A sad day 3

Ladies and gentleman, as the unofficial reporter from lands far away it is my sad duty to report the events of today. The raid upon those who have been carefully watched for many years had produced some shocking results.

King Cole was unavailable for comment as it is rumored he called for a pipe or bowl then went into seclusion with the cooks three because of an incessant case of the munchies. His recent ties to many of the other involved just shows how far the corruption has spread.

Old Mother Hubert found her cupboards bare because of internal issues with the retirement checks. The department of retired characters gave the following statement. Little Boy Blue blew his horn to summon the messenger but Jack be Nimble was still suffering burns from not making a successful jump over a candle stick. The medical staff who attended him was still trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. The apparent breakdown of the delivery system is likely to have far reaching effects that have still yet to be discovered.

The Department of child welfare went to do an inspection of the Shoe house, what they found shocked neighbors and friends alike. It was found she indeed did not have the number of children she had claimed were residing at her residence. The woman who lived there had in fact made a deal with a witch in the forest and the children found at the house were gingerbread boys. The elaborate set up is now being looked into but rumor is that the dwarves are smuggling children into the mines and are also involved. This would be the largest child labor violation since Peter Pan’s lost boys were discovered.

Now for the news on the escaped Peter Pan who is still at large. He was last reported stealing food by scaring people in various ways. He was last seen dangling a spider in front of Mrs. Muffet , if the fright she was scared off her tuffet dropping her curds and whey as she fled the scene. The spider is still being held for questioning but it appeared there was some kind of drug used to make the spider unaware of his action.

The Mad Hatter is being held along with the Mr. Rabbit in the disappearance of Alice. They claim that it was really the Queen of Hearts that was responsible, but the Cheshire Cat is set to testify against them both as well as the Lord Caterpillar. They both face serious time on the chain gang that will be over seen by none other than the Big Bad Wolf, the notorious slayer of the nefarious three little pigs now the warden of the forbidden woods.

Mother Goose was taken into custody for threats against the ugly duckling. It is reported that the duckling was shamed in front of the Frog Prince and Snow White. Snow White will not be allowed to testify as she is also a suspect in the child labor ring as well.

There you have the news for today. It is a sad day indeed for the land a fairy tales and dream. This reporter will bring you all the breaking news as it is released. Stay tuned for the upcoming report of Jack and what really happened up on top of the bean stalk.

Welcome at the Gate my Friend
h.koppdelaney / Art Photos / CC BY-ND

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  • Rev John Sleestaxx

    This is awesome and also makes the notes i had for Dr. Suess porn seem like derivative. HA what do i care i still have the lord on my side and there is not a court in the world (save the middle east) that would refute the testimony of god

    • Lord Raven Post author

      LOL Rev, come on with the notes. Yeah not so sure the mid east would allow either one of our beliefs in their courts

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