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The smoke filled room delighted the senses, incense from the other side of the world were slowly perfuming the air as the drapes hung around. Naked bodies displayed writhing on beds of pillows in the dim light. Men and women alike arms tangles and intertwined like snakes with moans of pleasure giving a sexual energy to the room. There was no end to the delights of the flesh to be found here, I was copiously impressed.

Walking to the changing area just by the door there was a place to change and shower, in effect to let go of the stresses of the normal life and enter the world that was on display just beyond the wall. Dull black work boots slid off with a refreshing feel as I began the conversion. I heard the crack of a whip and I removed my pants and underwear, I felt my cock jump at the sound. As I removed my shirt the coolness of the room made the flesh come alive. The shower made it a complete transformation with the Egyptian musk soap giving a deep earthy scent. Finally I put on a toga so I would have some form of cover as I felt something deeper and darker wanting to be released. The sitar music gave a perfect touch to the night. 

Exiting the opposite side where I came in I was greeted by a “guard”. His oiled body shimmered in the dim light and the ripple of muscle under the tan flesh made a hunger begin to flow. He asked for the password, and I told him the word I had been given by my friend at work. The man smiled “Ah you are new here, that is the password that is shared to those who are interested” The man made a wave of his arm and a woman appeared, thin vials covered her face making her even more alluring as I followed her to another room. The glints of light off her outfit drew attention to her waist and ass. Her bare midriff trim and muscular showing her potential to be one of the belly dancers my friend had told me about.

We arrived in a room with a desk and a couple of chairs. I was asked to sit as I was explained the rules. “So what do you know about this place?” her forward question as direct as the way she looked at me with those cat green eyes. I was mesmerized for a minute as her raven black hair spilled over perfect shoulders. In that brief moment I imagined myself behind her my hand on her shoulders as I took her in a slow seductive scene. She cleared her throat snapping me back to reality. “Ummm just that this is a BDSM theme club. Each weekend there is something different to enjoy.”  She smiled at my answer “It is that and so much more. I need your name and if you wish to be on our mailing list please let me have your email. That way you will have an idea what each weekend will be and we can give you a password so you don’t have to come and see me.”

I didn’t mind seeing her at all, but I was also excited to get out there and see what I could get into. A few minutes later the paperwork part was done and I told no matter whom I saw or what was going on, what happened inside these walls stayed inside these walls. I understood that, no way did I want to have someone blabbing about they saw me here, I wanted to have fun and not think about if my actions were going to be talked about later. She gave me the quick tour and explained that the men standing near the doors were the DM’s or dungeon masters. If I had a problem or issue I should get one of them.  The side rooms were invitation only, many of them were rented out by private people for their own particular kink for the night. “My name is Jasmine by the way, if there is any way I can assist you please feel free to find me.” With that said it was like she vanished into the smoke and atmosphere.  

I walked around for a little bit, watching and being the voyeur I often am. A woman surrounded by men caught my eye for a while. I watched as the men filled all her orifices with their cock as she moaned in delight, quite the sight to behold. A hand on my shoulder made me jump. “They call that air tight” a rich male voice said “I hear women really get off on it.” His smile was very disarming as he asked if I wanted to get a drink.  “So what brings you to this land of debauchery? Looking to live out some wild desire?” He was blunt for sure, I gave him that. He led me to a makeshift bar and I ordered a rum and coke. “Wait, don’t let him drink that swill” my new friend said “Give him the” he paused and looked me over as if trying to judge what I would drink by my appearance. “Ouzo for my man here, and use the back bottle I brought if you don’t mind.”  I felt a bit odd letting another man order me something to drink but I am always game to try something new.

4 shots were set on the bar and he lifted one in a toast. I raised my glass being polite “To adventures with new friends” I repeated the words and tossed the drink back. Holy mother of penguins and frogs! “That should have come with a warning” I said as I gasped for breath. He laughed heartily and patted me on the back. “What was that? It tasted like liquorish” “Its ouzo from a friend of mine who just came back from a trip in Greece” We tossed the next shot back and I took it a bit better. I leaned back on the bar and looked around for a moment before being pulled by the arm to a pile of pillows and people.

“Everyone I would like to introduce our new friend” said the guy who had developed a sudden attachment to me. A round of “Hi new friend” came from the men and women all sitting around a hookah. I watched as they took turns passing the end around, each one taking a deep drag and holding it. A few giggles as one of the girl’s started kissing her own arm. The group started to touch one another, kissing and fawning each other. My host brought me to a seat between him and one of the women. Almost as soon as I had taken a seat I became the focal point for the people around me.

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A soft kiss on my neck and the smell of perfume and warm hands began to rub my back. A strong hand took hold of my arm and pushed me back. I just let go and the ouzo took effect. I felt like I was floating on a cloud of air and wisps of fingers and lips glided over my skin. I felt a hand sliding into my toga and taking my cock in its grasp. I looked down to watch a man and woman get close to watch, their faces just inches from the tip as they looked at one another before sticking out their tongues and kissing the head and one another at the same time. I have never enjoyed something like this before but I didn’t want it to stop. They took turns sliding my shaft into their mouths, licking and sucking.

The woman next to me leaned over and began to run her fingers through the hair on my chest. Her lips not long in following as she gave each one a playful kiss. Then she bit gently at first, then harder and harder till I gasped. The pain of the bite and the pleasure of the mouths sharing my cock sent all my senses into overload.  There was nothing but sensation as I closed my eyes and let them have their way. A whisper in my ear caught my attention “Have you ever been with a man?” Through the hazy fog I shook my head yes. The attentions increased as more hands and tongues ran over my flesh.

The woman next to me got up and moved the hookah to a side and then knelt. I was told she was mine for the taking as she bent over and turned to look at me. Her lithe body given as an offering while I was dropped from the mountain of pleasure. I crawled up behind her, kissing her sweet flesh before mounting her. My cock slid in her easily as she pussy opened hungrily taking my first offerings to her. Deeper and deeper with each push, not rush as all time stopped. I felt hands upon us and knew we looked much like one of the scenes I had witnessed when I had first come in. A strong hand on my arm and I felt something warm against my ass. I wasn’t sure what to expect as a toy pushed in slowly, stretching a little at a time so I would be able to accommodate something bigger.  

A few minutes later I felt hot breath on my back and hands on my hips. I was being taken by a lover as I took the one under me. I half expected the searing pain but there was none; it was just a deep filling and pleasure. I felt the intrusion hit a place of immense pleasure and I could not hold back as my cock exploded with no warning. Waves of pleasure crashed over me as I flooded the vixen beneath me. The lover who had taken me pulled out and I felt the heat of his seed landing on my back. Moments later tongues licking the salty fluid off my skin. I let go of the sweet temptress I had just enjoyed and fell back on the pillows. She was pushed back as my cum was licked from her dripping pussy. I just lay there watching, letting it all sink in.

A few minutes later my host took me by the arm. I put the toga back on and we went to see one of the guards. The dark hair and steel grey eyes I knew from a long time past. My new friend started to speak “I want you to meet my new friend” he said beaming. I bowed in a gesture of respect “Hello father” My host trembled suddenly “Did he say father?” The older man shook his head yes. “My son, it has been a long time, I guess now you met you half brother”…

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