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AK in a Black Lace Bra copyright malflic.com 2013Maggie walked in the room, fully knowing she was about to step over the threshold of her soft pretty world into the darker side of pleasure. I watched as she walked the 10 steps as instructed in the letter I have left on her desk. She looked around bewildered at the one thing missing, me.

I stood hidden behind the folding changing station, wood and cloth blocking her from seeing my location. She shifted from one foot to another, looked at her watch. She started to take a step and then I pushed the button. The recording started that I had made before her arrival, she jumped at the sound coming from the book shelf as there was no one there. I instructed her to remove all article of clothing down to her undergarments where she stood and wait for more instructions. I watched as she eyed the changing station I was standing at, she was self-conscious of her body and the windows were open, the curtains tied back.

She started to move but must have remembered our agreement, if she wished to enter the darker world I had to offer she had to learn to listen and do as she was told. A few moments later she stood in nothing but her bra and panties, their blackness a stark contrast to her alabaster skin. I pushed the button again and her next instruction came, she was to walk to the desk and read the note and follow what was written for her.

She started to pick up her clothes as I had anticipated and I pushed the button for the other device. She almost jumped out of her skin as the voice now came from behind her telling her to leave them where they were. She looked around the room wild-eyed as she strode quickly to the desk. There she found her next instruction. She looked at the wooden box that sat there and opened it slowly as if she was expecting some evil things to jump out and grab her.

There was the purple ribbon she was to tie her hair up in, a lovely compliment to her wild red mane that would fly about as she was in the depths of passion and the red thing folded and waiting for her to put in place. Maggie had made a comment to me a while ago on how blindfolds were just for kid’s games and had no place in the bedroom. Of course being the polite gentleman I am I offered to prove her wrong and challenged her to a test of her theory.

The first test was simple enough one afternoon at her place we sat in the living room and she was blindfolded. I touched and kissed her in several places, made noise on one side of her and touched her on the other side. She said it was still a kid’s game being played as adults. Now it was my turn to challenge her. Several times we had talked about the BDSM play and things in that realm, she knew I had other lovers at times but kept pressing at me because of a need to see more. I knew this of her; she had just not been able to see it yet. Maggie stood there still looking around from time to time. I found it amusing the way she knew I was watching but from where she was unsure.

She finally bound her hair and picked up the red material and put her blindfold on. I pushed the button and the voice told her to wait for more instruction, someone would be with her shortly. Letting her stand there was a test, wanting to see if she had left a gap to peak out of, would she steal a glimpse of what was around.  Finally I walked out from behind the stand and crept up silently behind her. She smelled the air as the cologne I had put on a napkin grew stronger, an accidental gift from a former lover left behind. Maggie stood frozen as my gloved hand took her by the arm and pulled lightly.

It took a bit of coxing before she willingly allowed herself to be guided into the next room. I could feel the tension coming off her as each step was a little hesitant till we went from the hard wood to the marble hall. As soon as the cold stone hit her nylon covered feet she stopped dead. “I don’t know who you are but you are not parading me around the house undressed” Maggie said matter of factually.

She was like a statue and I had not counted on this. I took a chance and tried a deeper sound and accent to my voice “The master is waiting, please come before he punishes me again” I know it was a long shot but it worked as it appealed to her pity for another and not wanting others to suffer on her account. Into the kitchen we went and I put her back to the post. No warning as I walked behind and quickly bound her hands, her gasp let me know the effect was what I had been hoping for. I walked to the other side of the room still barefoot and put on my boots to make the grand entrance as it were.

“Thank you Edgar, you are free to go” I said. I watched Maggie go stiff as she now had the image in her mind that there was another who had seen her unclothed. I walked over to her the sound of my boots announcing my every step till I was inches from her. I allowed her to feel me standing there as I could feel the warmth of her body. “Now what shall we do with you?” I had to hold back a laugh as I could only wonder what was going through her mind now. I pulled a knife from the cutting block on her side, the long slow metallic sound sent chills along my spine as she started to shiver. I placed the back dull side against her chest and ran it between her breasts, the material of her bra offered no resistance as it gave way to the hungry steel.

“Damn it” she squealed “you owe me a new bra” I smiled “What makes you think you are in any position to tell me what to do?” I snapped back “If I were you I would talk much nicer to your captor” my words punctuated with the blade sliding up to the side of her neck. For a moment I saw genuine panic in her face. “Please don’t hurt me” she barely was able to whisper. With that I decided she had learned enough. I had taken her to the edge of the darkness and given her a taste of the delights.

I pulled off the blindfold and untied her. As we sat having coffee and discussing the not so much a children’s game anymore she kept looking around. “What are you looking for?” I finally inquired. “Where did Edgar go?” I smiled and said “Oh he is around somewhere doing chores but not to worry, he won’t intrude on us. He is a very good butler.”

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