One more 21

“You WILL count them” his voice boomed in a dark command.

“Please sir, don’t make me count” My voice quivered as I knew I deserved the punishment I was about to receive.

“I don’t think you are in a position to argue. If you do not count then I will be forced to spank you till you comply. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!”

“Yes sir. I will do as you command” my weak response not loud enough for him to hear clearly.

“What did you say?”

“Yes sir, I will do as you wish”

Punishment with my former master was not a frequent thing. Making him get out the leather belt was reserved for the highest offenses. Did I deserve to be punished, yes. Did I deserve the belt, I didn’t think so. After all I was able to clean most the milkshake out of the upholstery.

 I had hoped he wouldn’t have noticed. I knew the rules that there was no food or drink in the car but let’s face it, I had gotten out of class and we were going out to a party 3 hours away. Of course I was going to get something to eat. I would have gotten away with it if the lady hadn’t cut me off and made me spill my milkshake.

I offered to drive so he wouldn’t feel the damp spot on the seat. That wasn’t going to happen as he opened the door. He started to get in and I flinched as he reached down and touched the seat. His hand landing right onto the wet spot I had planned to cover with my ass. It took a moment before he put it all together and he stood up looking over the roof at me. I knew I was fucked.

Back up to the apartment, it was the quietest I ever heard an elevator ride be. I think even the ding between floors was scared to make too loud a sound. When we got to the floor I was half shoved out of the little box and into the hall. He went to the door and opened it, I half expected him to walk through and slam it in my face. He was all about his cars and respecting them.

I watched him walk to the counter and pick up the phone. He made two calls as I stood there in the doorway not knowing what to do. I wanted him to yell, scream or do something in my general direction but he just let me stand there and think.

Several minutes went by before he turned and looked at me.

“I am so disappointed, I let you borrow my car and you try and hide your mistake. You know that food and beverages are not allowed in the Audi and yet there you go doing whatever you please.”

I was at the edge of tears, here I was a student in so many ways and I was being dressed down by my mentor, teacher and Master. Had I screwed up before, yeah you bet your sweet arse I did. He was also the man who saw the diamond in the rough and took me in to polish. He showed me the ropes of the lifestyle and I let him down. Everything was about order and discipline in his life, except for me. I was his tornado of disorder and pandemonium. Secretly I think me might have enjoyed the distraction to his ordered world.

He told me to go and lay over the coffee table. I know I gave a crazy look because the next word was NOW!

I hurried over and lay on my back looking up. Yeah wrong answer, as I was promptly told to roll over onto my stomach and to lower my pants. I began to wonder what he had in mind as was walked into the other room.

“Close your eyes and count to twenty out loud” His stern voice made me know there was no use in my normal protests.

I counted as he walked in the room, my eye closed as instructed. I felt his hand on the small of my back. He laid the leather strap on the table next to me. I shivered as I thought how this was going to feel, his hand was bad enough. I had earned my share of bare hand spanking, his huge hand could feel like iron or silk depending on his mood. His former linebacker shoulders could produce a powerful swing as well. I was at the moment of panic as he sat in the chair facing me. I looked up from my position as he sat and let out a sigh.

“How will I ever get you to understand I mean business?” 

I felt like I was being lectured from a parent and not my lover. His blue eyes staring into my soul as I had no reply. I just didn’t know the answer. As most great masters do he knew what I needed, a sound spanking. I was told why I was being punished, like that was needed to be brought up again. Then he told me there would be twenty lashes as he knew for sure I could count that high. I made a mild protest that was quickly resolved as he reminded me that I was there by my own free will and not his, I could leave if I wished.

Now back to where we started. (Sorry thought you might like to know that I used to be an amazing bottom, if you liked a bucket full of attitude and trouble) 

40+290 Notch
bark / Health Photos / CC BY

The first hit landed and I flinched “One” oh hell this was going to be easy, he wasn’t hitting as hard as he…

“TWO” ouch that was a bit harder and it stung. I was going to tough it out though and take my licks.

“Three” FUCK ME!  


“FIVE” did I mention my ARSE IS ON FI..

”SIX” I whimper as a tear begins to form

“SEVEN” I am screaming it now hoping it will dissipate the pain

“EIGHT” the tear has now fully formed and is rolling down my face with more forming

“NINE” tears now are rolling down both cheeks as well as the other cheeks in full blaze.

“TEN” HOLY FUCK will it ever end

“ELEVEN” he waits a few extra moments for me to catch my breath as I now am beginning to cry.

“TWELVE” no holding back as the tears roll freely.

“THIRTEEN” sob breath sob

“FOURTEEN” Fuck I am not a lightweight but I don’t know if I can take much more

“FIFTEEN” I think my right ass cheek fell off.

“SIXTEEN” The left one had gone running looking for the right one.

“SEVENTEEN” tears have made my face totally wet. I wish he would make them in rapid succession rather than waiting for the fire to sink in.

“EIGHTEEN” Oh please don’t let me lose count now, I can’t do this over again.

“NINETEEN” I think I chipped a tooth biting down as I tried to hold back a sob.

And he stopped there; I was expecting a twenty that never came. My ass was on fire as he knelt down and kissed each cheek. Then he told me to get up and pull up my pants. He kissed my face and took his kerchief and dried my eyes then held me close.

“I love you and wanted you to know that I have mercy as much as I show discipline”

I stood there my head buried in his chest as he let me cry. The strange thing was I wasn’t mad and it wasn’t from the pain. It was like a dam had broken inside and tears rolled from years of holding them back. I was safe with him as he just stood there and let me release it all.

Now I stand on the other end of the implements. Looking back now I see something in what he did for me that day. He knew what I could take and what would break me. I am a wiser and blessed man because of him. I know when it is enough before I do permanent harm and I respect that limit. Where ever my former master is, I still will always have a place for him in my heart and the knowledge he owes me one more.

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21 thoughts on “One more

  • Marie Rebelle

    The knowledge that he owes you one more, the fact that you will always know that… that is so hot! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Rebel xox

    • Lord Raven Post author

      Thanks Marie, it is one of those things that is a symbol in my mind that will be there…unless he finds me and delivers that final lash. Thanks for reading 🙂

  • SassyCat

    I can truly relate to your second to the last paragraph. There is only ONE man that I truly feel safe “releasing” all my emotions too…i married him 🙂

    This was really good..i was really into reading it. 🙂

    • Lord Raven Post author

      Thank you SassyCat. I am glad you married him, it is important to have that person you can me fully open to.

  • thelustfulliterate

    Oh I love the internal narration during the punishment, made me laugh (mostly because I can totally relate). And I think it’s quite smart that he left the 20th off to symbolize mercy. Very well played move.

    • Lord Raven Post author

      Thank you Lustfulliterate, I would dare to bet several people can relate. There is a mental process that we are taken through. Thought it has been many a year since the event his mercy will always live with and in me.

  • Molly

    Kind of reminds me of my Sir’s… ‘last one’ statement. A term he uses when I am just on the edge of what I can stand. In that statement I know he is telling me that he knows it needs to end soon but then I should trust he will pick the right time….. the last one….. it always hurts like hell but for me it is like a great big full stop on things. I love/hate ‘the last one’


    • Lord Raven Post author

      Thanks Cammies, It is one of those memories that holds a special place in my heart, as well as a memory of how much a smart ass I can be.

  • TheSinDoll

    This reminds me of a punishment situation that I was thinking about last night. I can completely ….relate. It doesn’t becomes a punishment until that moment when you think that you can’t take it any longer. Great piece.

    • Lord Raven Post author

      Very true SinDoll, one or two guess what again I might do? 20 well that has my attention. Thanks for reading along.

    • Lord Raven Post author

      Thank you Mr. Proper. it was something till not long ago I had yet to learn to give myself. I missed a lessor or two. Thanks for reading.

  • Stella

    “his huge hand could feel like iron or silk depending on his mood”… That was the bit that got me. It is so true. The hands that sooth and comfort and excite are also the ones that hurt the most, and not just because of his mood, but because we let him. Because we give that control, that power, happily to him.

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