This thing called Darkness 17

What is this heinous thing called darkness that you speak

A demon that come out of the mist to torture and freak

An oaf that lumbers and smashes around all that is good

Or an assassin killing the radiance leavening death and blood

Is it something all together different that robs the peace

A leavening to be feared in the loaf of life like a wild yeast


The child who is rocked to sleep by his mothers loving hands

One day finds a beast peering from the fogs of far off lands

Saliva drips from twisted jaws like blood dripping from a blade

The lad frozen as he sees the thing crush the once beloved maid

Once sure hands now shake as the crimson drips on the floor

His breath taken, his heart falters, he turn and run to the door

The thing gives no chase, it need not do a thing but wait patiently

 It took hold in a venomous bite that was never felt tenuously

But rather harbors in the dark spaces of the mind, festering

Weeks become years as the lad grows, destiny sequestering

Finally the day come, the man now grown faces off the beast

To the death he roars as the charge is bellowed in his grief

It goes unanswered, just the glowing eyes in the dark room

A charge, the sword finds it mark bringing the beast to it doom

The shattering of glass unexpected as the mirror now breaks

The glowing eyes now a thousand as a single piece he takes

Seeing the reflection he knows it is a face he has seen before


He turns again and runs once again blindly toward the door

A misstep sends him headlong into the blackness he fears

The beast is upon him, the hot breath waiting all those years

The blood now stains the floor in the deadly room once again

He reaches for the sword and pulls it where it sheathed within

The liver not spared as the black blood now flows free

It won’t take long for the damned soul to lay under the tree

The rush comes fast as the life drains away just a quick

He sees the lass who kissed him that day on his bare neck

He feels the lust grow unable to curb it in time he acts

The ripping of the dress, the patience for her he lacks

Her tears as she begs for him to stop and let her live

He cannot hear her as his blade takes all she has to give

Her gurgling sound better than the squawking from before

His once love now nothing that a quickly dying cheep whore

Before she fades he thrust into her again his cock released

He is transformed from a lad into a soulless ravenous beast

Her fight gone, her breath is too, her body cools on the ground

He will not be deigned what he has claimed from the thing he found

Thrusting harder and harder again through the night till sunrise

As he awakes to a sight that takes him by total ghoulish surprise

It was not a nightmare as he has had all those years he feared

But the drink and power of mans lust that was released unyielding

Her body cold and bent, tattered on the earth now hidden shallow

Left to be a part of the field that for years has been laid fallow

A tree grows that he must walk by as he passes by that place

An apple that grew from the seed that had fell from her soft face

Torment and tortured no one knew his darkness had taken seed

As each year it grew and he couldn’t stop his monstrous need

Traveling to cities as a business man he did his deeds and left

A whore in each place screamed at the blade before their final rest

Now his eyes dim as the inn keeper walks in at the sight

The poor lad a good man now at rest, he won his last fight

The cold earth takes another as food for the worms

An apple placed on his grave as a pale face look and turns

Only the ferry man will know the truth of his haunted life

As the soul it taken across the river for the damned’s delight

There in the screams he will be cut to pieces but never die

As his once lover now in his pain finds relief in his eternal cry

So what is darkness you ask me once again, I smile as I know


knife_play_by_petitchatperdulady horse


It is something that is beyond words, it is in the shadowy soul

For one it is this and another that, but in the end it is nothing

But the thing we hide from the world for the shame it brings

A shame not brought on by what we feel but by the world’s ways

And knowing the rejection if the secret leaked out to the strays

This is darkness, a creature that stalks innocence and devours

Leaving nothing but a shell of the goodness that once was ours…

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About Lord Raven

Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the "traditional" manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

17 thoughts on “This thing called Darkness

  • Stella

    “A shame not brought on by what we feel but by the world’s ways” My favourite line. It echos my thoughts on so many things.
    I’ve read this several times now. Seeing more with each reading. I knew you would bring the darkness.


  • Marie Rebelle

    A very dark poem and very well written.

    While reading it, I had this thought: some of us need to get those dark things out there and said. If no one ever puts it out there, how can we begin to understand that some people have these dark thoughts without really being evil people?

    Rebel xox

  • Lord Raven Post author

    So true Marie.I have found it take a certain level of trust for people to share their inner dark secrets. You have given us a safe place to find refuge. I am not the darkest or most eloquent but I love to write dark erotica, though I have tangled with a TOS issue a time or two…lol

  • Big-DaddyM

    Very dark! And this is the least dark of the 3…very interesting. Quite entertaining as always.

    • Lord Raven Post author

      lol you have seen some of my darker writes brother. I am glad you were entertained

  • Molly

    It is interesting that on my post today (about branding) someone left a comment that implied it was taking things too far and yet the piece I wrote is essentially a fantasy. yes it plays with my darkest thoughts but I writing it, allows to explore those thoughts in a very deep way that is about a close to doing and yet still not really doing it at all.

    I like that you have delved into the dark. As Marie says, if no-one explores this stuff then all that happens is, in my opinion, many people suppress them, not our thoughts exactly but their own darkness or what they perceive to be dark at least and I think history has shown that suppression is never a positive thing


    • Lord Raven Post author

      Sigh…I totally get that Molly. I used to get upset when people said I went too far with my dark posts. Then one day it hit me, they cant handle it because they cant handle their own. It pulls and draws a part that rattles the chains of the beast they have caged and fear where I allow mine to roam free, even to the point of putting him on display sometimes.

      Never hold back what is real and write what you feel. A great thing a friend of mine once said.
      Thank you for reading.

  • LoriandHubby

    I love it.. Very well written. It drew me right in and I felt like I was part of it.
    I love how you express yourself. 🙂

    • Lord Raven Post author

      Thank you understandingflutterby, I agree with what you have said. Thank you for reading

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