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The Big Book of Orgasms Book cover

The Big Book of Orgasms Book coverReally the thing opens with B.D Swain? Considering I’m a fan if you’ve not read her you should. It set the tone right from the start for how “The Big Book of Orgasms” was constructed and provided a feel for how things are going to go. And I was right there were a lot of hot stories and people getting off six (or 69) ways from Sunday. Ever cum on a Bass amp? Me neither but damn it would be something I’d like to watch someone try. Want a little revenge sex? What a great way to leave an old lover hot and bothered while you break in a new mattress.

I’m not the vanilla set and appreciate that the compilation included everything from light bondage in a garden (I may never look at bean poles the same way again) to the ability to orgasm though impact play (duh I’ve been selling that to nilla’s for decades) all the way up to complicated emotions, same sex oriented attraction and a healthy dose of a number of things in between from sullied innocence to a few hot pages on my latest favorite form of kink; Forced orgasms. Still none of it took a turn toward edge play and styed in the realm of acceptable fantasies with little more than a hint at taboo. In that sense the Big Book of Orgasms reall hits the mark; it will probably play well with main stream erotica readers (that seems like an odd thing to say but you get what I mean) as well as erotica loving lifetylers of various types.

As many of you know I read a lot of sex blogs. The book was well edited (no typos, spacing gaps or odd formatting) and had enough variety to keep my interest.  While every story may not have been my proverbial cup of tea more than a few struck me as something new worth thinking about and some got me down right hot and all were unique and creative. It is currently on my nightstand as bed side reading to the Chesty Blonde which as I’ve mentioned before is a cherished spot and part of our routine. I’m hoping to find a few tales that get her motor running a little hotter as well.

Disclaimer: I was given this book to review to review by the editor. Had I not liked it would have told you. Also I skipped Jade Melisande’s piece “Coming Together” until after writing this since she is a friend. The upside of that is I have one more dirty story to read before I’m really done with the book.


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    • Big-DaddyM Post author

      Oh I’m going to read yours I just figured if I did before writing it would be a conflict of interest by doing so before writing this. So I can either give you your own review on here or just share my thoughts in person. Lady’s choice.

    • Big-DaddyM Post author

      Jade’s Piece was fantastic. It had a nice twist at the end and a hot setting that made me wish I was really there.

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