barked, frustrated that she had gotten so close to release and then had to hit the brakes.

“I need your help.” She petite redhead said “unless you are busy.”

Her always perky attitude really grated on Blue’s nerves. Not to mention her continuous bragging of the men she was sleeping with. Fucking little slut needed to be put in her place. Blue smiled at the idea of having the whore hogtied over a table while men used her under her command.

“Umm Blue? You coming?” Stephanie asked with a little concerned look on her face. Blue had always made her feel funny

“Oh yes, I will help you Steffi.” Blue said with an unintended growl

The green eyes girl’s eyes widened for a moment before she smiled and went back to her perky mode.

“Thanks you’re a doll”

It was like nails on the chalk board, that word doll. It set Blue’s mind into overtime.

The rest of the day went by and Blue did her best at girl talk with Stephanie, trying to find a way to pull of her plan. Now it was closing time, the other’s had left and it was just Blue and Stephanie cleaning up.

“Thanks for helping Blue” The chattering redhead went into the whole thing of how she normally had to clean up all by herself.

“Hey no problem, us girls got to stick together right” Blue said as a wave a nausea from being so nice hit her. “So what do you like to do for fun Stephanie?”

The usual mindless drivel of self-absorbed youth flowed. Mall, club, hang with the girl, watch guys, and then a whisper about a club. Blue almost missed it, but there was a distinct shift in the girl’s posture, like it was a dirty secret.

“What club?” Blue prodded, this could be juicy

“It’s nothing, just a place a couple of my friends told me about. I just go with them to make sure nothing bad happens to them.”

Stephanie had Blue’s attention. “Like what? What kind of bad things?”

Stephanie’s face turned a bright crimson as she sat down, her voice a whisper even though they were alone. “Can you keep a secret Blue?”

After Blue said she could Stephanie started talking. For a moment Blue almost forgot her plan. The girl rambled on about all kinds of things as Blue fought to keep from squirming in delight. When she was done Stephanie looked up sheepishly.

“I know, it is crazy but when I go home I dream I am one of those girls that the men are fucking.  You know, the ones that are tied up and can’t do anything but just let it happen. Am I fucked up?”

Blue put on her best supportive roll ever. “How about we go down there together and you show me, then once I see what you are talking about we can discuss it better. Ok?”

Stephanie didn’t hesitate as she accepted Blue’s invitation. Blue however needed to change, her yoga pants were soaked from a range of feelings.

When the two finally got to the club Blue made a bold decision, she called Jack. He was set to meet them there as Blue paid for the two girls to get in. Once inside it was like sex on parade. There were bodies writhing around in various sexual positions all over the room. Finding a table the two took a seat and watched.

“So what do you like here Stephanie?” Blue asked

Stephanie’s eyes were locked, from the time they walked in the door. A woman in the corner tied to the table as men all around were using her body. Stephanie swallowed hard

“That, I like that”

“Do you think you could ever do it? You know, let men just use you like that?”

“I need a drink” Stephanie blurted out.

A white wine spritzer for her and a Jack on the rocks for Blue as they sat there watching. Blue saw jack walk in and lean against the wall looking around for a minute.

Blue leaned over, licking the side of Stephanie’s neck. The younger woman leaned a little, eyes fixed on the show but allowing Blue more access. When Blue ran her hand along Stephanie’s leg there was a wild spark between them. The soft legs parted even more as a sopping wet pussy was invaded by invading fingers.

“Stephanie, what if I told you there is a man here I know that would do that to you. I would tell him what to do how to fuck you, just the three of us. What do you think?”

Her green eyes flashed with a hunger. Stephanie tried to talk but her mouth was suddenly dry. She wanted that badly she craved it. What originally had been Blue’s plan to break the girl was indeed her deepest fantasy. A small head shake yes as Blue leaned over and kissed her. Stephanie only reacted her mouth parting for the kiss, her body now a slave to the desire that burned in her. Blue broke their kiss with her teeth lightly pulling the Stephanie’s bottom lip.

“God dam that was hot!” Jack said just over the music.

“Come and join us good sir” Blue said with a wave of her hand.

Jack didn’t have to be asked twice as he plopped his ass in the seat and watched. Blue toyed and touched Stephanie, slowly undressing her. Finale the nude woman sat there like a puppet ready to be directed, and Blue helped her onto the table. Jack stood up and Blue took full advantage, ripping his belt off and securing the girl to the table.

“Now fuck her!” Blue growled

Jack blinked, he stood there wondering is he heard her right.

“Are you daft? Impotent? Get you little dick out and fuck that whore!” Blue demanded.

Jack ripped down his pants and got into position.

“Now look Jackie boy you will do exactly what I say. You will follow every command I give you, got that?”

“Yes…yes..yes ma’am” Jack had never been with a woman who was so forceful . His cock was raging hard even though he was scared of what she might do to him next. No second thought as he plunged his cock into tied down cunt. A yelp of the sudden invasion as Blue watched. The green eyes rolled back into her head as she got to live out that desire.

Blue positioned herself on the table, forcing her pussy in the girl’s face. Now she would be able to get some relief after a most sexually tense day. The green eyes looked up, a look of worry and confusion.

“Lick it like you would like to be licked.”

A few timid laps before Blue locked her fingers in the red hair and forced the timid tongue against her clit. Jack was pounding away, each thrust pushed the tongue in and out of her a little. Blue manipulated the little whore’s mouth till she was licking the right spot. Finally a wave building inside her and Blue felt the girl shake and tremble. She had cum with Jack and now Jack started to moan.

“OH FUCKING HELL NO!” I am getting mine. Get your pathetic self on your knees and lick her pussy!” Blue glared at Jack “Now, don’t make me have to let loose and beat your ass. Lick your cream out of her cunt boy.”

Jack did what she said, his mind totally fried at being told what to do but knowing that she wasn’t going to let him do anything else.

Grinding her pussy on the girls face she came finally. Her juices flowed and now she smeared the pretty little face in it.  Red hair now matted on the cheeks as tears of ecstasy flowed. Jack was face deep between her legs as another wave hit the tramp. Her tongue now snaked along Blue’s pussy. It wasn’t long before both women were moaning and writhing.

Blue finally let go and leaned over. Her hand was now on Jack’s face, tipping his head up and kissing him. She could taste a strong male flavor mixed with the sweet nectar of Stephanie’s juices.

“Good boy, now dig in there and get the rest of your filthy cream out of my whore.”

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