Dark Christmas 14

A brief warning, this is not for the faint of heart . It is probably the darkest I have shared to date. It is also pure fantasy and not related to any true events

“You better watch out you better not cry.” That stupid song was playing for the 100th time on the looped sound track. I thought I was going to puke. I was strapped for cash but even prisoners don’t have to suffer this much torture. I took a job at the local mall as an elf to help with the Santa booth. The advertisement said earn a little holiday cash, yeah they weren’t kidding, if it wasn’t for Connie I would have walked the first day. She made an elf suit look good.

I stood there listening day after day to the spoiled brats and a few good kids list off their wants and desires to our detoxing Santa. Yeah his rosy cheeks from years of gin and beer made him the perfect candidate for the big red suit. Top it off he was a pervert but what’s new? I think deep inside we all would have rather had some of the mommies on or over our knees rather than the kids, and he was loud and proud about it when we were all to ourselves.

Connie would just smile and blush as she turned away his advances like “Hey little girl you want to see my north pole or how about you come and sit on Santa’s lap and we can talk about whatever comes up” he was a dirty old fuck and the job paid shit but like I said she made it all worth it in the demeaning work.

Our final Friday and the checks were being handed out; the mall crew was tearing down the stage and boxing everything for next year as we said a few goodbyes. Everything was closed and the security lights were all the illumination there was. As usual I walked Connie to her car in the dark lot, when she turned and looked at me.

“Why haven’t you asked me out yet?”

I wasn’t prepared for the forward question. Yeah I wanted to.  I wanted to see if those tits looked as good out of the suit as they promised. Each day they threatened to fall out of the tight white shirt they gave her to wear. I knew why the dads in town brought their kids to our mall. She was a red head pale skin sexy elf and she was worth looking at.

“I…I don’t know” I stammered “Guess I figured you had enough being ogled over by the rest of the guys that you needed a friend.”

Her smile lit up the parking lot as she unlocked the car and got in.

“Come on friend, get in”

I looked around and got in. I felt my cock jump at the thought of what I might be getting for Christmas. I hoped she would at least jack me off. The car roared to life and she hit the gas with no warning. Across the parking lot like a demon she sped as I held on for dear life.

A few minutes later we pulled up to a dark house, it looked like something from a horror film as she opened the door and jumped out. She ran toward the door then stopped and turned. She squeezed her tits together then disappeared inside with a giggle. I opened the door slowly and gathered a little courage to follow her.

At the doorway was a pair of pink panties on the floor. A little further the green jacket that she wore. I walked on feeling my excitement grow. A creek from the end of the hall led me to where she was waiting. Kneeling on the dirty floor next to a mattress her green eyes sparkled in the light that came in from the window.

“Don’t you think it’s kind of dirty in here?” I asked

“That’s kind of the point, I don’t want you to be a gentleman, I want you to let loose. It’s my gift to you for being a good guy.”

A hard swallow as all kinds of ideas ran through my head.

“I see how you look at me, your eyes undressing me. I want you to do whatever was running through your naughty mind.”

I walked forward and kissed her softly, she pulled away. Pushing me off as I tried again and the same thing happened. I was confused.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You’re being a cock tease.”

“Come on you know you want it, come and take it.”

The internal struggle grew as my cock was urging me to take what I wanted, what little control I had vanished as her shirt ripped as she pulled away again. Her pale flesh in the street light made her glow, her pink nipples hard with the excitement as well. She knelt looking so innocent except that evil smile on her lips, her tongue slid slowly over her lips. I shook; my hands trembled with the tattered remains of her shirt dangling. The conflict became more of a one sided losing battle as lust and desire grew. I need to take her, to consume every ounce of what was offered even though I had no idea how far it would take me.

Grabbing her face in my hand her eyes opened a little wider. Pushing her back the dust rose like a cloud of impure thought, her body crashing into it. Pouncing on her there was no feeling but lust, wanting all of her. Unzipping my pants my cock sprung from the obnoxious green pants. My hands now forcing my candy cane into her mouth, for a moment she tried to keep her lips sealed. I lessened my grip and she bit me.

“Fucking bitch” I barked and a slap marked the side of her face.

I was shocked; it was like a beast had started taking over, but even more than that, I liked it. Green eyes narrowed, she was pushing my buttons I managed to force her mouth open. A moment later she was gagging and coating my cock with her saliva. Hard thrusts, I could feel the back of her throat as sinister images ran through my head. I held her as close as I could for a minute, her throat having no choice to open. Her hands clawing at my pants and shirt till she went limp.

A moment of clarity made me pull back and lay her down. Her breathing shallow as my mind raced. Fear mingled with the rush of power, a wicked roller coaster of emotion her eyes fluttered open as she gave a faint smile.

“That’s what I was talking about” she said just above a whisper “Don’t stop, fuck me!”

A flash of raw animalistic desire ran through my body. Pulling her skirt up I found her cunt soaked, the head of my cock ripped into her cunt like a hot knife through butter. She moaned and writhed around. She wasn’t going anywhere as I had my hands locked in her hips. Those legs I wanted to see more of now braced against my shudders. I pounded her harder than I knew possible. A wave started in my testicles and grew then her body tightened. Her soaked pussy gripped and milked my dick till I exploded.

“What..what..what the fuck are you doing?” she gasped

“I couldn’t help it, it felt so good.”

“You bastard!” she wailed “Now I got you fucking cum inside me!”

She was furious but I wasn’t about to let her get up. My cock was still hard and I was going to fuck her like she deserved. All the humanity and restraint was gone, a total savage animal now ruled by my flesh. A hard slap across her face, a red trickle came from her lip staining her pale flesh.

“I am not done with you yet whore” a voice growled. It was my voice and I felt like I was just along for the ride now as whatever had taken over was not letting loose. Rolling her over, she tried to fight away but I had her pinned.

Adrenaline flooded and pushed, my cock had never been harder as I got back on top of her. Finding a target I forced in, her screams distant. Something about her ass being torn, her screams were like fuel. No stopping, no mercy I was taking this whore who had just begged me to fuck her, there was no stopping.

An elbow to my ribs did nothing but piss me off. Grabbing the arm I forced it up, a snap like a wet branch another scream, more fuel. She still struggled making it difficult for me as she had wiggled to the edge of the mattress. Putting my arm around her throat to hold her in place I let loose the season of insults on her body. Time and the world disappeared there was nothing but her body to take out everything on. That fat ass bastard that called me elf boy, the snickers and jokes. Everything came into a moment of insanity. I could feel another wave build, I locked my arm as tight as I could when it hit, and this cunt wasn’t fucking it up for me. She was playing and I knew it. Her body was a limp rag doll now, absorbing all the fury as a primal scream unconstrained exploded.

Pulling back she pulled her to her knees as I released. Her head fell limp sideways her face a purplish red as her tongue lolled out. The moment of reality flooded back, a wave of shock and fear crashed in. Nausea from the moment or knowing and the adrenaline crash made me vomit on the floor. Her body limp half on half off the mattress the red smeared across her lips as the color of her flesh had begun changing to a light hue of blue.

Sitting there for a while the smell of urine and her bowels permeated the room. The skirt still half covering her body, carelessly covering her thigh, I knew I was dammed as it turned me on. My cock growing as darker thoughts entered my mind. Rolling her onto her back now as a surreal calm flooded over me. She was as beautiful in death as she had been in life. Her cunt was still oozing the mix of our fluids as I began to use it as lubrication. Kissing her lips I knew she was the best fuck I had ever had.

The next day the paper read about the junky that had died in an abandoned house fire. I read it with a smile then went to the freezer to look at her Christmas gift to me. Her pink fuck lips on ice for the moment till found how to preserve them better.

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