The Green Fairy 6

Mix the louche sir is you dare, letting the fairy play in your hair

Let her caress the nape of your neck and let loose all the cares

Soft sweet lips that kiss with woodworm tongue slithering soft

Temptation will cause the faltering of morals high and loft

Dolce she slides her way across the flesh into the veins so warm

At her breast she lays her lover’s head as they enjoy her charm

She whispers in the depth of the soul, breathing life in the mind

Making the cursed durst come from the shades and remind

Tattered pieces of shattered humanity, scarce still the depth of it

She plunges deeper still, digging bones from shallow graves of shit

Pile them high in the light, once buried and hidden, now in full view

She walks naked toward them, peering into the dark twisted hue

Hands emerge and beg to be pulled from the dregs, she reaches in

Each soul drawn free now released furthermore alive to live again

She pulls me to her side, her breath hot in my face as she speaks

It is in the mortal we survive but the flesh is paper and weak

A kiss again, the dregs now bitter as the ash burns my throat

Flames of passion formerly alive now dead as on them I choke

Taste the bitterness that makes the wormwood now soft and sweet

Treasure your love and your lover, let not the past ever again repeat

As things turn fire leaps and I see things that dare not be told in this

The green fairy draws me close and gives a deep haunting kiss

She takes a hand from the shadow and they dance together as one

Naked in the moon but I see all as if they were dancing in the sun

Muse and Fairy they seductive bodies glide like myst over the grass

They come close and take my hand and draw me to the crevasse

A magical place this pinnacle over looks as they strip me bare

I find myself in the music of the night dancing once more with them

A love I have know from time of my youth, share with a new lover now

Their bodies enwrap me, their finger glide over my soul as I am bound

Bliss to the known and unknown become as constant deluge

As I finally have found peace in the place of darkest refuge

Dare not feel pity or shed a tear for those who have not courage to live

Mix them a strong louche and dare them to the fairy themselves give

Wurzeltod / / CC BY-NC

About Lord Raven

Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the "traditional" manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

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    • Lord Raven Post author

      indeed it would be, fair warning they say you should limit yourself to 2 glasses or else the next day will be the devil to pay 🙂 This is a subject I have been doing some more in depth research rather than just skim for the top showing facts.

    • Lord Raven Post author

      many thanks, a true delight to let flow as the fairy was whispering in my ear on one side as the muse was running her fingers through my hair and whispering on the other side.

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