Seduction 2

There she came walking to me in the night like a dream

The shimmer in her eyes made mine glow green

The red dress she wore made her form so alluring

Leaning onto me her voice almost was almost a purring

“So what does a girl have to do to get a drink here?”

I asked what she wanted, she smiled her desire was clear

“Something red she replied” I ordered a wine for us

Then to the corner we went there was as seductive hush

Lovers talking and touching as we walked by adding heat

We sat as she reached over and slid close in the seat

Her tongue was on my neck in a second flat then my ear

“You taste so sweet” she growled “do you mind my dear?”

The racing of my heart was second only to my mind

What were the odds of me being lucky out of the blind

Her hands went to my chest unbuttoning my shirt

She was more aggressive than in imagined or a flirt

Her lips went to my nipple as she gave the ring a tug

The sharp pleasure sent chills as if on a great drug

I took a sip and pushed her back, my time to play

As my hand went down to her thigh and there it lay

Her eyes flashed a hunger in their light grey hue

It had to be a dream but I hoped it was ever true

My lips touched her flesh, so intoxicated by her

Kissing and nipping she moaned my mind caught in a whirl

I wanted to continue on in a more private place

As if reading my mind her soft hands went to my face

Turning my head I saw others engaged in various acts

There was no need to be shy I continued my attack

Her zipper slid down with ease as I exposed her breast

Her nipples hardened at the feel of my lips brush

Each sweet and decadent as I sucked tenderly

Her fingers locked in my hair it was a sight to see

She let her dress fall off only a pair of panties remained

All inhibition at this moment from me was drained

She unzipped my pants and took them off quickly

The next few minute were a little tricky

I found myself wanting to taste her sweet nectar

Kneeling under the table soft licks to what I adored

I found wet delight draining from her as I kissed

She moaned as I drove her further into bliss

She started to shake as pulled me close as I continued

Licking like a starving man that ordered the whole menu

She pushed my head back and told me her turn

Her lips soft and sweet as her fingers hot like a burn

She took me deep in her mouth and started to hum

The world faded as again my mind began to swim

She worked my cock like a toy in her masterful grasp

The edge neared as I was worried it was too fast

She took every drop and lick trying to get more

Then climbing in my lap she whispered “make me yours”

Words that caused as resummoning of my strength

Feeling her wet heat as she slid down my full length

Her legs wrapped around me as she rode my cock

I held her close as together into the night we rocked

Moans from other places added to the magik of the night

A group in the corner of my eyes made quite a sight

6 guys and 4 girls put on quite a show as they took pleasure

Each trading making the others feel as if a treasure

Lovers on the floor and on tables all over the place

She again took my head and I looked into her face

I wanted this to last forever as I stood still in her

Putting her on the table going till I was a lost in a blur

Her nails raked along my back drawing blood from me

I leaned over and clamped a nipple she let a slight scream

Pleasure on her face as she went over the edge again

She pulled me close as she whispered don’t let this end

Pulling me to her and kissing my throat I felt a sting

Then a weakness fell over me as if falling into a dream

She pushed me back with ease as I felt blood run down

There was a gash in my neck I was dumbfound

Then with her nail she cut the inside of her thigh

“Do you want to live then lick or else you will die

Clam me if you dare, be my lover forever my pet”

I licked the crimson trail this forever beat death

Then a hunger for more as I sucked greedily from her

Life faded as the night became home to this cur

She pushed me back and snapped a collar on my neck

Hers forever I submitted to her as a pleasurable pet

Now we hunt together in the night and make love forever

Do I regret it you might ask, I tell you I never had it better…Indulgence

About Lord Raven

Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the “traditional” manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

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