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cemetery“Are you sure we wont get caught?”

Jessica was always cute when she worried about getting caught. When we first met I thought she was the more daring of us but now it seems that she could talk the talk but was always apprehensive about getting caught in the act of following her own ideas. Tonight I was not letting her off so easy. It was her idea in the first place, the 4 rum and cokes probably had nothing to do with her letting the fantasy slip out.

“It will be fine, no one will catch us.” I groaned as I pulled her from the car. “Now come on and stop being such a baby, after all this was your dark fantasy, remember?”

“Yeah but I still can’t believe we are going to do this.”

The parking lot was empty as it should have been for 1 am. Not a soul in sight as we made our way through the field and toward the place I had in mind. Half dragging Jessica behind the whole time as she looked around. Her bare feet stepping gingerly through the grass and dodging a few stones, I knew she was excited as much as she was nervous.

White stones stood all around glowing in the full moonlight with names and dates to remember the past. We were more concerned about the present. The backpack I was wearing was digging in a little and it made me want to get to where we were going quicker. Jessica tripped over a root and fell, scraping her knee in the dirt but none worse for wear. I picked her up and carried her  the remainder of the way.

The gate was open to the small building, the stones seemed to glow of some supernatural power. There were stories about it being haunted but I think that was more to scare off the kids. For thrill seekers it was the perfect place to come and see if the tales were true.  Setting Jessica down I walked across the threshold to the room first. Everything was just like I heard it would be.

The crypt doors were gone and the room was empty except for the white box looking table in the center of the room. It was a huge piece of marble that had been used as a ceremonial alter, if you were into that kind of thing. I walked around the room and started setting things in place. Candles in each opening now lit the room as Jessica finally peeked in and then  braved the crossing over the threshold. Her dark eyes sparkled in the soft hue as her hair did a slow curl down the front of her face.

I had to admit she had never looked sexier. Her trepidation only eased slightly as I put the white sheet over the doorway and a blanket over the stone.

“Ready” I asked as I pulled out the camera

“I guess” she giggled nervously “I can’t believe I actually let you talk me into going through with this.”

“Oh come on, you know deep inside you want to do this.” And with that I set up the tripod and put the rest of the gear in place. Taking out the theater makeup I looked at her and winked

“Show time”

The plan was simple, we were going to shoot a short film of the undead ravaging a beautiful woman. The mausoleum was just an added bonus. Jessica’s white dress contrasted beautifully on her dark skin as she watched me put on the costume and makeup. I could feel my cock getting harder by the second as I thought about what we were about to do. Finally everything was ready and I walked over and pushed record on the camera.

Entering from the left side I did my moan like the movies showed as Jessica walked backwards slowly till she pressed against the table. She made for a very convincing frightened person as I got closer. Her eyes wide as I reached out and ripped the front of her dress, her breast now exposed. Those dark nipples standing erect begged me to lick and suck them like dark chocolate drops meant to be savored. I took it a little slower than normal though. Instead of diving on top of her I kept getting closer till I was pressing her against the table and pushing her backwards.

My hands on her throat as she let me “push” her onto the table. She gasped as the coldness of the marble had sunk through the thin blanket. Now it was time to savor what I wanted. My lips planting on the right nipple, the little bud so hard in my mouth as I clamped it between my teeth. Her moan became a yelp as I bit down harder.  She said she wanted it to look as real as possible and it didn’t take long before she was pushing back and beginning to fight a little.

The little bit of fight became more the harder I bit down till she was pounding on my back. I was captivated by all of what was going on. The coppery taste hit my tongue and I knew I had drawn blood. Perfect I thought as I made sure to get it on my face when I lifted my head. Rising up I tore the dress the rest of the way down. Her dark pussy was glistening in the candle’s flicker, I knew she was wet as I reached down and ripped off the last of the remaining material.

It only took me a second to get my pants undone and my cock sprang out. I think it was harder than the marble table as again I pushed her back. No mercy as I thrust into her. Her scream of the forceful entry were real but it only lasted a moment as her wetness allowed me to drive all the way into her in 3 thrusts. Leaning over I crushed her body against the marble as my cock plunged into her.

Her coco soft neck was bare and begging for me to mar with my teeth as I obliged the flesh with a solid bite. She moaned from my cock drilling deep into her and yelped from the feel of the sharp pain on her neck. I had her just where I wanted her as she writhed under me begging and pleading for her freedom. I admit I bite harder than I meant to as the copper taste again ran across my tongue. It was intoxicating as I sucked harder, savoring every drop that leaked from the torn flesh.

It was only a few moments later I felt her shake under me, her body wracked with orgasmic pleasure. The feeling of her cunt walls tightening and the spasms sent me over the edge as I unloaded my cum deep into her. Primal grunts and moans echoed off the old stone walls as for a moment the world disappeared.

I pushed up and got off her  grabbing the camera zooming in on her face and the trickle of blood that had stained her neck. She held her breath as if dead while I ran the angle down her body.  Finally ended up between her open legs as the cum leaked out, contrasting against her dark flesh. A moment later she let loose a stream of piss still remaining motionless. It was perfect and I smiled as I turned off the camera.

“That was fucking amazing” I almost shouted

Jessica lay there still, no reaction as I laughed

“Ha ha, very funny. Jokes over” I said

There was still no response. I touched her then poked her, her grey eyes motionless as I felt a welling of panic grow.

“Jessica? Jessica!” panic was gripping me now full force as my mind raced as to how I was going to explain this. As her naked body sat motionless I felt a stirring in my cock, if she was dead she was the sexiest corpse I had ever seen.

I lifted her limp body off the table and leaned her against the slab. Standing behind her my hard cock pressed against her ass

“You try and fuck my ass and I will cut your dick off” she groaned

“Bitch I ought to. You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry I think I passed out right after I came. That never has happened before.”

“Well it worked perfectly for the movie, now let’s get out of hear”

We got out without being caught and when we watched the movie later it was amazing to see it on tape. It made an awesome zombie sex tape, the death scene taking the cake as even Jessica watched with a new understanding of why I was so concerned.

Of course we are planning another movie shoot soon, I wonder if we can get some other’s to join us…

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