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It was the first time Sam had invited Karen over for dinner; normally he made it at her place. Karen watched from her vantage point as he walked by. She had always wanted to watch him at his own place where he claimed to have everything he needed to make a meal she would never forget, but never had quite the nerve to ask. He was artistic as well as showing flair of arrogance in the moment. The wine was perfect for this, a nice blush that would go well with the color of her cheeks as she watched.

Sam was thrilled to no end to have her watch. The victim was helpless on the table as he drew a blade from the selection of knives he had at his disposal. The smaller one would do well for now as he drew closer. There was an electric feel to the room as he drew a breath and looked down. The eyes of his conquest looking back up as if pleading for mercy as he began. There was no time for pity as the blade slide along the flesh lifting it to reveal what lay under the surface.

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Karen gasped at how fast and precise he was, she made a mental note to not be on the other end of the blade. Sam seemed to rather enjoy his work as she watched from a safe distance. He told her to be silent but there was no accounting for the defiant chair as it squeaked while she shifted to get a better view.  Sam turned and shot her a glance that told her to either stand and watch or be still now as he was in his zone mentally and didn’t want disruptions.

Karen stood now to prevent any more distractions as Sam went to

the next victim. He began to disassemble it, a leg at a time then moving on to other parts till there was just a pile of parts and pieces. Then he turned to the large oven and set it to preheat. The tears ran down his eyes as he cut through the last victim. The layers of his devotion to his art represented now as passion took him over.

Sam retrieved the roasting pan and arranged the parts in a certain order that he had figured out then put it in the oven. He set the timer to keep him from becoming too distracted as he went to clean up or otherwise engaged. The soap and water brought back the shimmering perfection of the steel he so dearly loved.

After cleaning up Sam turned toward Karen. “I hope you like it, she was one on my favorites but for you it is worth the sacrifice.”

“I am sure Lucy would have considered it an honor to have given her life for your pleasure. You were a good master to her.”

Karen blushed a little as Sam walked over and pulled her close. There was no gentle cooing with him as he pushed her over the counter and pulled up her skirt. His rough hands made short work of her panties as he ripped them off her body. Karen loved his rough ways as he bit the back of her neck. She groaned in half pleasure and half pain as he thrust into her. Sam was the master here no doubt about that. Karen love it, he would not back down like the pretty boys she knew would.

Sam slammed her hard against the counter, her face just inches from the blade that had just a few minutes ago slide so easily through the flesh, it was exciting in a strange way to her. Sam kept made sure she would feel this for a long time as his cock bottomed out in her. Her whimpers did little more than to drive him harder toward his goal. Sam locked his fingers in her hair as he pulled her head back, Karen was worried her neck might break with the force but she loved it too.

“Cum you fucking whore” he growled. Karen felt his cock growing even bigger as it threatened to rip her apart too. Her body obeyed his command as she let loose an earth shattering howl and gave herself over to the waves of pleasure that tore into her. Sam was cumming as well as shot his load deep into her. He bit down on her shoulder as he released a week of pent up frustration from all the teasing she had been doing in emails.

Sam pulled out and wiped off with a towel as went to check the oven. The smell filled the room and he smiled. “She is cooking up nicely” he said with a wicked grin

Small talk about the week and what had happened went on as they set the table till the timer went off. It was like a switch had been flipped as Sam went from relaxed and jovial to deadly serious in a flash. He walked to the over and opened the door. The roasting pan gave a peek of the dinner he had made for them as he pulled it out. He set it on the counter and waited setting the timer again but this time he was just looking at the dish he had made.

“The meat must set so it won’t be all dry and tasteless” Sam said

The ring of the timer told Karen it was time. “Would you like a breast or what?” Sam asked. Karen stuttered for a moment as she finally replied “Breast please” Sam took a different knife and cut the part she had asked for into bite size pieces. Karen watched fascinated as he made it look so easy. Finally he sat her plate at the table as he went back for his own.

Sitting down together Karen looked a bit nervous as she watched Sam dig in, this was not the fine table manners she was accustomed to but this was not the kind of meal she was familiar to either. Finally she took the fork in hand and took a small bite, she was surprised as how it almost melted in her mouth and the flavor was amazing.

Sam looked up and waited as she chewed and swallowed. “So, what do you think?”

Karen smile “You were right, farm raised chicken is really good. The potatoes and onions make this perfect”

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