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Tossing and turning in the darkness the emptiness of her bed made it hard to sleep. Empty nights making her want to know someone wanted her, to be with her, to touch and desire, take and please them with her. Tears from the loneliness welled in her eyes as she took her glass of wine and read the next chapter in the novel. She was captivated as the heroine was in grave danger now in the clutches of the evil lord that had his dark sinister plans for her and the destruction of her lover.  She drifted off to sleep imagining she was in those strong arms of the lover and safe with his pleasing touch.

The_Masquerade_Ball_by_artofdawnShe saw a shadowy figure in the edge of the room, lurking like a phantom, slowly moving closer. The foggy feeling in her brain made it hard for her to tell if it was a dream or reality, she wasn’t sure if she should scream or just lay there and let whatever happens happen. Oh if this was a dream it was going to be good because the figure moving toward her had the air of power and lust and seemed to want her body. She started to close here eyes when she realized it wasn’t a dream as she could now hear the ragged breathing. Panic now gripped her but it was too late, the figure was onto of her and before she could make a scream for help her mouth was covered with a cloth. She fought and struggled for a few seconds, trying to break free but the gasp of breath filler her lungs with ether and the room started so spin to black.

She awoke confused and with a metallic taste in her mouth. Sitting up her head swam then she realized what had happened. Nothing looked like anything she recognized not even her clothes. She was in a white gown, apparently put on her with some care; it was lace on the sides like one of the ladies in her story. She gasped when she realized it was a scene out of her book. The entire place was set up just like described. She swallowed hard remembering that part well. This was where the heroine was taken by that evil bastard, how he showed her no mercy as he ravaged her. How… oh my, she thought she was getting soaked between her legs like she did before. She was truly nervous, now she knew someone had been watching her. This was too perfect, she started to look for a way out when the door opened, a serving maid walked in with a tray with cheese bread and wine on it. She shuddered as the maid walked closer; it was too much, even having people from the story here? Her captor had gone all out to put this together, and she knew if it had gone this far then she was really in for one hell of a night.

The maid left, she would rather have her stay, then at least she could ask what this was all about, then the door opened and she was left there like and invite to the next realm. She knew if it held true to the book this was the part where she was taken from her chambers and down to the dungeon. But this was more of an invitation, to go in if she dared. To accept being taken and ravaged, to be fucked till she passed out, the consideration of it sent chills of anticipation along her body. She looked and thought, what would happen if she walked through that door? Then she contemplated of how she would feel if she never did. Standing up she took the glass of wine and tossed it back like water and took a deep breath and walked into the room.

A dark shier vale was in the room with 2 steps down, she guessed it represented the hall leading to the dungeon, it was dark and even felt a little chilly and damp.  Walking into the room she only got a glimpse of the area there, suddenly taken from behind a hood went over her head and she was left to only hear and feel the world around her. She wanted to escape but a heavy hand gripped her arm and binding her hands behind her back making any though of flight an impossibility. She was half pushed half guided to a point in the room, she felt a rope go around her wrists and then a release of the binding on her hands, a tug raised her arms up over her head. Her heart was raising as she resized she was in no way able to defend herself from whoever this captor was.

Please tell me who you are she called out, no reply but the constant sound of someone around her. Her feet were secured next; the rope was tested as her feet were pulled apart. A grunt of approval sounded like a beast rather than man, she shuddered now as she had been given no idea of who had her or where she was. Her hood was removed and she looked, there was a dark dungeon looking room with chains and manikins hanging from them bound to the walls. Some upright others upside down, on one side a rack with a figure tied down to it, but this was a real live person gagged and stretched out spread eagle. A machine between her legs was invading her pussy as the victim moaned in a tortured pleasure. She could not take her eyes off the nude form being brought to the edge of reality with such an intense ritual. She heard a moan from the other side and saw a man tied upside down, over him a candelabra with several lit candles dripping wax down onto his exposed thighs, testicles and cock. She suddenly felt a twinge of excitement as well as fear. Never before had such a sight been right in front of her.

As she watched a form in the dark moved, it had been observing her and the reaction she had to the surroundings. His approach was silent, as if a specter from her dreams had come to life. When it approached she saw a mask covered its face, but the bare chest body was all male. Muscles rippled in the dim light, hands held still in a stalkers movement. Then in a flash the hands reached out and tore the top of her gown open, her breast falling out and exposed. She let out a fearful gasp that was silenced by his hand. Being held back against the post, he pressed her and then growled. A deep warning that she was in His domain; that nothing less that His mastery would be acceptable. He let go and she started to ask the questions that plagued her mind. He allowed her to finish her series of questions then a simple answer came. She had fallen under His watchful eye and was in need of a Lord to take command of such a prize. It was a quote out of the book she was reading, whoever it was knew her and what she was doing.

Rage started to build in her for the coy game and she lashed out calling Him a cowardice bastard. The response was instant as she felt the sting of a crop on her right breast; she let out a wail of pain and profanities. He shook his head and for the first time she heard his voice condemning her for her unlady like conduct. He told her that she would need to be trained in the proper ways of being a lady. She wasn’t sure what He meant but there was a deep darkness to the way He presented Himself and it made her uneasy. With a wave of His hand her eyes were lead back to the male upside down with the wax dripping on him. He walked over and turned on a light, she gasped in recognition of her boyfriend. She screamed now in fear and rage, He laughed at her outburst.

My dear if you think he is a victim then there is a lot you don’t know about your lover. For now he is My prisoner as you are. Do you wish to continue or do you wish to be released and never know the delights of this place?

She thought for a second and hung her head. I will submit to Your will. She never felt so alive with a single statement. She could feel the wetness between her legs start to grow with a desperate need to be fucked. She watched as He pulled a blade out and slid it down her chest then to the remaining gown. The hungry sharp steel made short work of the material as it fell to the ground exposing her nude body. She felt her face flush as He walked close. He raised his hand and with a snap of his fingers an attendant went and released her boyfriend. He was lead to the next room out of sight so her attention would be on what was happening right here and now. She watched as he left the room and as soon as the door closed she almost sighed a relief that is until the crop stung her thigh. She yelped as the fire from the lash brought Him into focus. He told her that she was to pay attention to the instruction given by her Master and Him alone, no other distraction would be allowed without punishment. She shook her head in acceptance of this.

He untied the binds that held her hands then pushed a table to her. It had a red velvet covering, she thought it was so pretty then without a warning He pushed her face down over it. Restraints built into it were clasped on her wrists. He stepped behind her and for the first time she felt her flesh touched, something was thrust into her pussy. She rose to her toes as it was a flash of pleasure and pain. He took a minute for her to adjust then reached down and turned it on, she felt like she was going to explode as the vibrator sent ripples throughout her body. It was only a matter of time for her till the whole experience sent her over the edge, as she started to cum she felt a clamp lock onto her clit. She screamed in wild release, nothing had ever blurred the edge of pain and pleasure before like this. She was over the edge and there was no end to it. She gasped for breath as the most powerful and longest orgasm ripped through her.

You little slut He said you are getting off on this. I ought to fuck you right here and now but such a whore needs to feel a less worthy cock fuck it first. The words were from a different world as she could barely catch her breath between orgasms. She though she felt someone behind her but couldn’t tell, not till a cock was forced into her tight ass. OH GOD she screamed. She was caught between the world of pure lust and a fight for control, her body was totally theirs as her last remaining controlled though wanted to fight for a chance to analyze what was happening. No chance of that as a cock demanded the opening of her mouth, forcing her to suck or face punishment.

She felt the cock that was invading her ass start to swell; she knew he was getting close. She pushed back to force him deeper, wanting to feel that flood deep in her, the cock in her mouth was starting to swell as well. The rhythm of the two was forcing her back and forth, the cocks claiming her flesh for their needs. The anal intruder exploded first, animalistic grunts filled the room as his hand dug into her hips and he fucked her hard. The volley into her mouth followed only a second later. Waves or cum to be swallowed, He gripped the back of her head forcing Him to the back of her throat. She was surprised that she could swallow that much.

The two cocks were done as she was still shaking from the feeling of being taken like a toy to be used. The vibrator was remover, she felt like her pussy was on fire, she could feel her juices running down her thighs, then a hot tongue lapping the juice off her flesh. She moaned as the lapping ran over her wet pussy lips.

Look at what a whore she is He said.

My Lord a familiar voice said please have mercy on her, it’s her first time and I wish her to enjoy to keep coming back.

A reply of the crop slapping flesh she realized he was being punished for his outburst. She felt a leap in her chest, at least he lover was there but now what was in store for them?

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