True power 2

Note: last night a storm went through and knocked out the power. It was 3 am (I think) when I got up to write and this is the result. This was from the back deck over looking the dark neighborhood as I sat with a candle.


Restless eyes robbed of sleep as the cold night watch stirs

Called back to life from slumber deep from a time that is a blur

Cold soft breeze licks the flesh, the old heart of iron revived once again

Do what is needed to close the span, and the shelter the retreated

Harkin the glow and the morn creeps our way once again

The pale horizon testament to a day coming in the end

Teach the ways, show the next how to answer the need

Teach the scared heart and share what is believed

Morning starts dance in the sky Draco smiles down on me

Bidding love, giving hope to a world so hard to see

Trapped between both, a child of neither realm here I am

No more to the universe than to the ocean is a grain of sand

NGC 5907, NGC 5866, NGC 5905, et al
DJMcCrady / / CC BY-NC-ND

Life is a brief gulp of air to fill the lungs then exhale

As if a creature of the deep, like the mighty whale

A porpoise with little purpose unless purpose is proposed  

A life lived in dreams as the sand rapidly flows

The old days of knights lead on holy crusades

Blood flowing on holy ground openly displays

Now faded memories as again the steel is sharpened

Man learns not from the past as it is death he harkens

Blood of the poor and innocent flow like water across the lands

Payment to the greedy specters that hide in the buildings so grand

Power again restored the light of man overpowers the soft hue eons old

Man speaks as a child in his clever arts so pious and bold

Nature and the universe sigh in a single breath

There is only one true power that is life, the precious gift

Fails the strength of men once again as if only for this night has shown

People torn, made to think deeper still in the darkness that was shown

True power, raw and natural as this world is far from tamed

In the end we are sand cast into the ocean, only the waves remain.

About Lord Raven

Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the “traditional” manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

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      thank you, its been a bit if an adjustment but life is getting back to some form of normal. I am pleased you liked the write.

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