Sweet T

I know you are probably thinking “Oh my god now he is going to talk about the proper way to make tea” or something like that and if you did you’d be close to right. Only the T I’m talking about is Testosterone. What is that elusive thing I am talking about? Well according to WebMD it is a hormone that acts as the primary sex hormone in men. It is produced by the male testicles and the female ovaries. Testosterone levels in men increase during and after puberty, dropping again after about age 40. Testosterone causes the deeper voice, bigger muscles, body hair, and other primarily male features.


Ummm yeah what they said. Now I know here state side between the Viagra and other commercials that inundate the television that the pharmaceutical and health companies it is all about what they want us to buy.  A load of shit if you ask me. Yeah I am over 40 and so far there is nothing wrong with my libido, in fact it has been coming back with a vengeance now that I am lifting weights.

I would like to share a theory I have so hang with me for a second and I will try to be as clear as I know how. Jeff works a 40+ hour a week job in an office spends an hour back and forth in traffic. He needs 1-2 hours to wake up and get ready then there is the 2-4 hours of television and computer at the end of the day. Of course he needs his beauty sleep because Jeff is a top of the line team player in the office. Hum, 8 hours at work + 2 hours driving + 2 hours getting ready + 3 hours recreation + 8 hours sleeping (stop laughing I know we don’t all get that) is 23 hours. That is a packed day and of course the weekends are filled with fun and exciting things to do.

What is missing from his day? Odds are if he works in an office it is exercise. His muscles are not pumping and moving, he is not causing them to break down and grow. He is not getting that extra natural boost of testosterone to help him be the manly man he is programmed to be.  I see a growing trend in the western culture on several levels. 1) society as a whole looks down on the hard working back breaking laborer (not everyone so don’t send me hate mail) 2) there is a growing movement to make men less masculine (no macho macho men allowed because they cause waves) 3) people on a whole are lazy (the average person would rather sit and relax rather than sweat it out) 4) Diet or the lack of a proper diet (A burger and fries chased down with a cola or pizza and a beer just doesn’t cut it) 5) Sex or the lack of (in several articles I read there is a link between men not having sex once a week and lowered levels of testosterone)

So poor Jeff is sitting at his desk, doing what he has done for years. Small talk around the water cooler and answering the calls, making the meetings and letting himself slide down the slope till one day he finds he is the guy they are talking about in the commercials. He swallows some pride and goes and talks to his doctor, a nice well meaning gent that is more than happy to hook Jeff up with something to boost that low T level. It is at that point Jeff gets on the roller coaster with so many others and takes a ride of getting things balanced out, but he feels better. He gets that boost that was promised and everyone notices. I am left wondering how long will that last and just how safe is that really for him?

I tried T enhancer for a while from our local GNC when I was working at my former job. I love the job but it was exhausting, not just for me the “old guy” but even the young guys were spent at the end of the day. I can’t tell you the number of time I was told I hang tough for an older dude. The thing is despite the long hours and lack of sleep we were working, and working hard. Our bodies were being pushed to extremes constantly and so it would do what it was programmed for, “RELEASE THE TESTOSTERONE!” (Sorry I am a fan of Clash of the Titans) I felt like superman when taking it. It really did give me a huge boost and on top of that I could work harder longer.  We weren’t the big muscle bound men that do the shows but most of us were decently built and more important we had the energy to keep going. We sat and laughed at those commercials (especially Viagra, let me have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours and there will be some worn out women.)

I am not saying that this is the only issue here; after all it is a hormone. Over time the body does slow down in the production of certain things but especially if something isn’t needed. The body is lazy and if there is something it can cut back on it will to conserve what it can. Also there is the possibility for some men that their body just doesn’t produce any or enough, like insulin for a diabetic. So yes there are men out there that do suffer from an honest to goodness medical condition, the rest seem to be from society and the lack of “men being men”

So guys turn that TV off, step away from the computer, look for a partner to work out with, and get that T going. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how good you feel after a few months of dedicated workouts, especially if you’re working with someone who will push you to where you are exhausted and not let you slack. So men no getting the guy who will skip the gym for a night at the bar and if all else fails look for a local group that works out together. Who knows you might find a connection that works and you become a team. Also become more active with your partner, again sex once a week (or more, and I like that idea) has been shown to raise testosterone levels.

Just think with proper diet, exercise and sex you too can laugh at the commercials and enjoy that feeling once again. Let’s take back that boost, feel like we are the Hulk and Casanova all rolled into one again. You owe it to yourself to get going and take back you life and your testosterone. Oh and I side note; I did do some research on testosterone and each article I could find (other than WebMD) was trying to sell a supplement so if you find one that is clear please share it.

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