Civic Duty 15

Kathrin had always talked about the importance of doing civic duty, how it was for the good of more than just the individual but for the people as a whole. So when she got her letter she was actually excited, there was no use in running anyway. The penalty for running was to be dragged out into the street and shot in the head with your body left in the ditch to rot.

Things had changed after the war and for those that survived it was always a struggle. A tour in the service at least meant  you got to eat twice a day where the rest of the people only got a ticket for a single daily ration that was just enough to keep starvation from claiming the entire population. Karen smiled as she went to the train station. Finally she would show everyone she was not just all talk.

The train lumbered along the track, other men and women standing there waiting with their ticket in hand. Some tearful goodbyes as it was finally time to board and be on their way. There were no seats as the box cars, 4 in all, were loaded, comfort was a long forgotten item. Holding onto over head ropes was the best way to remain standing for the several hour trip.

Goose Hill Junction
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The creaking and clacking as the train moved over the rough track made Kathrin feel a strange tingle. It was a kind of excitement as she was in the corner. After a while of this tingle she reached down and touched herself and the rush of her hand on her skin made her instantly wet. She almost wished she hadn’t, almost that is. A man standing against her had noticed as he gave a knowing smile and a wink. Did she dare, it was such a risk with everyone around.  He leaned over and whispered

“I won’t tell if you don’t tell”

She smiled and slid her hand inside her ragged pants. She was soaked as she continued to rub her clit, the man watched. He turned a little and pulled his cock out of his own pants so he was facing the corner, slowly stroking it as they watched one another. There wasn’t quite enough room for more than what they had in their little space even though she wanted desperately to feel his cock invade her. A heavy jolt in the track sent her off balance as she grabbed desperately for something to support her. She caught his neck as somehow managed to get in front of him.

His cock was just in the right angle as he wasted no time; time was not a luxury as they would be arriving soon. A thrust that pinned her thin body against the wall as his cock invaded her wet pussy. Kathrin was glad he was not as endowed as her last lover or this would had been more painful than pleasurable. He pumped hard and savagely but that was what her body was craving, to be used much like the first boy she had been with that knew little of how to please a woman.  It wasn’t great but it was enough as she felt her body begin to tighten and shake. She bit her lip to keep from making an audible announcement as to their activities. 

As she gained her wits and he pulled out, wiping himself clean on the side of her pants, the train began to slow. Finally it came to a slow halt with a mild rock that knocked several people over. The loud speakers made announcements for what to do next.

“Please have your papers ready as you proceed to the processing station. Blue papers to the left end of the platform pink papers to the right. Thank you for your cooperation”

DWCC at Night
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It was no secret that the blue was for the men and the pink was for the women. People disembarked onto the platform, papers in hand as they went their designated directions. Kathrin felt a light smack on her ass and turned to see the man who she had just had sex with. He mouthed thank  you as he walked the other direction. She couldn’t forget him now as his fluid was now leaking down her leg with every step. She only hoped she would be able to find a place to relieve herself and clean up before they got to the exam room.

A woman began crying and dropped to her knees. For a moment Kathrin felt a flash of pity but it was only for a moment. Two men in black uniforms walked up to her and ordered her to join the line. She put her face in her hand and shook her head no as she wept. They lifted her one under each arm as they carried her off to the side. Kathrin watched as the older man drew his pistol as he told her she had one chance to join the line or else. The woman was frozen as she looked up in fear. She put her face back in her hands and shook her head. The single shot echoed off the walls as the body fell and flopped around for a few moments. Compliance to civic duty was mandatory and refusal was dealt with harshly and swiftly.

Kathrin followed the line as they walked in a door and waited. The place was all white except for the ropes that hung as dividers for the line that were black. It was chilly as one by one they were taken into the exam room. Kathrin felt her nerves growing again. She was ready for this; after all she knew it was required. It was better to be of service even if it meant death rather than be a rotting corpse on the side of the road that the people would desecrate in various foul ways. Finally she was standing at the door, she could hear some kind of conversation for several minutes then another door open and close. The door in front of her opened as she was told to enter.

The cold sterile setting made it feel like a hospital room that she knew as a child, well minus the antiseptic smell.  The woman stood ridged as she held her clip board.


Kathrin handed over the papers her hand shaking slightly

“I see you requested the military service”

“Yes ma’am I think it is important to serve to keep the country strong”

The woman almost made a smile as she looked at Kathrin

“A wise choice, we always need more meat for the grinder.” Her words cold as a icy chill ran down Kathrin’s spine. 

“Now strip and put on the paper gown handing behind you as you head to processing”

Kathrin pulled off the rags that were what constituted as clothes and tossed them into the pile of other discarded things. The woman noticed the wetness that glistened on Karen’s thigh.

“Wait a minute? What is that?” She pointed to the leaking fluid that Kathrin was unable to take care of earlier.

“It was a parting gift from a friend” Kathrin tried to play it off as the woman glared as her.

“You better be telling me the truth” she said as she pulled out a testing kit.

It took a few minutes for the test to be run as Kathrin felt violated from the cold metallic deice that was inserted into her. The woman glared at her the whole time making her being nude feel all the more like a piece of meat rather than a person. Finally the machine made a buzz and a green light came on.

“All clear now put on the white gown and someone will be with you shortly” the cold woman said

With that the door on the other side of the room opened and Kathrin exited quickly into the waiting area. White gowns draped clumsily like hospital gowns as the green trucks rolled in to the dock. Each truck was labeled with the name of a town and there were several labeled for the military. Everyone watched the trucks back up to the docks.

A door opened as several men walked out with masks and rubber gloves on. They had hoses in one hand and a brush in the other. People were ushered toward the walk ways as a quick wash and rinse was performed. Kathrin stripped off the paper gown as the man ordered her to. She was surprised the water was actually warm and not ice cold as she had expected. She followed the directions into the next room. That was where the processing was taking place. She was amazed at how efficient things seemed to work.

She barely had time to know someone had grabbed her and slit her throat as her legs were secured in the hanger. The burning pain of the metal hooks going through the back of her feet between the bone and tendon would have made her scream if she could have. Then she was hung upside down. Kathrin’s final thoughts were of her life and how she was proud to be part of the system. She never regretted turning 40 even though she would have to do her civic duty, but it was for the good of the people.

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