A Twisted Nobel Purpose 6

A Darker Flame Badge

Pink jewled Iphone caseA flash caught his eye, little more than a shimmer in the sunlight, but something about it made him stop. There was the air of magic to it at first glance. As he walked towards the sparkling the stature of the item was nothing, petite, delicate and insignificant.

It seemed so small yet it’s pink jewels glimmered like nothing her had ever seen before. He reached for the small device, delusions of having found enough of a bounty to buy his own kingdom flashed through his mind. For a man charged with such lauded actions he was uncharacteristically whimsical. He spent hours day dreaming albeit often of the glory of battle, of his violent and military superiority and how those he protected both Royal and peasant should reverie him beyond all others.

As he inspected the small square his touch illuminated it. Quickly he dropped the enchanted device and it was dropped as he reached for his sword but right before he called out for the aid of the rest of his companions he stopped himself. She was right there staring back at him. A beauty like he had never encountered before, her eyes glistening the brightest blue, her blond and golden locks cascading around her face, her skin flawless. She looked so happy despite being trapped inside the enchanted box.

Suddenly despite all that was heaped upon him his life had a purpose, to free her from the glittering bejeweled box that was imprisoning her. Then she disappeared into the blackness. He sheathed his sword and reached for the magical box again. Carefully handling and covetously tucking it into the pack on his steed so his companions wouldn’t see it. He didn’t fear them stealing the jewels for he was despite his whimsy the fiercest of the lot but a woman’s beauty. One who deserved to be free and who would love and cherish him among all others was something they could not be trusted with. With power and wealth one could obtain many things, with violence and fear even more but it did not make up for his ugliness. Towering above other men, a lumpy nose from childhood fights. Hair as black as the night against his reddish marked face, a beard that grew in little more than patches around a scarred face from the peril of war. He was by all standards oafish and ugly at first glance but moved with power and grace when engaged.
As they road back towards the King he pondered what type of magic he might now posses and the woman of beauty he hoped would look past his ugliness and his war like nature to see the kind and genteel man he imagined himself to be.

That night at the inn he huddled in the darkness and touched the box again. The same face started back at him. He took his finger and gently touched her cheek. A ripple like a stone dropped in to a pond appeared. His heart jumped but soon it showed another pictures of her. Smiling in the sunshine and barely dressed. Her hair blowing behind her in the breeze, an wall of bright blue behind her and a carpet of pure white under foot and clinging to her toes. She was the one trapped in the bejeweled box but he was equally enchanted with her. Then she faded to black just like before. It was a fitful night of sleep as he pondered what to do and who to tell. Once back in the kings court and the business of the day was completed others went on to their pretty wives and families, cavorted with friends and snuck away with lovers but our night pondered how to free her, without the others. He began to inquire if anyone was aware of a woman, Nobel or otherwise who might fit her description. One sailor, a ruffian and scoundrel of a man said he had seen such women countless times before along the shores of port cities and they were all without fail thieving gap toothed treacherous creatures. Out night was incensed that anyone would dare speak of his lady in such a manner and in defense of her honor ran unceremoniously the man though without hesitation.
While a warrior of the highest regard he had never so much as raised a hand or said an unkind word to the common people whose company he kept, whose lives he defended in times of battle. So little was said.

He withdrew from the world and continued to privately look at the enchanted box and make the small waves to see her again happily trapped in that magical looking place until one day when it would no longer illuminate. The knight feared he had failed her and sat sadly and along on a sunny afternoon, despondent, and plotting his revenge on whoever had imprisoned her.

solar chargerWeeks later sitting in the sunlight on a warm afternoon “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP” – the magical box cried out. A small green box shined through the blackness in the center of the box. He watched it curiously, it grew in length and then shortened, again and again until it was a fully illuminated glowing green hours later.

He touched the blackness like before. Nothing! The evil this box must contain was beyond his imagination, it had to be stopped and as he held the box both longing for the favor of her glances again and beside himself with thought of vengeance the felt the jeweled case and planned how best to seek an army and plan his revenge. Holding it firmly in is hand and depressing a small notch by accident music escaped the magical box, it filled the court yard and his staff came running. He had been found out by they stopped in fear at the sight of him and the odd sounds. He was deemed a wizard of the highest order and his legend began to spread.

In the coming months he would spend the cool dark early mornings training with a ferocity like never before, he began to build his alliances in secret and took to heart the stories told by a young boy in the town of a fair-haired and golden skinned princess across the sea who had been captured by a nomadic evil wizard. Stories of his own magic and the pink jeweled box ran thought the land as he set out on his quest. Seeking out every wizard, magician and witch in the land and murdering them when they could not help him free her.

His army righteous in their quest to free the fair lady began ransacking dens of thieves, and ending anyone who spoke ill of her at first, and perverted their nobility by murdering then anyone who even so much dared as whisper against them. A network of loyalists grew. In the day he would sit in the sun with his magic box and at night alone in his quarters he would begin touching the magical symbols on the box after the ripples stopped. He found others that were trapped inside of it. All in strange clothes holding evil looking drinks yet smiling he would make it emit sounds of hell and damnation and listen to the words of the gods that spoke to him crying out for love, and pleasure and death and violence and war.

Retelling him of their needs and desires again and again in words so foreign and choirs of angles and demons making music behind them. They led him across lands, he killed his king and took his kingdom as his own at their behest. Victory was swift and brutal and the gods smiled upon him.   Armies left their leaders and joined this powerful and magical man as he expanded his rule.

In private he peered at her image again and again and those of the others that had been trapped. One touching a magical symbol he had dared not tempt before the pictures moved. It spoke to him. He watched as she removed her clothes and did unspeakable acts to herself writhing in sin and damnation fornicating with things that buzzed and hissed. She’d scream in pain or was it pleasure panting heaving breaths and sweating in sensual delight. Then he found more images of her all similar in her nudity and sexual proclivity, unashamed, unabashed he looked as she made to love herself and imagined the pleasures that awaited him.  He was a man of the world but had never seen such things done in such a willing and wanton way. He became enthralled and obsessed spending every moment not listening to the voices of the gods talking to him watching her do these things and imagining what it would feel like to do them to her. She was seducing him and he renewed his quest to free her with a vengence.

His armies began to take no quarter, tales of his wickedness spread throughout the world. He wanted to be loved and lauded. Instead he became feared and hated by all who did not serve him. One day when sitting alone in the sun of a spring afternoon with the box a young warrior entered the courtyard. The knight become ruler now more isolated than ever relented for the first time ever  showing his guest the magical box. He spoke of how the waves disappeared and how it contained the voices of the god’s telling him how to wage war and calling to him about love and joy and all that is right in the world. He explained his mission which was a tried and true tale one that had led so many to him in his time of innocence and purity and even now in his delusional state of purpose that he had yet to see.

Then he showed him her tapped smile. It was the first time anyone had been allowed to gaze upon her eyes. To hear the music of the gods so clearly. It became clear what the visitor must do. He killed the knight turned ruler who he served.The man had become such an ugly deranged king. And as the king laid there in the mud dying his own man, the first he had ever shown her trapped image to stole the magical box from him.  The visitor looked at the ageless trapped fair maiden and knew what he must do.

He must fight the righteous fight. He must through the use of good and not that of misguided godless evil free her and all the others from the magical box. And he knew just how to do it, by building a Navy and sailing across the seas behind her in the picture to free her from the wicked Gaelic pagans across the seas that had trapped her. He would show evil no mercy and so his own quest began.

A Darker Flame Badge

Note: I simply couldn’t tell the story in a the 1,000 work limit in the manner I wanted so in my typical fashion I adapted that as a loose guideline to suite my purposes.

– Mal

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  • Twisted Angel

    Ahh obsession and evil warping minds and hearts.. how many of us are like that knight starting with pure intentions and finding ourselves doing more evil than the evil we seek to contain. Love your take on this kept my attention throughout.

    • Big-DaddyM Post author

      Thanks. BTW I happened over and caught the latest installment of Lyric’s Tale. Was happy to see it might all end well for the character.

    • Big-DaddyM Post author

      It is. but then again I’m not a happy endings type when writing fiction tragedies are more my usual fare. I blame my mother for taking me to so much Shakespeare. 🙂

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