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mbox2Today the package arrived and I was rather afraid when it came in two boxes and had a booklet on how to assemble this latest toy. To my despair it was in Chinese and no English version was sent along. This set back did not stop us as we looked on line and downloaded the 69 page assembly manual. We next laid out all the part across the floor and took the time needed to make sure everything was there. The factory was kind enough to send us 3 extra bolts in exchange for the 4 missing nuts that I had to go to the local hardware store to purchase.

Finally we were ready to put this beast together. Pieces fit together with the mechanical precisions of a giant puzzle minus the edge pieces to use as a guide, but with patience and perseverance we managed to get the first 4 pieces together. That was when I called the help desk, they informed me that they usually had to send a team out to assemble the product but they were currently in space putting a new solar panel on the space station and wouldn’t be back for 3 weeks. I thanked the lady (I think it was a lady but the Indian accent was hard to get around) for her help and said we would call back if we had not managed success by that time.

I then called a buddy of mine from the local machine shop; I figured he could strip down engines and fix anything known to man so he would be able to master this little trinket of space age adult technology. When he arrived he promptly took the 4 pieces apart for us and rearranged them into the correct alignment. As he worked through the puzzle we retired to the couch to enjoy the ripple of his muscles under his well fitting shirt cling like a second skin from the sweat. My partner and I were getting frisky from watching him work so hard and the thoughts of getting to use our new toy.

After 2 hours my buddy called the shop and had them send over 3 more guys and asked for a welder, cutting torch and a grinder. The three men showed up and hours later our living room began to look like a gym with hot sweaty men all over the place. Grinding and banging on the floor was normal here but this took it to a whole new level. It looked like machine shop 101 meets heart surgery as my buddy called a few more people to come help, along with his secretary because as we all know guys and instruction don’t go together for the most part.

She pulled up with the rest of the shop in the back of the pickup. It was a sight to behold as the men tackled the problem head on as she read the instructions. Finally she realized they had them in the wrong order. She halted the progress as things were put back into order and the process began again. 2 hours later it was finished and shirts had come off as glistening sweat covered bodies writhed on the floor.  It was a sight to behold.

Everyone was stripped down and even the secretary was down to her thong and bra. So now it was the time for the testing. We plugged it in and blew the fuse right off. Upon further reading we discovered we needed more power so we unhooked the dryer and used the 220 plug there. The lights in the house dimmed and flickered as it hummed to life. It took a few minutes before the machine got up to speed, the indicator lights went from red to green and we were in business. So now it was time for the first human trial.

My partner took off her clothing amidst the wolf whistles of the guys standing around. I must admit it was a sight to behold as the vibrating seat and attachment made her eyes roll back instantly. It took a moment before we realized it was because a loose wire was shocking her ass and pussy at the same time. We shut it down and made the corrections to the device. Turning it back on my girl said someone else would need to try it out because her pussy was still numb and she couldn’t feel a thing. We finally conned the secretary in to trying it out after several shots of tequila. She stripped down and tossed her panties at the men as she climbed aboard. Her moans and yelps made every dick in the room hard as garnet and it wasn’t long before every man had his cock out stroking it.

Each guy stood in line and got a turn as she had leaned forward so there would be access. Cock after cock invaded her as the machine performed it magic wonderfully. She was kept in a constant flood of orgasmic bliss and no one realized she had passed out till we were all done. After taking her off the machine my girl said she wanted a turn so of course we let her and the same process repeated. Several of the men left after their turn and thanked me for letting them help with our newest toy. My girl has also passed out in the process and I got her to the bedroom and laid her next to the sectary.

I went back downstairs to see my buddy looking intently at the machine as he finally got the balls to try it. The look on his face was priceless as he slipped and the thin stimulation rod slid in his ass. His eyes went wide as his cock instantly grew, in moments he was shooting his load despite having already cum several times earlier. His moans and yelps matched the women’s as he finally ended up being drug up to the bed with the others to sleep it off.

Now I am left alone, the machine had claimed 3 people already. I know they are ok but now I am curious, what mystical power dose it hold. I would like to say here that some things need additional supervision and should not be done solo. I climbed over the machine like they did and hovered there for a moment before my foot started to slide. The probe touched my ass and I felt the current rush into me as I became instantly hard. I know I shot my load across the room and woke in the hospital with only minor injuries and feeling like my testicles had been stomped on by the rodeo bull but no permanent scaring.


In my opinion the Orgasm Extractor Deluxe works as it promises, producing mind shattering orgasms and rendering the user well spent. I would also note that the regular model would probably do just fine as it only needs a 120 Volt outlet. The experience is a must try and you can come over and give ours a test just to see if you like it. Just note that there is a 2 week waiting period for the machine now as word has gotten out and people are now renting time at our place. So it is quite the money maker and well worth the investment.  My buddy and I are excited as they announced the super duper deluxe model to be released next month, we have already placed our order for one.

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