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Yes I know a silly title for a serious subject but honestly I can think of a better way to present what in my opinion is one of the most important things to talk about when it comes to sex. Guys have a given responsibility to their partner and should also consider the risks.

Here we are, a bar scene and that hot person we have been goggling over since they first walked in is coming this way. Nice hair, attractive smile and a body that is easy on the eyes. A few drinks later the conversation gets a little more risqué and daring. A drink or two more and this new person of interest invites you to their place. Right now we have the set up for a great night of fun, or the ultimate disaster.

First thought I would be having if my mind is not impaired too badly is why me. Yeah I think like that and know I am not the most likely contender for a one night stand, but all that is a later story. The second is safety, where are we going, is this person stable mentally and so on. Ok we have made it past the mental check list as for all intentions on this write there are no red flags.

We are finally alone with said eye candy and things are getting hot and heavy fast. Clothes hit the floor as hand run all over flesh, and things seem to be going well. There is the body in position ready to be taken, the cock now wavering in the air ready for that moment of penetration.

Here we apply the brakes, look down for a moment. What is that implement that is ready to charge into the place that is not a place where no man has gone before? Ding ding ding, yes you are correct, it is the penis. Is it covered with the protective layer that it should be? Oh so this person is safe to ride bareback with? Your now long term relationship of a few hours at most has told you that they are clean and safe? Ummm yeah right, this isn’t a porn set which for what I have read recently is becoming one of the safer places to have sex.

So what is the next step? Yep make sure there is a condom in play, and a quality one for that matter. Not the one that that has been in the wallet for the past 4 years of collage that is finally ready for action, in sitting in the glove box of the car being exposed to hot and cold over and over. Condoms, thought they can take a bit of wear and tear aren’t meant to be stored like this for later use. I have a couple of recommended ways of carrying them that I would like to share.

Dip cans: oh the beauty of a place to safely store several condoms at a time, never know when it will be a busy night. I don’t recommend getting started on smokeless tobacco but the cans they come in are great for storage of so many things. They are the perfect size and shape especially for holding condoms. If you need one just send me a self addressed manila envelope and $10 so I can resupply my stash…just kidding. You can get them at most any convenience store and I suggest the plastic cans like I use, they should be around a few bucks if not see previous mentioned offer.

Post pics 002Post pics 003dip can holder

A little joke here of a girl I once knew from the city. She came out to the rodeo with us and afterwards said she was afraid to date a cowboy. After asking why we all had a good laugh for a while. Apparently she thought the dip can rings were condoms in our back pockets.

pocket ring

There is also the mint tin, I like Altoids personally. It might be a little more chic but honestly two things come to mind. For one I have no idea what the mint might do to the outer wrapping of the condom. Secondly I think it might look a little forward getting a mint out of a tin that has a condom in it all ready to go. But to each their own, maybe it might have made my pick up chances better. “Here have a mint. Oh yes I need the magnum size. Of course I would be happy to help you back to your room…lol

Post pics 005

Another odd but interesting place to keep condoms is in the top of a sock. I wear higher socks that come up to shins and for most people they are one of the last things to take off when getting naked. (Except for me, ask Alice sometime about my porn socks…lol) What better way to store something for use than in a small pocket that is easily made in the sock. Just remember condoms are not dry cleanable or washer dryer safe.

The point is there really is no reason a guy can keep protection on him for those random or not so random encounters. Yes I hear you, “it feels different with one on”. Ok fine, I agree but do a little research and there are some that have recently been rated A+ in the feeling like nothing is there.

I am not here to promote any brands but here are a few to check out: TheyFit, Lifestyle, Trojan, Crown and a few others. Take some time and do a little research and I bet you might find there are some interesting things with each brand that might appeal. I know Trajan has some that are made to intensify the feeling for both partners, Lifestyle had the marker for talking about their ridges of pleasure, Crown has hit the list with their ultra thin but strong that boast to have that bareback feeling.  TheyFit is a new brand to me, though their custom fit printable measuring device offers a guarantee of the right fit each time.

People ask me why I am so adamant about condoms; honestly I can show you why. Here is the 2011 report in the good ole USA. Now tell me, would you rather play it safe or end up a number on this list?

Oh and one last thing, using a condom is not a 100% guarantee that you won’t get something from someone, but it highly reduces the chances. Most condom failures come from improper storage and or improper fit. Just take time to learn and play safe.

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