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I am not in the mood to be kind, or patient.  Compromise is completely out of the picture and I could care less that what I want is not at all what you had in mind.   I sneer, lovingly of course at the mere thought of it.  In a lot of ways that makes this even more fun as I watch you try to avoid the inevitable.  How you try to change my focus, my intent, my desires.   Sure suck my dick desperately hoping to make me cum and to temper the impending storm.  Try to jerk me off in the hopes that I’ll be overcome with lust for other more simple pleasure.  Try to slip my hard cock inside your sopping wet pussy, breathlessly offer to let me savagely fuck your sexy tight little ass.

Oh I’ll certainly enjoy a slight diversion for a brief time; however despite your best efforts we both know sooner or later I’m going to take what I want in the way that was originally intended.  If nothing else beyond cruel, and wicked, and perverse.  I am patient and persistent.

Ydesire exhibition 2003
*spo0ky* / / CC BY-NC-ND

Be gentle, you ask.

Not so rough you, request

I feel you tremble, just a little trying to hide the fact that you like what I’m doing despite all the protests.

Sometimes you fight against me.   What a delight watching the internal struggle of whether to just give in and get it over with or to try to continue to resist.  Oh how my evil little heart loves the face you make as you meander those torrents.  Torn between what you really want and what you’re willing to admit.  You make things in to so much more than they ever were intended to be, your very actions, your begging, just the movements of your body, the look in your eyes it pushes me somewhere far more primal.  Secretly I like the fight because it means I will get to hurt you even more, to improvise on my cruelty, to drag things out.

The petulant protests accentuated by the idle treats and pleas for mercy only make things worse.   They are cute to see as I twist your body, your desires, you needs ever so slightly.

Together we’ll journey to dark places that are, well uncomfortable and in the end I will leave you lying there well used in a muddle puddle of fulfilled wretched lustful desires.  For the moment though I take your hair in my hand, pull your pretty face and delicate ear close and simply say “you’re mine” you nod in agreement as I continue “and you’ve yet begun to suffer”


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