The Great Panties Debate 6

The real post is the audio portion at the bottom so go listen to it.


While the picture doesn’t match the audio I decided why not show the styles of underwear in my drawer based on digging out the first four I could find.  For the record the flamingos I only sleep in, the purple ones are more my everyday wear boxer briefs, the bikini are what I wear to run (long story but they work) and the odds of seeing me in a thong is nonexistent though I have been given several mostly as gag gifts over the years.  Let’s just say no one really wants to see that and the only time I did wear them was as a gag over tights.



Mal's underwear drawer

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6 thoughts on “The Great Panties Debate

  • admin

    In a lot of ways I’m not a practical perseon and tend to have “special things” and clothes for far too many moods and occasions.

  • SubReiSkyeM

    The way you wondered what panties Jade was wearing at the start made me amused. I also think people’s clothes say a lot about them too. It’s a shame your Blonde wouldn’t wear panties and parade around in them for you but at least you got to the bottom of why. And hey, at least she’s willing to show up naked for you 😛

    I hope things go well with your house guests!

    • admin

      What can I say I couldn’t help myself. And naked isn’t a bad trade off so I can’t complain too much.

  • Lord Raven

    finally got a chance to listen to this. I would agree, we all have our own perceptions and expectations of what sexy is. As for the whole panty thing for me…well I prefer a mini skirt and nothing else under with a halter top and you get the idea. Though those lacy satiny numbers aren’t bad either.

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