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Look I try to be a cool customer.   By nature I typically flow between completely confident and pleasantly aloof depending on the mood, situation, and level of distraction.  So there I sat on a Sunday morning just having a conversation.  And I had done my best to be gentleman, not flirtatious, overt, or playful, or any other thing that would send a message that might be misinterpreted in order to simply keep my promise.  It wasn’t for lack of interest but out of simple respect for the arrangement. After all there is a huge difference between a gentleman and a fucking saint.  I try to be the first but will NEVER be the latter.

So as I sat there, rather innocently. We were talking about things, life, relationships, etc, you know the drill.  We had talked a lot over the previous few days, great conversations about all sorts of subjects, some topics were expected and a few others were not but every moment was something I really enjoyed.  In fact we were talking at that very moment.  I was just sitting in a chair staring into an empty room when she once again graced the doorway with her presence and leaned very naturally against the frame.  Just looking in my direction and talking like nothing had changed.

My mind raced, but before I could keep my cool and gentlemanly demeanor I asked “Pig tails? Really?” I know she smiled and said yes.  Any other words were lost on me in those few seconds.  Was it on purpose?  Was she toying with me? Tempting me and my resolve?  The paranoid control freak in me thought “she has to know”.

“You’re going to be fucking killing me all day” I told her.  Every man has his weaknesses and those are one of mine.  I silently hoped a school girl outfit wasn’t the next thing because that would have been too much even for stoic old me to resist.   Still in those seconds gone was the reserved and calculated gentleman. Sure he would return quickly but I knew that it would be impossible to look at her and not think of things that I shouldn’t for the hours we had together that day.

She stood there braiding her hair as I looked on.  Staying seated I no longer worried that I had walked arm in arm with her a few steps too long a couple of nights before. That a few glances might have lingered a bit between us.  I watched as her hands deftly braided her locks all while talking and smiling in my direction as I sat there still listening and responding, acting like nothing had changed, like I wasn’t even more distracted by her than I already was.

A little while later while heading to lunch our friends had gotten sufficiently in front of us to be out of ear shot.  After bounding up a short flight of stairs she asked “So you like pig tails?” I know I answered affirmatively as she smiled just a little and slightly coyly before taking off in front of me towards the door. Once again any other words were lost on me for a few seconds as I watched her sexy yet purposeful stride and those damned pig tails.

Speaking of words, I was true to mine.  I was (mostly) a gentleman the rest of the day (and only slightly flirtatious). However those damn pig tails really did drive me nuts making her all the more tempting as we continued to talk and share a few hours and a small part of our lives with the each other.


I already knew I liked her on a variety of levels.


But Pig Tails…Really?




Fast forward a week.  She had been in my thoughts countless times through the week but not in the way one might have assumed.  Real life had interceded in both our worlds but between those concerns were the pleasant things I had recalled from the days before.

I’m blissfully oblivious after a morning at the gym and a new trainer who I believe was trying to kill me; and not in the  fun pushing my carnal buttons kind of way. So as once again as I headed in to lunch; the timing pure serendipity “Someone” put up an @ to me on Twitter, it contained a lovely pic that included pig tails once again this time with a just a peek of rope.  Even from afar she was adding fuel to the fire.  My waiter waited patiently as I looked at the pic once more and tried to compose my thoughts before ordering a plain water.  “What is it?” My companion asked so I showed her the pic. “Yeah I can see why you’re distracted”.   And distracted I was by thoughts of her and to some extent her damn pig tails the remainder of the day and parts of the following.

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