TMI Tuesday – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 2

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were created by an anonymous blogger and lurker. He has submitted four great sets of questions and this week’s theme– THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY– is no exception. Thank you Anonymous#1 :)

TMI Tuesday

1.      What made the best sex partner you’ve ever had so good?

Beyond being a very sexual person she was open minded, had and shared her own fantasies, was always wanting to experiment in different places, different things, and really had very few hang ups.   The sex was a two way street and about meeting each others needs.

2.      What made the worst sex partner you’ve ever had so bad?

Unrealistic expectations was certainly the cause.  After 3 years of flirtation, teasing, and innuendo when we finally did start to sleep together I was expecting something completely different.   Her body was great but her actions and enthusiasm simply didn’t match.  I guess the polite thing to say would be is that her heart wasn’t really in it.   The honest thing to say was she was a bad and selfish lover who wasn’t sure how or when to reciprocate.

3.      Who was the most physically attractive person you ever had sex with?

Such a loaded question since beauty can be defined so many ways.  Was it a girl next door type like G? Someone exotic like D? A classic beauty like my Chesty Blonde?  A wild one, or a slutty one, or the conservative looking one?   I can’t pick because they were all very attractive each of them in their own way with different builds, body types and ethnicity.

4.      How was it?

Physical looks may be the first thing that attracts to a person.  It could be a simple as a smile, or their eyes.  Or something more sensual like their breasts, hips, or their bottom.  Or even how they move, are dressed, hair color, or any number of other things.   But it’s attitude, openness, creativity, and compatibility in their sexual interests and appetites that makes people good or bad lovers for another person.  Physical features alone unless they’re a fetish in and of themselves don’t make or break sex.   

5.      Who was the least physically attractive person you ever had sex with?

Again how do you define least attractive?   I won’t say she was the least attractive but she was the most unlike my “type”.   I like well dressed, sensual, and exotic women, who are  Educated, driven, confident, and self aware.  She was none of the first 3 but was all of the last 4 and more.  Instead her manner while forthright was blatant whore, shameless slut, and would have been the personification of a home wrecker in a made for TV movie. Normally these would have been things that caused no issue but her actions and exploits were a bit to public for me at the time.

6.      Why did you do it?

She asked me to.   Quite directly, when I politely passed, she tried a few other approaches, and finally I gave in on what was more or less a direct offer of what, how, and where we would partake of each other and a dare I simply couldn’t refuse.   Later I learned that not only was I a notch on her bed post so to speak but friends had told her I’d never give in.  I felt so used…ok not really  

 7.      How was it?

It was just good solid sex with a girl who liked to fuck.  No complaints, nothing to write home about other than the experience of her pursuing me aggressively.


Bonus: Describe a bad sexual experience you admit was your fault.

Not that they’re aren’t any because there certainly are but I’ll pass on the bonus in the interest of time.


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  • Hedone

    I enjoyed your TMI. We share the same thoughts concerning attractiveness. Answers 5-7 were interesting and amsuing.

    Thank you for linking back to TMI Tuesday blog.


    • admin

      First off thanks for your comments today! I was a little torn with how to represent my answer on number 5. I probably should have stated that she liked to pursue other women’s boyfriends for sport with out concern for the repercussions which would be more accurate. 6 & 7 though are still dead on.

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